#Canada pressed ahead with this dishonourable treatment of our Nation and other #FirstNations.

This confirms the justice of our principled opposition to the shipping of bitumen through our territory and British Columbia’s Northwest Coast.

A woman in the audience asked if they could share their fondest memory of George Harrison.

‘I think she’s trying to make you cry,’ [HBO’s John] Oliver said.

[Eric] Idle recalled meeting Harrison at the end of a screening with Terry Gilliam of 'The Holy Grail’ at the Directors Guild in Hollywood. 'He suddenly showed up at the end, said, “I’m Georgie, I really loved that. Do you want to go and have a reefer in the screening room?”’ He added, 'We went off from there for two or three days I think.’

Harrison later put up five millions dollars of his own money to get 'Life of Brian’ made. He mortgaged his house. When Idle asked Harrison why he would do that, Harrison replied, 'Well, you now, I just wanted to see it.’

Idle’s Liverpool accent was spot on.

—  “Monty Python Weekend in NYC: Group Tells the Real Stories Behind Their Movies” by Paula Schwartz, Showbiz 411, 26 April 2015