I heard it was #LadiesofHannibal week, so have some soft Murder Wives in lingerie (they’re both so beautiful and badass and they deserved more screen time and relationship development and I could cry)


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make me choose - anon asked: selena gomez or hailee steinfeld
      “[about most girls] you know it’s funny because a lot of the time…this song specifically sort of stemmed from a conversation where a compliment was given from a guy and that compliment was, “you’re not like most girls.” and as many times as i’ve accepted that as a compliment i thought about it and i thought that, you know that’s oddly enough not the greatest thing to say to a woman. when so many women are amazing, and beautiful, and smart, and have so much to offer. 
                       and that’s my comeback, that’s like me saying little do you know, that’s not very nice and i wanna be like most girls.” 

My Favorite  Male Nick Albino Appreciation

I WANT A CROSSOVER XD. Peeps. Thank you so much for the 340+ followers. Your support so loved. I’m going through some things lately, but you guys give me strength and it makes me jubilant. Thank you again! <3

My Prince Model will come sometime in early or mid June.

PS. Do you guys wanna see me do a Loud House Anime parody Animation? I wanted to do one last year but college got in the way and last week I was thinking about doing it now.

i can’t get why yousef is looking at sana like this… i mean, he probably has something for her, but, exactly, what? what is, boy? what is this? you’re not supposed to act like this after what happened on may 12th. what is your point, yousef? what does this mean, julie? because i’m confused like a lot