I watched him carefully apply antibiotic cream on my wound, his fingers worked delicately along the bruise. He put band-aids on top of another, topped it off with a teenage mutant ninja turtle one, and smiled like a little boy who finally had permission to eat a cookie before dinner. Then it felt as if there was never a cut to begin with, as if his touch had magically healed the pain.

To be honest

I don’t want Adrien to fall for Marinette just yet. 

I want Ladybug to fall for Chat Noir. 

I want Marinette to realize that the person who genuinely acknowledges her and cares about her is the one that is worthy of her affection. After everything they’ve done with each other, and after unsuccessfully courting Adrien over the years, I figure that Marinette would slowly start to notice and fall in love with the person that has always been noticing her.

(before it’s too late)

What makes me so happy in this fandom is like; I could do this alone, watch the episodes and be happy. But on tumblr there are analyses and gifs and everything. I especially love it when someone points out to a single detail in one of the scenes and then you watch it again and it just has an even stronger meaning than before to you. It’s like… The100kru is heaven (mostly) tbh bye

Reverse personalities. 
i like to think that in this au, Ame is really into the culinary arts and collecting cute shit, Pearl is just loafing about til the next battle comes around. idk. 

Ame: so how is it?~
P: good.
Ame: how would you describe it?
P: edible. (internally: really really likes it but doesn’t know how to put it into words)