So I just realized something... (Episode 3 spoilers ahead.)

So idk if you guys noticed but, when your are out in the endermen area Olivia said she would be watching through the window, and how she didn’t want to see you get killed from behind the protective glass, right? You get attacked by Soren  but what Olivia sees is 

You getting attacked by an enderman.
If you notice when you wake up in the room she isn’t there.

That’s because she was watching you and saw you get attacked. Olivia is smart and knows she can’t help you herself, so I assume the reason she isn’t there is because when she saw you get attacked she ran to get the other to help. Then after you and Soren talk someone busts into the room and is really confused… 

Its Lukas, not Olivia or Axel, your best friends, Its not Petra/Gabriel who pride themselves on their strength and heroics, its Lukas. He runs in and, He is in there like a good 30 seconds before the others. 

When you where talking to Soren I think Olivia went and got everyone and told them what happened, the others probably where trying to think of what to do, but I think, based on Lukas’s reaction and the fact the others didn’t rush in with him, he probably ran in head first without a plan. And as soon as he has a grasp on the situation the first thing he does is go up and hold onto you.

I really think this is because of what happened in episode one with Petra/Gabriel and how he blames himself for what happened, If you tell him about the fact Petra/Gab is sick. What if when Lukas heard Olivia say you got hit by the endermen while outside in the end he got scared cause of what happened last time he clammed up, and he thinks anything is better then that, and runs headlong into a room that as far as he knows if full of pissed off endermen, but to save you, cause he doesn’t want to lose anyone like last time. And the reason he was so confused when he got in there is because he honestly thought you where gunna be dead or something in there, not in there singing with some guy.

At least thats what I think, maybe I’m just a doodle and everyone else already knows this, but I wanted to share just incase… ;;;