• someone:kids these days create social media accounts way too early! They are bound to get their nudes leaked by the age of 14!
  • me:*has never had a social media account dedicated to myself*
  • me:*sits in the corner of a dark room stalking a gay smut tumblr blog while smirking to myself*

Fucking adorable.

I’ve seen AU ideas around for like “what if Adrien and Chat Noir” had reverse personalities, and at first I was like “nah” and then I thougt about how hilarious it would be if Adrien’s ridiculous flirting was his equivalent of the Marrinette nervous babble talk, and every time they interact five seconds after she walks away he’s slamming his head against the wall like “Why CAN’T YOU JUST ACT NORMAL FOR ONCE” bc he is the ultimate human train wreck.