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Wikipedia tells me that Harry has a writing credit on the Bleachers track that's the lead from the Love, Simon track (so does Genius) - did we know this? has it actually been confirmed? I can't find a thing about it anywhere except those two places! (it doesn't sound very Harry...)

Oh wow!  I went to Genius and yes, Harry is listed as a writer with Jack Antonoff and Ilsey Juber.  BMI and ASCAP don’t list the song or any information about it, so I can’t confirm that, but other than the user generated commentary on lyrics, Genius does tend to have accurate information.  It does say that the “bio is unreviewed” so I’m not sure if that extends to the track information.

But while the song doesn’t sound like Harry in the performance, the lyrics kind of do.

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i was doing that 1st female hair for like an hour but like meh, i hate the bangs and it most likely the alpha, so i i made that one but now i’m tired now -_-

but i will finish the male hair first, i also did the another style that @remussims​ draw for me, thank you remus! :D, his drawing looks amazing and i’m sorry that my actual hair mesh isn’t as good as your sketch. i need to make the middle part a little bit to the right.

Billy sitting in the diner while Jessie’s Girl plays over the speakers and then Steve walks in looking like a million bucks with his long black coat, white t-shirt and stupid blue jeans. It’s been ten years since he last saw Harrington. And when Steve smiles, clearly flirting his way to get a piece of pie for free, Billy believes he’s looking at the sun and he has been burnt. So he walks up to Steve, clears his throat and “It’s been a while since I saw a pretty boy like you in Hawkins, Harrington.”