He’s a bit of a worried boyfriend, but they’ll be alright

Based on something I did earlier

ok ok look

i still liked the nymeria reunion. i loved that she looks exactly like she was as a little pup, that was a nice touch. it makes sense for the show to represent that the right thing for nymeria is to live in the wild and be free and that arya understands that BUT

for a second there i forgot the show never really gave the direwolves their true meaning like in the books and so i was hopeful that nymeria didn’t go with arya yet because arya wasn’t ready, because even though she is going back to winterfell, to jon, she isn’t quite herself yet and so nymeria waits. i was hoping when arya truly feels like being home and being herself then nymeria would come for her and that would represent arya feeling like a stark again, feeling whole.

idk why im thinking of this now but you know, it astounds me when people really believe the police have no bias or that most reporting has no bias when it comes to protestors like.. i think it just indicates theyve never been outside around cops at an action or just willingly believe the propaganda they get told. an example: a few months ago people got arrested at an action and some of my comrades went to jail support outside the police station for them. and the cops came out and started fucking with everyone and hitting the protestors and trying to pepper spray them but because of the wind they mostly just pepper sprayed themselves. (which was really funny but anyways) then the next day some news site runs a story on it and the headline is like “cops injured in clash with protestors” and then at the bottom they mention, in one line, that some protestors got injured too. so even though the cops started going after people first, hit people, tried to pepper spray them and then injured THEMSELVES the entire article looks like the protestors pepper sprayed the cops. and i would never even have known what actually happened if my friends werent there in person.. and obviously cops do this all the time but yeah dont fucking trust anything cops say and news sources really will try to twist things as much as they can