So when you think bagginshield pirate AU your first thought is probably kid!Bilbo being awed at the ocean but somehow growing up to be a respectable land dweller all the same, and then being talked onto the seven seas by Gandalf
which is when he meets Thorin (‘Blackbeard to his enemies’ ‘Oakenshield to his friends’); captain of the Arkenstone.
Rumoured to be of noble birth but a pirate all the same. And a damned good one.

And like, that’s more or less as I see it too.

You just probably didn’t count on Bilbo being the captain of his own pirate ship; Sting.

And you might not have considered that he’d end up taking Thorin captive, stealing the Arkenstone (that last bit sounds familiar though…)

You see, they actually met once before this and at that time Thorin decided to insult Bilbo by telling him that he looked more like a grocer than a pirate.

Can you blame Bilbo for wanting to teach him a lesson? (And for not being able to stop thinking about Thorin for some odd reason)

So Sting was decked out to be a merchant ship and when Thorin and his crew came on board they did not expect to be beaten at their own game.

(Bilbo’s rep is based a lot on how it’s said that he can make himself invisible, aka he and his crew are awesome at disguises)

And then lots of UST, snarking, friendly competition, running into each other in safe (and not so safe) ports, and joining up to take down Azog who they both feel is a black stain on the sea.

Ends with Thorin being wounded by Azog’s blade but Bilbo saving him from being killed and kiss and
“if you die on me now I swear I will steal the Arkenstone again and turn her into toothpicks.”

No toothpicks were made.

superwholock is nowhere close to as egregious as terf tumblr, meninist tumblr, conservative tumblr, the fucking westboro baptist church (which is on tumblr), bronies, or any other gross subcultures lurking on the blue hellsite and i think we all know why you all seem to go after a group of mostly very young women you nasty fucks

Sharon Carter is very cool & very badass. I love her, in theory, but I resent that she was mostly set up in Winter Soldier & Civil War yo be Steve’s one-kiss love interest. I think she deserves more than what she was given…not to mention the fact that Steve’s true love interest is obviously Bucky. Or Sam. Ha! I wish Sharon could have been allowed to be awesome & smart & truly Peggy’s niece without being relegated to “only the love interest”.

raven-the-consulting-fangirl  asked:

Hey gang!! I'm looking for any good meditation recordings/YouTube videos that are along the lines of guiding yourself inwards. I'm trying to really work on myself and I would love any help!! 💕💜💕 (Note: I'm not looking for astral travel though)

cool! me too :D 

i just started poking about youtube personally, but an app i like for meditation is Stop, Breathe, & Think

if the rest of the gang has any youtube channels or creators  or vids they’d like to recommend, that would be awesome!

-mod idle

Mercury Retrograde

Hey gang! from today, August 30 to Sept 22, Mercury will be in retrograde!

what does that mean?

we’ll be putting up a bunch of posts to explain a lot of different view points about it. as well as some other astrology things and divination things to help you figure out any personal implications. 

Deep breath. we’ll get through this, and hopefully you’ll learn some positive aspects to a retrograde. 

We’re gonna be tagging this as ‘mercury rx’ to shorten the tags up

-mod Idle

just because you can’t tell the difference between fetishizing and appreciating or between stanning and admiring when you’re sixteen doesn’t mean you can’t tell the difference between governmental policy that murders people and policy that supports them


Bertrand Russell’s 10 lessons for a creative, happy life – in pictures

Bertrand Russell is a 20th-century philosopher for 21st-century living, arguing we can achieve far more by doing far less. In a new edition of Russell’s 1932 essay, In Praise of Idleness, Australian humourist Bradley Trevor Greive has reimagined some of his finest aphorisms for a good life… 

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