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How about Cody first kiss for a prompt? The other personn is up to you!

Have this sudden rare pair I didn’t even know I needed until today.


Quinlan Vos raised his eyebrows as Cody pulled off his helmet, and looked the clone up and down in obvious, ecstatic appreciation.

“Looking good, Commander,” Vos murmured, leaning forward to wrap his arms around Cody’s shoulders and pull him close. “You make me wish I’d decided to have a clone battalion watching my back.”

Cody allowed his gaze to drift down Vos’s backside as his hand did the same, squeezing the soft flesh beneath the thin Jedi leggings. “It is a nice back.”

Vos pressed his mouth against Cody’s neck, snickering. “Does Kenobi rub his sarcasm off on everyone he interacts with for extended periods of time, or am I just imagining things?”

Cody didn’t have to think about that for very long. “It’s my own personal brand of sarcasm,” he said, using his free hand to play with Vos’s dreads. “Completely self-created.”

Vos pulled back and gave Cody a bright smile that made the clone feel like his knees could buckle and all his bones could turn to jelly. It really wasn’t fair for a Jedi to be this damn roguishly handsome. General Kenobi should have warned him before setting him up on a mission with the man.

“Obi-Wan must love that,” he said.

“General Kenobi loves me,” Cody responded. “As he should. I’m damn loveable, sir.”

Vos hmmed at that, and before either of them could get in another word, he tilted his head forward and pressed his lips to Cody’s.

Cody’s immediate reaction was surprise, followed by bliss, followed by the sudden, poignant realization that *this* is what the lips of another being feels like, this is what Quinlan Vos tastes like. Soft skin and warm breath and the faint taste of mint and fruit. Cody found himself kissing back, and he hoped he was doing it right. Vos’s eyes fluttered and he moaned softly, darting his tongue out along Cody’s lip. That had to mean he was doing something right, right? When Vos bit lightly into Cody’s bottom lip and sucked the skin between his teeth, Cody was *definitely* sure that even if he was doing all of this completely wrong, Vos would pick up the slack, and, even luckier for them both, Cody was a fast learner.

Wondering if General Kenobi had planned for this to happen slipped slowly out of Cody’s mind and was lost. He didn’t doubt it, though.

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Stan twins 30?

30: “What? You think you’re the only one suffering?” - Stan and Ford

Ford stared at his brother in stunned silence. Any arguments that had been circling in his mind faded away, leaving his brain empty and his mouth open in shock. “…what…?”

“Are you seriously telling me that you’re the one who’s got problems here?!” Stan snapped. “I’ve been homeless for the last ten years, and you think you’ve got problems?!”

Ford sighed. He didn’t have time to deal with this. The fate of the universe was at stake. “Stan, look, I’ve got bigger things on m-my mind than -”

“Than what, Stanford?! Than your own twin brother?!” Stan snapped. “It’s not like you’re starving, or wanted by six different criminal mobs!”

Ford looked at his brother in mute shock again. Last time he’d seen Stan, he’d been rather well-fed and rather on the chubby side. Now that he had the chance to look over his brother properly, he only grew more worried. Stan was thin, way too thin. His cheeks were sallow and his eyes had permanent dark bags underneath them. He looked absolutely awful. His hair was unkempt, looking like a wild animal in itself. Stan’s face was messy with scratchy, uneven stubble and the occasional small cut. He looked like he hadn’t seen a shower in God knows how long. His clothes were absolutely filthy, coated in dirt, oil and… was that blood?!

“Stan… what happened to you…?” Ford’s voice was hoarse, his eyes wide in shock.

“Pop kicked me out.” Stan retorted. “What, you only just realised that? Took you long enough.”

“N-no, I mean… all this…” Ford gestured to the mess that was his twin. “How’d you… when was the last time you ate? Or had a shower?!”

“Last time I ate? I dunno.” Stan shrugged. “I spent the last of what little cash I had left buying enough gas to get here. Means I had to skip out on food. Maybe a week ago? As for last time I showered, four days ago in the motel room I was staying in when I got your postcard. Before then? I’ve got no idea.”

“What have you been doing?!”

“Trying to get by without getting murdered? Trying to get enough money to eat?” Stan replied dryly. “Unlike you, Mr College Fund. What, you never thought to give your own brother a helping hand, since you were clearly too busy relaxing in your lovely big house in the woods?”

“I … I…” Ford covered his mouth with one hand, the journal falling from his hand onto the floor with a dull thud. “I .. I had no idea…

“Of course you didn’t.” Stan spat. “Since you never bothered keeping in touch. Doesn’t surprise me, really. You always did put your dumb science before your family.”

“…you d-don’t understand… h-he’d… he’d never l-let me…. “ Ford’s hands were shaking now and he looked close to tears.

“Who’d never let you contact me? Your own conscience?”

“N-no…” Ford shook his head, looking rather scared now. He took a step back and nearly collapsed.

Only now did Stan see just how fragile and shaken up Ford looked. His anger faded, being replaced by concern for his brother. “Whoa, Sixer, take it easy-”

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Ford cried. He fell backwards and collapsed on the floor. Stan was by his side in an instant.

“Why not? Ford, what’s going on here?” He attempted to put a hand on Ford’s shoulder, but his brother pulled away violently, his eyes wide and his breathing ragged.

“D-don’t… don’t c-call me that…” Ford gasped. His skin was worryingly pale, his face sweaty and his eyes shimmering with unshed tears. He was shaking like a leaf in the wind. “P-please… don’t call m-me that…”

“Why not…?” Stan asked softly, trying to keep his brother calm. He moved a little closer, wrapping one arm around his brother’s shaking shoulders. This time, instead of pulling away, Ford melted into his brother’s half-embrace, the restrained tears finally falling down his cheeks. He trembled in his brother’s arms.

Stan frowned, pulling Ford a little closer and keeping both arms around him firmly. “Ford … what happened to you…?”

“…h-he won’t l-leave me al-lone…” Ford murmured. “I c-can’t sleep, o-or he’ll … he’ll…”

“He’ll what, Poindexter? What will he do…?” Stan asked quietly. He had no idea just who Ford was referring to, but judging by his brother’s current state, ‘he’ couldn’t be particularly nice.

“He’ll open the p-portal… and end the w-world…” Ford’s voice was weak as he felt his energy slowly being drained from his body.

“The portal?” Stan glanced over his shoulder at the large triangular structure behind them. This must be the portal Ford was talking about. “That thing can end the world?”

“N-no… but what c-comes through it will…” Ford murmured, still fighting to stay awake. He couldn’t fall asleep, not now that his brother was here. He had to keep fighting.

“What’s gonna come through it…?”

“I d-don’t know, b-but it’s bad…” Ford said quietly. “I c-can’t let him open it… he’ll kill us all, and he’ll start with you.”

“Who’s he?” Stan finally voiced the main question in his head.

At this, Ford curled up against his brother, burying his face in Stan’s shoulder and shaking his head. He was terrified of speaking that name, lest the demon himself break into his mind and take over again. He felt Stan rub his back soothingly, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

“It’s alright… if you can’t say it, it’s okay…” Stan murmured. He held his brother close, trying to protect him from whoever ‘he’ was. He had no idea that he couldn’t protect Ford from his own mind.

Ford seemed to go tense in his arms, before he sat upright rather swiftly, letting out a loud yawn and rubbing his eyes rather roughly. “N-no… can’t sleep.”

“Come on, Ford, you need some rest.” Stan murmured.

“I c-can’t!” Ford blurted out. “I-if I fall asleep, he’ll take over m-my mind again and use my body to open the portal.”

It was when Ford said this that Stan realised that this ‘he’ couldn’t possibly be any sort of person. Stan frowned. “He’ll take over your mind? Ford, what on Earth is going on here? What have you done?”

Ford looked over his shoulder at the portal. “We n-need to take this down first, then I’ll tell you. But we have to make sure this thing doesn’t work at all, okay?”

“Alright.” Stan was already on his feet, offering Ford a hand up. Ford took his hand and got up, immediately grabbing a toolkit and beginning to dismantle the control panel, making sure to smash the pieces up to be safe. Stan watched his brother as he took apart the main structure of the portal, just wondering what had driven his smart, level-headed, nerdy twin to insanity.


Aaaaaaaaaaaa I’m sorry this took forever to write! I’ve been like drowning in college work until a week ago so I haven’t had time to do this! Hope it was worth the wait, I guess!