idle raccoon thoughts

Me: I’m not gonna talk about it
Also me: actually if I don’t I’ll be mad

Overwatch is a universe where replacing body parts with robot prosthetics is already a commonly used medical procedure. There are multiple characters who have robot prosthetics– McCree, Symmetra, and Junkrat, etc. This is an established part of the universe.

This is about Genji so if you don’t care about that kinda meta, keep scrolling

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When I see an enemy...
  • Pharah: fffffffFFFFUUUUCCKKKKKKK [gets blown apart]
  • Genji: Hello genjimin would you like to sample my Fine Wines
  • Ana: Fuck you grandma you're not my real mom
  • Hanzo: hans. hans. hans. hans.
  • Symmetra: You DARE use my wife against ME
  • Symmetra, but they win: A worthy enemy.
  • Winston: Angry monkey. Angry monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sombra: God. she's so beautiful. I'm not even mad she killed me.

When Yurio’s grandpa didn’t show up that one time I was so nervous  thinking something might have happened

but no, he was just busy that day trying to learn how to make pork cutlet. Because Yurio mentioned it once. And he wanted to please his grandson.

Like at first it seemed like Grandpa was being passive aggressive? Like “Oh you like japanese stuff better than russian stuff now huh??” and yurio is quick to disagree but GRANDPA WENT AND MADE THE THING ANYWAY ~!!!!

Yuri On Ice is a good and pure show and I’m so happy

the worst part about “you wouldn’t mind catcalling from hot guys” is that it takes the issue, which is men harassing women, and flips it to be about how women are actually awful and shallow, and men are being victimized by their decision to holler at strangers 

#1 tactic emotional abusers will use to get you to comply to their wishes is threatening suicide or self harm, don’t fall for it

If you notice whenever you get real with a person who is treating you like shit, and they immediately shrivel up into this pathetic ball of self loathing so that somehow you’re the one comforting them, they are an emotional abuser.

don’t fall for it

I’m a cancer, and I have a series of birthmarks that actually look like the astrological sign for cancer, so this obviously means I’m a protagonist in a kitschy YA novel & I’m gonna find 11 other people similarly marked and probably get into some steamy love triangles, nice, im looking forward to this

what madman decided food is better when it’s hot? Like which caveperson decided “I’m going to shove this meat in the fire and eat it

“You’re crazy, ogg,” says the other cave human


they couldn’t have ALL decided it tasted better. I’m sure there were conservative cavepeople who were aghast

“It tastes like shit when you do that”

“If you dont like the food the way it is, then don’t eat it at all!!! Fire is ONLY for keeping people warm, and fighting away dinosaurs, and I won’t have this hippie bullshit under my cave roof!”


then the fire fetishists all lived longer because cooked meat is probably better for you, I guess

So during some harrowing mission, Hana and Angela get some unexpected help in the form of a Mexican woman materializing in front of them

It’s a high stakes scenario but they both recognize her from their separate mysterious pasts (and trust each other when they say “yeah she’s cool… an asshole but she’s cool”) 

so sure, any port in a storm right

except as they’re trying to escape / survive Sombra keeps dropping hints about the past, all really at odds with their scenario and Hana and Angela are getting increasingly snappish until finally 

“Although I do find it cute that you’re dating my ex now.”

“You are NOT my ex.”

Angela and Hana wouldn’t be quite so surprised by the words if they hadn’t both said them at the exact same time

Sombra:  :)
Hana: oh no
Sombra: :D
Angela: Oh NO
Sombra: What can I say……….. I have good taste
Angela: this is what being in hell is ike. I can feel the flames licking my heels.

“Maybe I’m faking my attraction to women” is something that’s been on my mind for the past two days because bi erasure is so powerful it poisons the groundwater of my brain

Bitch why can’t you find your tongue when talking to pretty girls then!! THAT’S GAY, KEPLER!!!! That’s really gay!!! The literal definition of it

“Weiss! Weiss!”

Yang slammed into her with the force of a bull. Arms, one flesh and one not, squeezing around her middle so tight she thought she might die. She hoped she might die, right then. And then another body hit her, Blake struggling and failing to say something that wouldn’t make her cry. A rush of petals and wind tipped their precarious balance as Ruby literally flew into them, and they fell down in a pile of limbs, screaming joyously.

I know it’s the bare minimum and we need to strive for more, but I’m relieved that some republicans seem to have woken up and realized it’s not enough to fight democrats anymore, they need to serve the people or at least not actively screw them over :’)