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Here is my Documentary on the Idle no more movement that has taken place in canada. It concerns the federal governments decisions for the water in canada. Which effects the treaty rights of the first nations people.


ALL Wisconsin Soverign Nations oppose AB/SB1 and the proposed mine in the Penokee Hills, along with residents of the townships who live directly near the Penokee Hills, passing resolutions against the Mine.

During a press conference on 03.07.2013, Bad River Band Chairman Mike Wiggins Jr. relayed this message echoing the notion mining will result in cultural genocide, “We have nowhere to run. Nowhere to relocate to if ground water contamination occurs or heavy metals and other toxicity come down our waterways. We have an ancient connection that will compel us to resist all efforts to essentially mine and/or destroy the headwaters of our homeland.” - We all stand with our tribes, and we all stand to protect the lands and water, and we will stand to make certain there will be no mine. Make a statement, and take a stand. We stand to protect the lands, water. Stand up, I Stand with the Bad River Tribe - We are IdleNoMore Wisconsin - Idle No More Milwaukee

Photo by Wendi Kent

In Solidarity - United in Defense of the Water

RISE - #IdleNoMore
Understand What the Idle No More Movement is About

“What is the Idle No More Movement?”
By Gyasi WorldPeace Ross - Author & Attorney
Member of the Blackfeet Nation

What The Heck Are All These Indians Acting All Indian About, Eh?

Lately, Native people have taken to the streets malls in demonstrations of Public Indian-ness (or “PI”) that surpasses the sheer volume of activism of even Alcatraz and the Longest Walk.

There’s a heapum big amount of PI going on right now! Many people, non-Native and Native alike, are wondering what the heck is going with their local Native population and how this so-called #IdleNoMore movement managed to get the usually muffled Natives restless enough to be Indian in public.

I mean, like Chris Rock said, he hasn’t ever even met two Indians at the same time. He’s seen “polar bears riding a tricycle” but he’s “never seen an Indian family just chillin’ out at Red Lobster.”

Yet, now people can’t seem to get away from us.

And that’s cool, but isn’t that what pow-wows and November is for? People (non-Native and Native alike) can only take so much PI, right? Is that what the #IdleNoMore movement is – an extended Native American Heritage Month, where non-Natives have to act like they’re fascinated by Native culture?

In a word, no. It is much more. Please consider this a fairly exhaustive explanation of the #IdleNoMore movement, what it is not and what it is . If for some reason you cannot read the next 1,000 or so brilliant words, they can be summed up thusly: the #IdleNoMore Movement is not a new movement. Instead, it is the latest incarnation of the sustained Indigenous resistance to the rape, pillage and exploitation of this continent and its women that has existed since 1492. It is not the Occupy movement, although there are some similarities. It is not only about Canada and it is not only about Native people. Finally, and probably most importantly, it (and we) are not going away any time soon. So get used to it (and us).

#IDLENOMORE Movement: What it is about

“The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors.” –Chief Plenty Coups, Apsaalooke

“…you have come here; you are taking my land from me; you are killing off our game, so it is hard for us to live.” –Tasunke Witko (Crazy Horse), Oglala Lakota

As the above quotes display, the Indigenous Resistance to the raping and pillaging of the Earth is not new. Likewise, Indigenous peoples’ efforts to protect the mothers of our Nations – the women – are not new either. The #IdleNoMore movement is simply the latest chapter in that resistance.

First and foremost, the #IdleNoMore movement is about protecting the Earth for all people from the carnivorous and capitalistic spirit that wants to exploit and extract every last bit of resources from the land.

Therefore, anybody who cares about this Earth should be interested in the #IdleNoMore movement. The engineers were Nina Wilson, Sheelah Mclean, Sylvia McAdam and Jessica Gordon. It was a response to Canada’s Bill C-45, which overhauled the Navigable Waters Protection Act and removed protections for many waters that go through First Nations.

Changing the Act literally moves the emphasis of the protection – it morphs from protecting the waterways to protecting the navigation on those waterways. Now, instead of 30-some thousand lakes being protected under the old Act, only 97 lakes will be protected. As Canadian Parliament Member Kirsty Duncan eloquently states, “The days when Canadians take an endless abundance of fresh water for granted are numbered…”

These mobilized Native people wanted to ensure that children two, three and 12 generations from now would have clean water. The children that will benefit from the Native mobilization are not just Native children it’s for all children. Lakes and rivers tend to be either clean or dirty for Native and non-Native children alike.

It’s not a Native thing or a white thing, it’s an Indigenous world-view thing. It’s a “protect the Earth” thing. For those transfixed on race, you’re missing the point. The #IdleNoMore Movement simply wants kids of all colours and ethnicities to have clean drinking water. It’s also not a “Canada” or “United States” thing. Multinational corporations do not care about borders and neither should we. Despite legislation to intended to prevent pollution, corporation pollute freely with almost complete impunity and our children are the ones that suffer. We likewise should not care about borders – we are mobilizing on both sides because we understand that what we do affects one another.

We will continue to aggressively organize and be #IdleNoMore about the attempts to destroy our sacred lands, whether its Keystone XL Pipeline or Tar Sands Mining in Canada. We will be #IdleNoMore on SSA Marine’s attempts to create a deep-water shipping terminal for water and air poisoning dirty coal in the Lummi waters near Pugent Sound, WA or any disrespect to our lands.

We’re not going anywhere, we’re not going to be silent, we’re #IdleNoMore !

Idle No More


FACEBOOK EVENT ::: “We Want the Land, the Water, and the Trees - Not a Golden Tomb:” Communities in Greece Against Canada’s Eldorado Gold Corp.

Public · By Ailish Morgan-Welden, MiningInjustice Solidarity 

  • External image
    Chance of a Thunderstorm 81°F / 64°F
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    7:30 pm, Thursday, May 30th, 2013
    University College - University of Toronto 
    15 King’s College Circle, Room 179 (TBC) 

    Join us for a discussion featuring a Greek delegation of activists and local politicians critical of Eldorado Gold’s mining operations in the regions of Halkidiki and Thrace. 

    Speakers include:
    * Vaggelis Lampakis (Mayor of Alexandroupoli, Thrace)
    * Tolis Papageorgiou (Αctivist in Halkidiki)
    * Maria Kadoglou (Αctivist in Halkidiki, Hellenic Mining Watch)
    * Max Chewinski (Mining Injustice Solidarity Network) 

    Sponsored by MiningWatch Canada and the Council of Canadians 

    Toronto event sponsored by the Pan-Thracian Association of Toronto, Pan-Macedonian Association of Toronto, and Mining Injustice Solidarity Network

    For more information:
    Jamie Kneen, MiningWatch Canada, ofc. (613) 569-3439, cell (613) 761-2273


    A delegation from northern Greece will be visiting Canada from May 26th to 31st, 2013, to alert Canadians to the current situation with Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold Corporation’s proposed Skouries and Perama Hill mining projects. The Greek delegation includes the Mayor of Alexandroupoli, Vaggelis Lampakis; Tolis Papageorgiou of Halkidiki; and Maria Kadoglou of Hellenic Mining Watch.

    “Mining in the area has always been small-scale and underground, but even this small-scale activity has left the area with a legacy of pollution,” notes Maria Kadoglou. “We are now talking about a huge expansion of mining, incompatible with the scale of the Halkidiki peninsula which is not a desert but a densely populated area with a rich natural environment and cultural history - and the third most popular tourist destination in the country.”

    The delegation will be speaking as representatives of the affected communities in Thrace and Halkidiki where there is overwhelming opposition to the mining projects. They will discuss the dangerous and violent climate currently surrounding the projects, and the corruption of the democratic process in the very birthplace of Aristotle. 

    Kadoglou comments, “The Greek government and Eldorado seem to believe that a project that is unwanted by the majority of the population can be imposed through violence, repression and penalization of protest.”

    The delegation will also speak to Canada’s increasingly negative international reputation, including the Canadian government’s involvement through the Canadian embassy in Greece, funding from Export Development Canada and investments by public pension plans. It is indicative of how Canada is attempting to cover for destructive and conflictive mining projects using “corporate social responsibility” initiatives.

    Kadoglou adds, “We want the Canadian government to stop promoting these disastrous mining projects that are opposed by the local communities in Halkidiki and Thrace. Greek citizens should be able to decide what kind of future they want.”

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“More than 3, 000 people chanting slogans against Eldorado Gold marched three kilometres from the village of Megali Panagia to the location where the first clash of anti-mining protestors with the riot police took place one year ago. This was the last in a series of powerful demonstrations against gold mining that took place in the last couple of weeks in Alexandroupoli, Komotini and Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, where an unprecedented 20, 000 people chanted “Eldorado Gold go away now!”.
External image

To read the rest of the article, visit:

This coming Friday, March 8, 2013 - West Allis, WI at the State Fair Grounds.



Opening Act: Area Students Performing under the direction of Jamie Brace / Kindred Spirits

GENERAL $7 • ELDER (60+) $5
Limited Seating is available so arrive early!


IdleNoMore WisconsinJan 13, 2013

Drum circle and Overpass Light Brigade at 10-degrees with a wind chill of zero. A warm gathering of friends was had by all.


On February 26th and 27th 2013 - Madison, WI

People from all over the State of Wisconsin drove in the blizzard to gather to efforts to protect the lands, and water from the Wisconsin Mining Bill Legislation that was set to be passed by the State’s Senator Chambers. Although, the chambers echoed that the mine would result in “genocide” to the Anishinaabe people, the party-line 17-16 voted in favor of a disastrous mining bill AB/SB1.

Its was a 24-hour Movement combined with several groups of activists  and those fighting for their homes.


#IDLE NO MORE is “Coming to the Shores Together…our water is our heritage, and not the mines,” gathering is on Tues., Feb 26th - Tuesday is the BIG ROUND DANCE GATHERING … SO BRING THE DRUMS PLEASE (open mic).

* 6:45PM to 8:00 PM follows the Solidarity Sing Along - The Candle Vigil for Water (Madison Action for Mining Alternatives) with Overpass Light Brigade.

* Solidarity on Wed., Feb. 27th “United in Defense for the Water …" 

Citizens brought their SIGNS, BANNERS, #1000DRUMS (per Joe Rose), SONGS, PRAYERS, VOICES, DANCING TOES to IDLE NO MORE. This is for our MOTHER EARTH (AKI) and WATER (NIBI).

- Wisconsin AB/SB 1 Mining Bill senate floor session Wed., Feb. 27th. was broadcasted via 

©All rights reserved by depthandtime - photo by Michael Pecosky



Published on Jun 20, 2013

This is a video inspired by the music and lyrics of FUN, the song Some Nights, and the Idle No More revolution to save Canada from the Tar Sands, regain treaty rights, and STOP the Stephen Harper Government from it’s illegal control over Canada and it’s people.

For more information visit the official Idle No More website

Join the revolution to preserve the planet for future generations and repair the damage to Indigenous people, rectify treaties, and protect our precious part of this planet, the jewel of the solar system.


Idle No More Short Documentary - GROUNDED NewaS

Published on Jan 10, 2013

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Short Documentary shot on Location In Oakland California.

Free album download at


Idle No More Indigenous Report – Wed., March 20, 2013 archive

March 20, 2013 | Filed under: Idle No More and tagged with: Idle No More, marty cobenais, patricia shepard, paul demain

Guests :: Today we will have Marty Cobenais on the show, Marty is a Red Lake Tribal Member who began the Enbridge Blockade on the Red Lake Reservation a couple of weeks ago.

Paul DeMain Owner and Editor of News from Indian Country who is one of the Lac Courte Oreilles Mining Impact Members.

Marty Cobenais talked about the issues and damages caused by Enbridge Pipeline.

External image

Enbridge has been ordered to dredge the Kalamazoo River nearly three years after a massive oil spill.

External image

In this July 30, 2010 file photo, crews clean up oil, from a ruptured pipeline, owned by Enbridge, near booms and absorbent materials where Talmadge Creek meets the Kalamazoo River in Marshall Township, Mich.

External image

An Aug. 26, 2010 close-up view of the section of Enbridge pipe from Marshall in the trench containing the rupture, which is about 6-feet-5 inches and is 4 ½ inches at the widest location. (Released NTSB, May 21, 2012)

Every Wednesday @5:00 PM Central Time

Check this out brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, cousins and community in Wisconsin! Idle No More Minnesota radio show!

Read more: 

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Wisconsin State Assembly is due to convene on the disastrous AB/SB1 Mining Bill that relieves the environmental protections after passing the Senate on 02/27/13 despite the overwhelming 10-1 constituent's opposition is now on the floor for March 7, 2013 (who knows they may be changing that date).

As Ogichidaa Anishinaabekwe, the mines proposed will effect the lives of Anishinaabe people who have Ceded Territories stretching across form Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota in the northern woods, but also will effect the entire State of Wisconsin, the midwest, Canada and world.

The Great Lakes - Lake Superior which covers the world’s 20% Fresh Surface Water has an imminent threats of severe toxins and pollutants from these additional mines, pipelines, tar sands, frac mines that pump our millions of gallons weekly, proposed. We are already faced with human consequences for our actions, and it just may be too late if we keep going the rate we are going. NO MINE is SAFE.

Its a human rights issue, we all have the right to clean air, and clean water. Water is Life. - IdleNoMore for our Future Generations, our Children’s Children deserve to have the resources they need to sustain a quality of life.

Please Support ::

Howling for the Wolves ™ OUR PURPOSE

Howling for Wolves was created to be a voice for wild wolves. We aim to educate the public about our wolf population and let people know how they can take action to keep wild wolves in a self-sustaining existence. Our current efforts focus on the Minnesota Gray wolf. Minnesota is the only lower 48 state that has its original wolf population. In January 2012, after 40 years on the Endangered Species List, the Minnesota wolf was de-listed. Now an immediate wolf trapping and hunting season is set to start in the Fall of 2012. It is our mission to educate and motivate the public to speak up and even howl for the Minnesota gray wolf. 

Watch The Wolf That Changed America on PBS. See more from Nature.
Lighting the 7th Fire

“Lighting The7th Fire” Viewing, Discussion, & Fundraiser for Bad River Defense Fund

Friday March 22, 2013 5-9pm
Legendary Waters Resort and Casino Convention Center, Red Cliff WI

External image

A Chippewa Prophecy foretells a time called the 7th Fire, when lost traditions will be recovered. Native American film maker, Sandra Osawa examines how the Chippewa Indians of Northern Wisconsin have struggled to restore the centuries old tradition of spear fishing and the heated opposition they have encountered.

Admission: Free & Open to the Public

  • Opening Ceremony: conducted Leo LaFernier Sr., Red Cliff Tribal Elder & Voight Task Force Rep since 1983
  • Facilitator Jason Schlender (LCO Ojibwe), ECC Language Instructor & Adjunct Faculty LCOOCC
  • Discussion:
  • Andrew Gokee (Red Cliff Ojibwe), Director-Native American Center UW-Stevens Point
  • Gary Johnson (LCO Ojibwe), Assistant Professor, Director of First Nations Center, UW-Superior
  • Jerome “Brooks” BigJohn (LDF Ojibwe), Lac du Flambeau Tribal Council Member
  • Kekek Jason Stark (Turtle Mountain Ojibwe), Tribal Attorney and Policy Analyst for GLIFWC

Fundraising During Event:

  • Dinner: $6/plate (5 and under free) Spagetting, Veg, & Breadstick, Coffee & Water
  • Raffles: 50/50’s cash, 12Ft John Boat equipped with Spearing Essentials, & other donated item Raffles.

All proceeds will go to Bad River Tribe, c/o Bad River Defense Fund, P.O. Box 39, Odanah WI 54861 Feel free to send any direct cash donations directly to Bad River Tribe.

For information about event contact, how to donate raffle items or to drop off food donations: Home: 7157793485 Call or Text 7152096226 or email

*********IN THE DOCUMENTARY IS Victoria & Ike Gokee, Walt Bresette, Andy Gokee (whos is coming as a speaker also!), Nick Hockings, Tom Maulson (LDF Chairman NOW), the Tribble Brothers, Jim Schlender, and others! 42 MIN-Graphic Material-Some will find the material honest but offensive. 

FOOD DONATIONS: Contact John Duffy or Lori Duffy at 7157793205
RAFFLE DONATIONS: In the Red Cliff area contact Misty Nordin 71572091456 or in the Ashland area Sandra Nevala 7152925641.

Impacts of Wisconsin Mining on the Anishinaabe People - A personal perspective

IdleNoMore calls on ALL people to protect our sacred lands, and our sacred waters … our future of mothers and daughters who bring us our sons who become fathers as part of the circle of life that binds us all as one are depending on us as human beings for our survival as living as Indigenous and Tribal People. - STOP THE MINES

Photo by Jenna Pope

Anishinaabe perspective of where is the mine proposed?

The Proposed GTac Taconite Mining, set forth to re-write current Wisconsin Mining Laws in a new Bill AB/SB1 goes far beyond the notion of destroying Clean Air, and Clean Water. The mine, and the new mining laws is a direct threat of human rights to sustain a life, a life of quality. In particular the proposed mine set in the Northern Woods, into the Penokee Hills, resides on Ceded Territories of the Ojibwe Treaties which is a trust agreement by and between the Federal Government before the State of Wisconsin official became a state of union. 

Define Heritage to Wisconsin

How can the State of Wisconsin’s leaders and citizens define Heritage to be the Mining State while forgetting that the first nations, the tribes, inhabited and lived on these lands before the State of Union where the trust and agreements were made as settlers came into these lands? Those treaties were written to protect and preserve the right to sustain lives, and live as Indian People. How can Heritage be characterized as one being destruction of the natural resources therefore leads destruction of life compared to the Heritage of the trust and agreement to protect the resources for the future generations come to be; those not born? 

Photo by Jenna Pope

The Anishinaabe people have the thought process, the way of life, as the heritage and culture way of life. Destruction of life does not exist in the language of cultural environment.  Everything that is living; the plants, the trees, the animals, and the water is how Anishinaabe people think act and live which is preserving and protecting these resources as they bring Anishinaabe people, ALL people life. The rocks, the air, the moons, the stars, the sun and the clouds all is part of the cycle of life that keeps all living things connected and living. All these elements are connected to us all. Our mother earth she provides to Anishinaabe people, ALL people life, what is needed to sustain; its precious so precious. So its completely confusing on the notion why would any mining be a way to sustain a quality of live when the mine will destroy everything Mother Earth provides us to live. The money, the paper, can buy some resources to live but when the resources are all used up, where does that paper, the money leave us? Its pure destruction and devastation of life … that is the way of the first nations are thinking in contrast to the mining. It goes far beyond material, it goes within the spirit, a cultural environment; a way of life and how Anishinaabe live.

Heritage is my opinion is LIFE, people who sustain it and not the machines and mining is not a people or living substance; its a thing, that creates the destruction. Therefore, should not be related to Heritage.

Contrast Battle of Different Worlds, and Different Languages

See it about never take more than one needs; the rocks and minerals have a purpose. These Mining companies and the State agencies are setting path to destruction in false hope of economic boom and bust that merely may last 20-years; but to the Anishinaabe people, who live in the Ceded Lands where the mine is proposed, live to the moral compass of a way of living that what we do today, will effect our generations to come. We cannot take more than what we need, and take what we need with honor and respect while putting back more than taken to have in place for the future generations ability to sustain life, and live a life of quality. This is a teaching, the 7-Generations. 

Photo by Jenna Pope

What is the impact that the Mine would cause the Anishinaabe people of this region?

The mine goes far beyond Clean Air, and Clean water. The mine proposes “…an imminent threat as a form of genocide,” as Chairman Mike Wiggins, Jr. explained in the public mining hearing on January 23, 2013. What this means; the catastrophic impacts of the lands, air, water, and all things surrounding them from the mines, is devastation of Cultural Environment which entails their way of life. All the resources in their region are so delicate, delicate to the air, and water quality in the balance of things. The mines will destroy that balance. 

For example. The sacred surroundings provided by our Creator, our Mother Earth is the water, the plants, the trees, the wildlife and lands that sustain the growth. The delicate sacred manoomin (wildrice) is a way of sustainable food, nutrition and ceremony; which the minerals and pollutants from the mine will bleed from the lands through the rivers into the Bad River Wild-rice bed for which the Kakagon Sloughs played the role as a filtration system that purifies the water as it bleeds into Lake Superior. That balance is what keeps Lake Superior clean. The Bad River itself runs through their Reservation and their Ground Water supply for drinking water is part of their reservation. The Bad River reservation is the basket of the Penokee Hills that collects and holds all minerals, materials and remnants that flow down the hill tops of the lands into the Bad River. Bad River is the source of the basket that holds all the collections to which their natural surroundings play a balanced role in the acts of nature to protect and preserve everything and everyone around them. If a mine were to happen, Bad River would get all the pollutants and toxics that would come from the mine which would indeed lead to genocide; a cultural genocide.

Other ways of Sustained Life on the Reservation

The Bad River, hunts, gathers and fishes off their lands, and on the Ceded Lands. Bad River has the fish hatchery which they delicately care for to put back the perch, walleye and trouts into the streams and rivers for all to have access to fishing. Bad River cares for the sacred and ancient Sturgeon that exists in the Bad River. They have all the herbs that they grow for ceremony prayer and eating. There are trees which maple is harvested every year. The delicate birch trees that needs clean air, and water and wetlands to sustain healthy growth that provides materials to make and create Anishinaabe traditional crafts and needs.

All of these elements explained in this opinion written piece is the Anishinaabe / Ojibwe Heritage which goes far and beyond any Mining Heritage. Wisconsin’s Heritage should not be identified as the Mining Badger State; as does our State want to be noted as the State of Mass Destruction to its natural resources? The contrast between the two has two complete different languages. One protects and preserves life and the other destroys the life. We have a choice … as Anishinaabe people, we choose life.

As an Anishinaabe / Ojibwe woman, we believe we are the keepers of the water; for water is life. Water is Life is the circle that connects us all as human beings. As Anishinaabe / Ojibwe woman, we are the barer’s of life; we are mothers for which we grow and nurture life in our wombs; with the very first breathe of a child; a child comes from the water in our wombs and into this world. For Anishinaabe / Ojibwe women; we understand as we are mothers that we protect our Mother Earth for she gives everything we need to live; and the main ingredient to keeping the elements provided by Mother Earth is our sacred nibi; water. Water is life and everything that lives needs water to live. That mine proposed in the Penokee Hills will poison the waters of Lake Superior which effects the entire world; and the lakes and streams connected will destroy not just Bad River’s life; but the lives all around us. Its genocide. 


Opinion written by Sarah “LittleRedfeather” Kalmanson, a graphic designer of LittleRedfeather Design and We Live Native Collection, Administrator behind the I Stand With Bad River Tribe page and active player in the core group of IdleNoMore Wisconsin/Milwaukee. I am a decent of the Anishinaabe / Ojibwe of the Minnesota Chippewa Band of White Earth, and ancestry of the Anishinaabe goes back to Lac Courte Oreilles, Lac du Flambeau (ancestors are buried there) and St. Croix. - this opinion piece was written based upon an understanding some of the thoughts and knowledge of the Anishinaabe where I do not speak for any tribal members nor any tribe, and as a concerned citizen that we must strive to protect the lands, and water while honoring our Mother Earth and the Tribal Treaties of the Sovereign Nations. For decades Indigenous Peoples have been mis-understood and mis-treated by communities and the government. I am personally active as through out my life I have watched and experienced this mis-treatment of human beings our tribal nations; as I am a human being. I think in that process first foremost. We are all human beings, and we are all connected. The mines destroys lives; the ignorance and greed destroys lives; and the laws being written for the essence of partisan gain and money that destroys life. This is why I have been involved and active with Wisconsin’s, Minnesota’s, Michigan’s and Canada’s and more struggles.

WATER has FACES, its our Children, all our Children - its not a partisan race or creed card, its life as we want for our Children. It is our duty, to care for our children and prepare for their children’s children of the future generations in preserving their resources to have life - its the WATER … Protect them.


ARMED Mercenaries in the Penokee Hills being secretive and will NOT reveal or identify who what where and why they are there guarding with automatic weapons - Photo Credits to Rob Ganson - “…pictures I took at drill site #6. These are the hi res originals. Feel free to share them any way you like. Thanks for all you are doing. There were a minimum of three of these guys up there. One near the orange fence, one in a UTV, and a third that was hiding out in the woods that oozed out behind us to get us in a cross-fire with the others. Probably more in the woods. This is getting pretty damn real now…" 

Paul DeMain Published on Jul 7, 2013

Join ICTV on a walk into the Penokee Mountains Heritage Park with relatives and grandchildren to take pictures of drill site #6 about 1 mile from the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Treaty Harvest and Education Camp on Moore Park Road in Iron County Wisconsin. #RFKvisitPenokeeHills photos by Rob Ganson

Overpass Light Brigade
“Troubled Waters” - C.M. DeSpears

“They come with their machines. They come with their guns and money. They come when not asked and threaten Native lands and Lake Superior with sulfide minerals, but label those who would defend the land and water as ‘eco-terrorists’ and themselves as mighty 'job creators.’ So blinded by their greed they can’t see their place in a long line of colonial raiders carting away the wealth of others – Brazilian trees, metals from the backbone of South America, West Indies sugarcane, petroleum from anywhere. Now they hunt for low-grade iron ore in northern Wisconsin with promise of jobs (scant jobs at the expense of land and water).

These thoughts disturbed my quiet weekend at home when images flooded my news feed of masked men with guns guarding a site where Florida-based Gogebic Teconite is drilling for core samples for a proposed iron mine in the Penokee Hills (Apparently, THEY feel threatened. HA!! Right back at ya, guys!).”

Some of the images can be seen in the article at the link below: 
Idle No More – Robert DesJarlait – 6/12/13

Idle No More – Robert DesJarlait – 6/12/13
Robert DesJarlait from Red Lake Nation He has worked on environmental issues and is Executive Director of Protect Our Manoomin (Wild Rice), as well as a writer, father and grandfather.  Robert led the Twin Cities in the First Idle No More Round Dance at the Canadian Embassy with the drum Group Hoka Hey….

Read more: 
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Idle No More

Saturday, 08 June 2013 12:37By George LavenderNational Radio Project | Radio Report

 In the winter of 2012, flash mob round dances, demonstrations, hunger strikes, and blockades swept Canada. What began as a protest against new laws seen as curtailing environmental protections and infringing indigenous sovereignty, quickly grew into a movement for indigenous rights and environmental justice. On this edition, Sylvia McAdam, one of the founders of Idle No More, tells the story of the movement.

Featuring: Sylvia McAdam, Idle No More co-founder; Charm Logan, Idle No More activist; Harsha Walia, Immigrants in Support of Idle No More activist

More information:
Idle No More
Documentary on Idle No More
Idle No More event, KWSO Warm Springs Indian Rez, OR
Canadian Parliament Bill C-45
Round Dance Flash Mob
Q&A on Bill C-45
The Canadian Progressive
Tar Land
Why Canada’s Indigenous Uprising Is About All of Us
Why First Nations Movement Is Our Best Chance for Clean Land and Water




Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.

External image

On December 10th, Indigenous people and allies stood in solidarity across Canada to assert Indigenous sovereignty and begin the work towards sustainable, renewable development. All people will be affected by the continued damage to the land and water and we welcome Indigenous and non-Indigenous allies to join in creating healthy sustainable communities. We encourage youth to become engaged in this movement as you are the leaders of our future. There have always been individuals and groups who have been working towards these goals – Idle No More seeks to create solidarity and further support these goals. We recognize that there may be backlash, and encourage people to stay strong and united in spirit. This is the mission statement Idle No More.

External image
External image
External image
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External image

This movement started in Canada as a peaceful demonstration between tribes and government. It spread as people world wide stood in solidarity for the Canadian government to honor treaty rights. It has become bigger than that. These violations have direct bearing on the protection,or lack there of, of our waters and land. If we don’t stand up as one people and start protecting our earth’s greatest resources we are dooming our future generations. It is an important movement and it has been our honor to be a part of this important message. We hope you enjoy these photos and PSAs and encourage you all to do the following.

GET EDUCATED. This affects us all as human beings. It’s our future.

SHARE the photos and PSAs therefor spreading the word and educating others.

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

DO YOUR PART in protecting mother Earth.

SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY. Everyone involved in this campaign volenteered their time and talent. Take time to support their efforts…find us all on social media…let them know you think it’s important too. It’s a far greater cause than any one person but we stand stronger together. Indiginous and not, this is a human issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I know  this post is not really about photography  but before photographers we are human beings and we think it’s important to stand together, be positive, and always work toward the greater good.