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omgg so last night i told my crush that i liked him and he said he felt the same way and omggg it's so unbelievable and i swear i was dreaming and i still can't get over it because he's my best friend and he's so great and we just laughed all night and idk i like him so much!!! i honestly can't believe this is all happening and idkkk im so happy when i'm with him and i'm just so glad i met him omg!!!!!!

!!! wonderful !!!

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and finally djkasd ive always felt like jimin was fairly introverted. i can see the extroversion but everyone has to be a little more external in a position like that so idkkk

I think everyone can give off th vibe of being an extrovert if they try… Jus bc jimin acts wildt in vlives doesnt mean he like tht in person y'know!!!