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#1 tactic emotional abusers will use to get you to comply to their wishes is threatening suicide or self harm, don’t fall for it

If you notice whenever you get real with a person who is treating you like shit, and they immediately shrivel up into this pathetic ball of self loathing so that somehow you’re the one comforting them, they are an emotional abuser.

don’t fall for it

Me: I’m not gonna talk about it
Also me: actually if I don’t I’ll be mad

Overwatch is a universe where replacing body parts with robot prosthetics is already a commonly used medical procedure. There are multiple characters who have robot prosthetics– McCree, Symmetra, and Junkrat, etc. This is an established part of the universe.

This is about Genji so if you don’t care about that kinda meta, keep scrolling

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Stories starting with pages of world building drive me batty. Just introduce your character doing something that *demonstrates* the part of the lore that directly relates to them and their personal journey , we can pick up the rest as we go. Move it!

Ex: in the beginning there were fire mages and [long boring history, terminology I forget immediately, application of fire magic in the world, probably a Chosen One prophecy]

How about instead of that, introduce your main character, a fire mage, accidentally burning his job down and dealing with the fallout

I love soft gentle boyz but I haven’t seen a lot of content depict McCree as a reformed gangster who was a part of an illegal spec ops group entrusted with solo missions so I guess I gotta write some and also I guess he has to be really dangerous and sexy and suck hanzo’s dick “kepler what does that have to do with anything” i guess he JUST HAS TO SUCK HANZO’S DICK  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so how big a deal is plagiarism in the recipe blog world? like how do you prove you came up with a recipe? “My great grandmother gave me this recipe she wrote down in her journal” “OH YEAH THEN WHY DOES IT LOOK JUST LIKE MINE” “bitch are you calling my nana a thief!” and then they throw down in the dairy aisle 

I dont know why but I feel like Symmetra (in a modern au… or heck maybe in canon) just love birds

She has a little songbird or maybe a few cockatiels and she built their enclosures herself and she’s a great bird mama, she hangs out with them and makes sure they get plenty of time outside their cage and is always looking for new ways to be social with them. 

Symmetra– loves birbs. 

Original ideas

– genderbent beauty/beast

– a murderer who swears herself to a fierce mother wolf goddess, wandering the earth doing good deeds to redeem herself.

– divorced witches who are still in love

– all the moving parts

– the last methuselah, a survivor from before the apocalypse, and her only friend is an AI

– plague hunter and her hunky bodyguard try to prevent a draconic STI crisis

I don’t like Facebook suggesting random shit to me but I especially do not appreciate them “helpfully” suggesting I join the same kinky groups as my cousin

seriously please stop

how many of these have you joined?


So during some harrowing mission, Hana and Angela get some unexpected help in the form of a Mexican woman materializing in front of them

It’s a high stakes scenario but they both recognize her from their separate mysterious pasts (and trust each other when they say “yeah she’s cool… an asshole but she’s cool”) 

so sure, any port in a storm right

except as they’re trying to escape / survive Sombra keeps dropping hints about the past, all really at odds with their scenario and Hana and Angela are getting increasingly snappish until finally 

“Although I do find it cute that you’re dating my ex now.”

“You are NOT my ex.”

Angela and Hana wouldn’t be quite so surprised by the words if they hadn’t both said them at the exact same time

Sombra:  :)
Hana: oh no
Sombra: :D
Angela: Oh NO
Sombra: What can I say……….. I have good taste
Angela: this is what being in hell is ike. I can feel the flames licking my heels.

“Weiss! Weiss!”

Yang slammed into her with the force of a bull. Arms, one flesh and one not, squeezing around her middle so tight she thought she might die. She hoped she might die, right then. And then another body hit her, Blake struggling and failing to say something that wouldn’t make her cry. A rush of petals and wind tipped their precarious balance as Ruby literally flew into them, and they fell down in a pile of limbs, screaming joyously.