idle play

[Fry and Bender walk into the ‘Holophonor Teacher’ building together]

FRY: “Uh, hello, Mrs. Mellinger.” [waves]

MRS. MELLINGER: “Hello, Phillip!” [looks at Bender] “You must be Mr. Bender! Phillip’s told me so much about you!”

[there’s a beat of silence, Fry smiles and looks at Bender, eyes lidded]

MRS. MELLINGER: [squinting] “Is it true that you’re a robot?”

BENDER: [leans into Fry, grinning lazily, optics lidded] “I prefer the term ‘love machine.’”

ME:  👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

Prompto’s original Versus design: Ignis and Gladio don’t like him, because he’s a bad influence for Noctis; a cocky playboy, The Bad Boy™ , probs takes Noctis to bars -> hangovers, most likely encourages him skips duties because “whatever, who cares, we ride and die yo!”

Prompto’s FFXV design: Ignis and Gladio don’t like him, because he’s a bad influence for Noctis; they idle playing King’s Knight, chocobos everywhere, probs makes Noctis eat too much fries and encourages him to ditch the beans, pillow fights and flirting, bro flirting everywhere, “let me take a photo of you!”

New cage

My new cage arrived today! It’s significantly lighter than my steel cage so it causes less sagging. Pretty happy about that. I didn’t like what it was doing to my stuff.

Gotta say… I’m not too stoked with the look of the cage… I suppose a locked cock is better than a free monster open for play by idle hands.. ;p

I’d like to find a few cages that look awesome and do the job well for an uncut guy.

Do you know of a model that would look good on me?

tothewesternsky replied to your post “Actor AU???? What does that look like in your head? Are they both…”

ahhhh! there is nothing about this that i don’t already love. gimme dem good ole tropes! :D

like they’re filming a kissing scene on a sofa, the two of them in dresses. and lexa knows clarke’s a good actress – one of the best, really – so even though she sounds really into it lexa doesn’t let herself imagine for one moment that it’s real. she’s acting. it’s their job. 

but then again clarke doesn’t get off of lexa in between takes. she stays put, straddling her lap and making idle banter, playing with lexa’s hair as the crew readjusts the lighting. 

and lexa’s not about to ask her to move. she loves being close to her, even if it’s not real. but she’s also dying. because they’ve been kissing for what feels like hours and she’s long since given up fighting her attraction to her co-star. 

what’s worse, she thinks it must show. her cheeks are flushed, her pupils are blown wide, and she’d bet anyone can tell her nipples are hard beneath the thin fabric of her dress. 

and what’s even worse is clarke doesn’t seem flustered at all. it’s almost like she’s teasing lexa, pressing in close to talk in hushed tones, rolling her hips as she leans to the side to pick up her bottle of water. 

by the time they wrap the scene lexa’s just glad she got through it without moaning when the cameras weren’t rolling. that is until clarke shifts to finally get off of her and lexa feels a brush of wet fabric over her thigh… 

(clarke – who never blushes – turns beet red, and lexa knows it’s for her. then clarke links their fingers together and drags lexa back to her dressing room and they don’t come out for a very long time.)

In idle moments, he played the clip of Willem making his speech over and over, feeling that same giddiness he had when Harold had first named him as his son to another person. This has really happened, he had thought at the time. This isn’t something I’ve made up. And now, the same delirium: he really was Willem’s. He had said so himself.


He will say: “What number of years did ye stay on earth?”  They will answer: ‘We have spent there a day, or part of a day; but ask those who [are able to] count [time]…”  He will say: “You stayed not but a little,- if you had only known! Did you, then, think that We created you in mere idle play, and that you would not have to return to Us?.
—  (Quran 23:112-115)

For those who don’t know, Broken Steel in Fallout 3 has you ride a metro train.

What’s interesting is this isn’t actually a train ride. What it does is forcibly equip the player with a hat, a train hat, that gives them then appearance of a train, and then plays an idle animation that is said train moving. It’s a brilliant if hackey solution.

So I thought “hey, train hat, train armor” and went with it. What this means now is that I am a train.

I find it quite funny, especially that Caesar’s scouts are sending him reports that they’re being slaughtered by a train.

Like a literal train.

tyguy189  asked:

do you think the Diamonds' pearls are respected or still just idle play things, Do you think they made specifically for a diamond and take up more resources because they can be potentially stronger than an aveerage pearl?

I don’t think that Gems respect their slaves, no. And no, they would not be stronger than an average Pearl. Pearls, on Homeworld, don’t fight.

Hello, friends!

First of all I’d like to give my thanks for the hella amazing response on the last animation render; over 2,500 notes is nothing to sneeze about, no sir! Seeing so many people excited about KOH and the content I create for it, and curiosity about the possibility of a Kickstarter in the future, it all leaves me a little breathless, to be honest.

So here’s another animation render for your enjoyment, you awesome people!

This one features a walk cycle and sniffing idle that play when this enemy unit is patrolling along a defined path, on the lookout for a certain crafty young dragon.

And as a second note, the poll a few weeks ago concerning what to name the members of the game’s scrappy canine horde was also a good success.

Out of 64 total votes, 39% are fine with their current naming as Kobolds, while 61% prefer naming them Gnolls. And in light of these results, I’m inclined to agree with the latter, but that’s not the only reason why..

I’m a sucker for alliteration, this is true, but when it boils down to both the main character and the primary group of foes sharing the same starting syllable to their names.. something has to give for the sake of clarity. And in this case, it’ll be the renaming said foes to Gnolls.

That’s all, everyone~ Have a wonderful week! ♫

Useful console commands for screenshots:

PlayIdle <idle name>

Plays idle animation on the specified actor, you can find idle animations by typing <help idle 4> or try something specific like <help drinking 4>

Player.caf <anim flavor name>

Plays animation on player character. For example, “player.caf animflavorsmoking”  makes player smoke. To exit animation type “player.caf”

GetPos <axis>

Shows the position value of given axis (x,y,z) of the target.

SetPos <axis> <number>

Sets the position value of given axis (x,y,z) of the target.

GetAngle <axis>

Shows the value of given rotational axis (x,y,z) of the target.

SetAngle <axis> <number>

Sets the value of given rotational axis (x,y,z) of the target.

Set gamehour to <time>

Sets the time to the entered value.

tfc 1

Freezes time, enables freecam.

sucsm <number>

Changes freecam speed.

fov <number>

Changes field of view.


Disables AI, freezes NPC.


Hides UI

caa <animface archetype name>

Changes facial expression (type “help animface 4″ to see all expressions)


at first i was like “there’s no way pidge is that short’ but then i saw a ref and holy frick this kid is tiny and deadly

i almost forgot how to draw. lance’s face is terrifying

In the excitement, he’d forgotten what time they’d agreed Javier would arrive, but when it came down to it… Nicolás realised it didn’t really matter. After all, he had been ready since mid-morning. The time in between had been spent flitting in between making tostones and playing idle tunes on the piano. As usual, his arrival was greeted by a huge smile and an equally affectionate embrace, which was quickly ended in favour of leading him through to the ( unusually tidy ) living room. “Did you want something to drink? Coffee is all I have in – oh, and water. Oh! And did you bring your own book? You mentioned something yesterday, right? Have you read it yet?” @javiireyes

hush child, your mind does no good
hands idle, it plays its cards wrong
mouth too loud, it’s too crass
no one wants to hear, no one wants to listen.
hush child, not now
take a hint and go home.

Cover me up and take me away
My mind is no good 
Too lonely, too poor
It’s okay to be alone

It’s okay to have no one

angel of silence protect me
angel of silence engulf me
angel of silence kill me.

lol when people say “child labor” they have an image in their minds of a child chained to the floor breaking big rocks with a pickaxe

gotta protect the little ones from that, so therefore they can’t tear tickets in a movie theater

gotta make sure those kids have no independence, no source of income outside of their guardians, no responsibilities, no experience in the real world, and nothing to consume their time but idle play or the public “school” prison system

you know, for the kids