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Also I do not appreciate subtle foreshadowing of Leo's death????? NOT COOL MAN

Me (to myself): To become a YouTuber, you’re gonna have to be more active on YouTube.
Me:*opens YouTube*
Me:*almost leaves a comment somewhere*
Me:*closes YouTube and opens Tumblr*

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[idkkkk what to do though ugh. maybe tell me sometime]

I’m looking for more convenient ways to save a tumblr blog. I think I’ve found one, although it’s still wordpress related. It’ll save your blog into a .xml file, translating tumblr code to wordpress code, so you can upload the file to wordpress (which is a lot easier than connecting 389 different tumblr accounts to 389 different wordpress accounts) BESIDES, the file is READABLE as a file. It looks like this:

Obviously with lots of coding in between all of those posts, but it’s doable. At least you HAVE it saved in a file on your computer, not on the webs.

Also it’s literally really easy. It’s a website where you fill in your tumblr username and press ‘export’ and done. There’s your file.

So, I’m gonna do that for all my blogs now xD

I found a friesan for sale thats 1,200 dollars and I kinda wanna go and check him out but my friend’s mom really wants me to adopt her 10 year old mare and idk both would be good novice dressage horses??? what do