More Ryder Family Thoughts

So I’ve been thinking more about Scott and Sara and their relationships with their parents, especially after getting so many great responses to this post.

I’m thinking now that Scott might be a problem child? In your first convo with Lexi on the tempest, if you pick the casual option when she tells you about Harry, if you’re Sara, you say something like “He’ll regret that, Scott’s a handful”, and if you’re Scott you say something like “He knows Sara’s the good one”. 

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takemeawaytocamelot  asked:

I hope you're doing alright, beautiful. I know you said work and life was crazy, but I miss seeing your name pop up on my phone. I might have notifications on for you... Anyways, I'm just popping by to say hi and to remind you that I love you and think you're an incredible person and fantastic writer! I'll wait patiently for you as long as you need. <3 <3 <3

My love, I was deeply moved by this message. To feel loved by someone as incredible as you is a true blessing. My life has been crazy and demanding, but what has been scaring me the most is the fact that I think about writing and feel…empty. For two-three weeks now, maybe even longer. Like something is gone and I’m futilely trying to hold on to sand escaping between my fingers. So I’m working, walking, hiking, sleeping, reading, watching series and movies, breathing, thinking - in the hopes that it will come back to me. But what terrifies me the most is the fact that the last time I felt like this, it took me ten years to come back to writing. 

Meanwhile you’re shining and being creative as hell, so I’ll be here to read you and support you! <3

frostbite883  asked:

DC AU Question: If Captain Cold was a guest instructor for a students of basically a super villain school, how good would he be in teaching the kids the ins and outs of villainy?

See now this makes me think of something like an “Academy of Villainy and Evildoing” or something. And with a whole academy, I’d wonder what class Len is teaching?

Subjects that would exist are things like “Masterplans” with units on evil monologues and trapping the heroes; “Planning” with units on the importance of casing and organizing; “Henchmen Skills” which is sort of a mixed bag but teaches them all how to work on a crew; “Pirates / Rogues Codes” with all the understood rules and shared language and traditions of villainy, and some options for the later years like “Grifting / Conning”, “Hacking”, “White Collar Crime” and “Grand Theft Auto”.

But I think Len would be teaching “Stealing and Thieving”, with different grades/years focusing on units like pickpocketing, how to perfect the b & e, ATMs and bank robberies done right, burglary and jewel heists, and art theft (and pricing it). Things like “how to fence your wares” would be taught here too, but that would overlap with skills taught in some of the other classes, same with “the getaway” (overlaps with “Henchmen Skills”).

Anyway, all that silliness aside, Len would be a very hands-on teacher. He’d have a high expectation of people coming to his class ready to think and consider and do. Lessons would be demonstrations and practicing on each other, with practical homework like pickpocketing one item off a friend, etc. There would be longer (sometimes semester-long) projects for planning a whole job, and maybe even orchestrating the job at the end of term, and he’d be grading them all on-site at the heist. Of course before that, there would be field trips for casing jobs, like trips to museums or banks in small groups.

It couldn’t all be hands on. He’d want to teach them how to read blueprints and about things that will help them on jobs, like liquid nitrogen and other unexpected tools. Planning and designing really tight plans would especially be an expectation of his class, with points awarded for outside-the-box thinking. Research papers, omg. He’d probably assign research papers for the higher grades.

But yeah, he’d be a good instructor for the students who are there to learn, and/or the ones who listen. He’d be patient so long as they aren’t destructive to the overall plan, but would have very low tolerance for fooling around or any of the kids who fall out of line and endanger the plans (or even the casing of a job). He’d almost certainly play favorites, so I can’t say he’d be the most fair teacher. But he’d be good at it, on the whole, and not cruel, even if strict. Students would admire him, though some would probably be slightly afraid of him ^^;


“It’d be a bit cramped but we’d all fit, we can go,” Bodhi interjected soft but sure after Cassian’s speech. He met Bodhi’s eyes with a grateful smile as the words spurred the others to action. Bodhi had faced torture, interrogation, and the council’s rejection and still, he had faith. Though not unscathed he knew that, just like Cassian, he couldn’t face himself if he gave up now. As everyone dispersed they passed each other, each headed to prepare a million things.
“We can do this,” Bodhi said again, for himself as much as for Cassian.
“We can, thanks to you,“ Cassian said with sincerity, grabbing Bodhi’s hand awkwardly as if to ground them both. Bodhi felt warm and overwhelmed. He wanted to say something more but Cassian was pulled away by Melshi, laying out plans as they went. With a final glance, Bodhi took off for the ship, with hope there would be time.


so heres my theory on what happened to ahsoka