idk. idc

I was tagged by the dearest Rumia @depechify, thanks!!

Name: maja

Nickname: none tbh

Gender: female

Star sign: cancer

Height: 165 cm

Sexual orientation: bisexual

Hogwarts house: idk and idc

Favourite Colour: black, red, pink

Favourite animal: horses

Current time: 20:25

Cats or dogs: cats

Favourite fictional character: monica and ross geller, audrey horne and dale cooper

Number of blankets I sleep under: 3

Favourite singer/band: depeche mode, david bowie, the smiths, japan and everyone else i blog about and more

Dream Trip: berlin

Dream Job: psychologist

When this blog was created: july 2015

When this blog hit its peak: now i think?

Why did you decide to make a tumblr: uhhh at first because it was my best source of finding pictures and it still is tbh

Why did I pick my URL: bc i love bowie and iggy pop

I tag: @bastardsquad, @anthropomorphictaco, @moobisseyyodeling, @beachsequence, @depeche-ala-mode


        What’s in a name? A thousand songs. Hundreds of photographs. A million stories.  
                                           Everything.  Everything is in a name.

                                           Everything is in your name. (insp)


They say Messi doesn’t talk much. They’re wrong. He’s been preaching to us all along. If you look, you can hear him. He’s saying, “Don’t go down, brothers and sisters. Don’t. Go. Down. When life kicks you, when it tries to tackle you, don’t go down. When your legs are heavy and your lungs are burning, don’t go down. When you have every reason to go down–Do. Not. Go. Down. You can’t defy the odds when you’re down. You can’t make someone a believer when you’re down.”

Messi is spreading the word. Don’t let things on the outside be stronger than what’s on the inside. Because life has more in store for you.

If you just stay up+

well, blame @sexysilverstrider as usual;;;