Is this Illegal?

I want the freedom like BTS had in the Run MV(and those types of friends that will do it with me). I want the freedom that I can’t get. I want the feeling of driving with my friends and getting to scream at the top of my lungs. I want the memories of EXO. When I or a friend goes through a hardship we remind each other that we will always be together. No matter how many people we have there’s always friends and family. I want to be remembered and a legend like Big Bang(as if I’d ever be that big in life). I want the memories they have, the friends, and the freedom. I want people to hear my name and immediately recognize me for having freedom(and causing drama and doing most likely crimes)(Why am I writing this) (This us not really a good thing)(oh well).

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Let’s Haikyuu 79: Bokuto’s Dejected Mode

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