minseok-is-my-sock replied to your postthe eve by a girl group? boring? better than exo…

Girls are amazing and I would love seeing a group of girls dance to the eve and do all those slow hip thrusts while their arms are above their heads. Like that sounds aMAZING

listen: then in black thigh (high waisted) jeans, some of them in thigh skirts, loose shirts that have like 2-3 buttons undid, some of them wearing high heels, a++ make up and nails b ye

foxinabox0  asked:

Will you ever draw Rika?

mmm i’m not particularly fond of rika so i never did – i might draw her someday in the future tho (she has pretty hair tbh HHN) … but have this for now (this was requested multiple times idk LOL)

((i havent done 707 route yet so nnnn my opinion of her might change after i find out about everything? hmm – idk))

Will trying to seduce Nico with flowers?? idk?? Cookie for anyone who colours it for me