Are you guys interested to see how I do sketches??

I’m a lil curious if ya’ll would watch me stream the sketching process cuz I usually stream the color process with the sketch already done. Anyway, just tell me your thoughts abt it!!

Hey this may just be me reflecting my own life on a fictional character but…

Nursey falls in love really easily. Like everyone knows he’s a romantic and pretends to be chill but is very much NOT chill, and that’s sort of the attitude he has on people as well? Which means that even though people might not notice it Nursey always searches for The One and he wants it to be like a book meet-cute that will make their kids gag when they tell the story but will also think it’s kind of cute.

So Nursey can sit in a coffee shop and the barista is cute and smiles with amusement at Nursey’s joke and suddenly Nursey wants nothing more than to marry this poor polite boy. Those are okay though, it’s worse when he actually knows the person, then it never ends. But once he actually dates someone he grows tired of them, because real people are not like book-people real people are boring and normal and does not make Nursey feel like a main character in an romantic novel.

So when Nursey meets Dex he thinks that he’s cute, and he quickly falls for him, he tells himself that it’s not worth it. Because these things always end either two ways
1: the love interest feel nothing and there will never be anything between them and Nursey will be heartbroken for a year because he wants it so bad and he will never find love
2: the love interest is nothing like Nurse imagined and he’s disappointed and sad and heartbroken because what if this is it? What if he never finds anything more than this mediocre life. And even worse, in the end he has to break the heart of someone he cares about because he stand to stay in something that he is not happy with.

So he tries to ignore it. For his sake, and for Dex’s. But it’s really fucking hard to ignore. Really. Fucking. Hard.

(Spoiler: he probably fails and realises that there is a third end to these things, which is simply
3: happiness and life long love)

Yes, I have very low self-esteem especially when it comes to my art and that’s the main reason I only do sketches when it comes to digital but I will not hold back to thank one of the best blogs I’ve come across. I present you a little klangst fan art as a gift.

@watsonthebox your blog hold a special place in my heart for always offering the best of (K)langst prompts and fics XD Please carry on with whatever you’re doing and also thank you for discussing about Shiro’s drinking habits with me in our not-much-of-a-conversation conversation before <3</p>

This time it’s not an ask but in the future, there will absolutely be a fourth ask and so on submitted by me to you~