Some Draco Malfoy Headcanons

-He’s got a few freckles on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose but most of his freckles are on his shoulders and upper back.

-Has one mole near the corner of his right eye and another one on his jawline. He also has a few on his neck. Most of the time he covers them up but sometimes he just can’t care about them enough to do that much.

-His hair is slightly darker in the fall and winter, more of a goldish color but in the spring and summer his hair is stark white.

-Draco is actually super good with animals when he’s by himself and specifically adores horses. 

-He grew up around horses most of his life, he’s also the type of person who’ll point out any horse he sees when you’re driving with him.

-Cats are really attracted to him and he’ll take a good half hour out of his day to pet any cat he sees. He’s weak for really fluffy cats but also finds spynx cats to be quite fascinating. 

-Has a birthmark on his hip that looks like a boat.

-Owns at least 7 pairs of heels, he’s a classy man with classy tastes.

-Either looks like the cover of a magazine or looks like a hobo, there’s no in-between

-Got into knitting as a way of de-stressing, makes sweaters in his free time and donates them when he’s finished them.

-Has an 8ft long scarf that he knits constantly, its a bunch of mixed yarn but he works on it at least four times a day.

-Taps his foot all of the time, taps other things, he taps a lot

-Doodles on all of his work, turned in ministry paperwork with doodles all over the margins.

-Is super gay for Harry potter

-Drinks more coffee than he does tea.

-Sleeps with five blankets on his bed, only uses like one at a time.


I went to Ereda to get sage scroll for event to finally Lv99 my Apostasia and I met a friend in there on the opposite team who didn’t recognize me (or read the chat) and he brutally murdered me I got my sage scroll in the end