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What kind of little things Joon and Yoongs would do if they know you’ve been having a kinda hard time recently but aren’t ready to talk about it yet

i think joon would be more vocal about his concerns but not like blatant “are you okay?” like asking super soft questions like “have you ate today?” or “do you need more water? i can go get you more water…” and like asking but not really needing an answer because he’s already appeared with a muffin and your favorite starbucks order and he’s silent as he sits next to you while you eat, just rubbing your back and asking “is it good?” and again, not really wanting the answer because he’s already kissing your temple and offering a smile, just vocalizing his willingness to be there for you with whatever you need but in mundane ways that aren’t trying to pressure anything out of you until you’re ready

yoongs i feel is the exact same way but quieter about it like there’s already a giant ass cookie shaped like a smiling cat sitting on top of your laptop when you get home and a post it note with a badly drawn smiley face on it and he’s doing the laundry a few extra times so you don’t worry and he’s putting up the lights you wanted above your bed that you mentioned doing like two months ago and maybe just like hugging you a bit longer than necessary and sending you three emojis every morning instead of one, just constant attempts to make u more at ease while also reminding u he’s there for u always (including buying cat shaped cookies every day to the point where all the employees know what he’s coming in for ajfdsjkl)

In lieu of my busy schedule, horrortober has not proceeded as planned

However, it is still horror appreciation hours in this most sacred house.

So, I submit to you, an unlikely friendship:

Axe and Rus

-Axe and Rus became friends first by virtue of their outlier status in the skeleton group. Rus before was only ever close with Stretch, outside of his own brother, and Axe kept everyone at a distance on principle.

-Personality wise, Rus and Black are far enough removed from the horror siblings that they don’t feel the same unease the Tale brothers do when looking at them. You’d have to do several permutations to arrive at each other, and so its less “my clone from the reality where things went as bad as they could go” and more “this stranger that happens to look similar to me”

-They bonded over a dark sense of humor and a certain resigned outlook on life. Neither of them are at the best place, mental health wise, but it can be nice to have someone who can hear the darkest, most uncensored version of yourself and laugh along with you.

-Neither of them demand much emotional intimacy of each other, which works. They both hate being forced to drag out their emotions, and they both hate being pitied. They both recognize the  other has been through their shit, learn enough about each other’s triggers to avoid hitting them, and leave each other to their own devices

-Rus has a certain level-headed perspective that can mellow Axe out during his Bad Days.

“no joke, dude, I’m just….I looked at a human today and the only thing I could think of is how they’d look with an axe sticking out of their head. Like I didn’t even want to be the one putting it in there. Its just like. That’s what my fucked up head does now.”

“there’s a solution for that, dude, its called more weed”

“i’m serious!”

“listen, jeff the killer, aside from the fact that logistically you’re not getting near an axe, you haven’t had any violent incidents in six months and what’s more likely to push you towards one is fixating on how much you don’t want to rather than just letting the bloodlust pass you by.”


“your head is gonna give you some fucked up shit. Its seen some fucked up shit. Just…dont engage with it. Get a McChicken or something. Its your life, but it doesn’t have to be all of it.”

-At the same time, Axe is oddly good at pulling Rus out of his anxiety spirals. Mostly by pissing him off enough to where he can forget about how certain he is that he and everyone he loves is gonna die.

-they watch a lot of bad movies together.

-Its not much, but for the two of them, its honestly pretty meaningful. 

I still have the information on Grace but lazy to draw everything QvQ will soon!

Waves hello to Rin just to greet him, with a nice warm smile.. bright as the sun when she smiles(???) Just trying to make new friends around town, but it’s hard to say a few words for her.. since she’s a mute… She would try to say something to him… But sadly she can’t… Even if she tried…

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Hiiiiii so I have been away from tumblr for awhile and I want to catch up with everything so ugh could you tell me all coming up projects of Seb? Movies I mean ahahah if that’s okay. Thank you in advance. :))

Hello and welcome back! I’m not 100% sure of the info below, but from what I know + clicking around:

okay but who ever really has realistic dreams? like all of my dreams are comprised of odd dome-like robot queens who need to further their bloodlines, and little purple men floating around sticking out of flying saucers and knocking out people’s eyeballs. like come on, is there even such a thing as coherent unconscious thought?

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I was just working on my fic and I wanted to send all my love and appreciation because, damn it, foreshadowing is so much work!!! I like it, but every time, I'm so genuinely impressed by how it seems to flow naturally in the fae tales (and your other fic too, though I'll admit I don't reread them as much). My love and appreciation doesn't stop at foreshadowing and include everything you do; every time you start something, I know I'll be blown away by what you do with your ideas.

Hi hi anon!

Foreshadowing is a lot of work. Well. Unless you’re me and super lazy with it in fanfiction (I mostly just think ‘god I should foreshadow something’ and then start just…foreshadowing stuff I often don’t even understand yet, lmao).

But foreshadowing intentionally in plotted stories is really hard. Like, how much is too much? Do you want people to figure it out or not? And if not then like, how do you make sure people don’t figure it out? And then it’s like ‘aHHHHHHHHHHHH’ and so on. My general rule is ‘I want this to be recognisable when someone rereads the text’ vs. like, ‘I want this to be so opaque that no one except one reader will ever know.’

In all seriousness though it’s awesome that you’re working on your fic and I wish you all the good words and luck in the word mines! Foreshadowing definitely gets easier the more you do it, and it’s one of those things that can feel really obvious but sometimes isn’t? Or is but…not necessarily giving everything away.

And thank you, oh my goodness. I’m glad the foreshadowing (mostly) works in Fae Tales, because Game Theory had no chapter plan and the whole ‘making it up as you go along’ is not the most comfortable way to foreshadow for things you don’t even know about yet. It is fun though. :D

Inktober day 18: bottle

I wanted inktober to be for my own characters but the theme is bottle sooo I had to make Blake a bupsona! She’s an earth glass who specializes in igneous rock. So it was lava at one point but…. she probably couldn’t make lava herself unless she had help

bottled up belongs to @tamarinfrog, no idea if tammy has interest in seeing other ppls bup designs but just in case!


I may have to come off anon but it’s worth it. -Mars

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By "big news regarding the manga" do you think he means news about the contents of the manga (like some info about the characters or something) or stuff outside of the story like a new updated version of the Character Directory or the date for the final chapter?

I’d say the latter, it wouldn’t make much sense to me if the editor/manga staff announced things that are supposed to be explained/happen in the actual story! But it’s not specified.