So idk about y'all but there was this glitch that affected some Pokemon Go players where the achievements would say like “Punk Girl” and “Battle Girl” even if you had a male avatar.
And nothing has brought me more joy than my male coworkers being super insecure in their masculinity like “but…but…I’m not a girl though. My avatar is CLEARLY male. What the fuck.”

And worrying about it FAR too much. It’s the best.

littleladysugar  asked:

you are so freaking cool!! scrolling thru the tags I saw all your awesome posts on lapis and jasper, and it clarifies so many things! you're such a polite and genuinely sweet person, I know you've helped a lot of people thru what you've been saying. it takes a lot of courage to do just that, and to voice your thoughts, so thank you! and keep being you, you're really awesome! 💙

ahhh!! i can’t even say how much this means to me :’D while i was looking forward to the episode, i knew there’d be a lot of backlash too, so i was hoping to do something like this, but i had no idea it would reach this many people! i wanna’ thank everyone who helped reblog the post and spread the message, y’all are wonderful <33 i’m so happy i could help people, you’re all amazing and idk what i did to deserve such kindness but! thank you so much!!!


a/n: Guess who’s back at it again with more fratboy!5sos? Me! Of course I am. Side note: I know y/n was a freshman in the fratboy!luke series but I had to make y/n a freshman in this series as well for reasons that will be obvious later on in the story. Another side note: idk when greek week actually takes place but I’m just rolling with it for creative purposes. One more side note: I am aware that AKPsi and Phi Gamma Nu are both ‘professional’ fraternities and Greek Week is for social fraternities and sororities, but I do what I want. Okay that is all. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

word count: 4,281
requested: kinda
warnings: no

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im getting my hair dyed today so i feel like i need 2 post these b4 the change
(also i just rly love these)

honestly that bit about the 501st painting ahsoka’s markings on their armour just gets to me y’know, cause yeah the 501st was always under anakin’s command but ahsoka was their commanding officer too and she was there on the front lines with them as much as anakin was, treating them less like clones and more like people, and it just really hit me seeing the 501st go out of their way to incorporate ahsoka’s designs into their armour (especially since decorating their armours to show their individuality meant to much to the clones). It just made me very emotional 

A Small Incident [Peter x Reader Drabble]

[title]: A Small Incident

[pairing]: Peter Parker x Reader

[prompt]: Getting stitches is never fun. Getting stitches and having a protective boyfriend is far from convenient.

[warnings]: um mentions of injuries???? stitches???? idk if that’s a thing

[dear anon who requested this]: i am actually so sorry that im illiterate

Originally posted by irenelair

           Even [y/n] had to admit, she wasn’t the most graceful person in the world. She was clumsy, she was reckless, and sometimes she seemed to think that she was invincible (which she was not, as demonstrated by her most recent injury).

          Long story short, one of her friends was trying to teach her how to skateboard and she split her knee open pretty bad.

          And Peter Parker was livid. Getting hurt was [y/n]’s specialty and he was used to it by now. But getting hurt with the undoubtedly most adored guy in school that had been getting too close to her for Peter’s liking, that was a different story.

          “[y/n], I told you that Garrett was bad news,” Peter was ranting endlessly in the car as he drove you back to her apartment from the clinic, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. She rolled her eyes.

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His Last Request - Part 3: The Breaking Point

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Major character death, Angst, Grief, Swearing, Alcoholism, Fighting, Panic Attack

Word Count: 5700ish (idk how that even happened)

Summary: After being forgiving of Dean’s behavior for the past month, the Reader finally snaps.

A/N: This chapter was so hard! Sorry it took so long guys! This chapter had so much emotion that I had to take my time to make sure it was well conveyed. Feedback would be very much appreciated!

Part 1   Part 2


Your name: submit What is this?

It had nearly been a month since the apocalypse had been on your very doorstep. One month since you, Dean, and Sam had your last ride in the Impala together. One month since you saw Sam smile reassuringly at you and Dean before falling into hell’s cage. One month since Dean had spoken a word to you. Had it really only been one month?

The ding from the oven woke you from your thoughts and you shook your head, attempting to clear it. You opened the oven and pulled out the chicken and rice, reminding yourself to send Jody some form of appreciation for the frozen meals she had been bringing you now and then. She would sometimes visit and hang out with you and Jenny. You couldn’t help but notice her lingering a bit whenever Bobby was around. Whatever the reason she visited and ended up sticking around for a while, you were thankful for her company. Another adult to communicate with perpetually saved you from baby-talk becoming your first language.

Although you loved how Jody’s meals would lighten your load, you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed you didn’t get to cook your own masterpiece. Before the “Almost-Apocalypse” you could barely make spaghetti without having a fire extinguisher on hand as precaution. Now you found yourself making Bobby and Dean breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. Bobby would always apologize for you having to do all this, but you’d always tell him that it was no trouble and would bask in the way his face lit up whenever he took a bite of your food.

Dean never responded to the taste nor gave his thanks, but you were honestly just grateful he was eating. Most of the time he would either take it up to his room or grab it to go, but sometimes he would grace the table with his presence. It was usually random and he was so quiet at the table he might as well been dinner décor rather than a guest, but him sitting across from you calmed you ever so slightly. It gave you hope that perhaps he was slowly pulling himself out from the murky depths of his grief. Maybe soon he would be able to speak with you, be able to look at Jenny, and finally follow through with his promise to Sam. You could only hope.

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Insecure (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by negerswager

Prompt: Heyy! Idk if you only write Bucky imagines but if not, could you write a Seb Stan imagine in which he is sad and insecure about something (you can chose) and Y/n comforts and helps him, please? Just a bunch of fluff :) I love your writing!!!

Word Count: 1018 words 

A/N: Even guys get insecure sometimes. I bet Seb does too- but we still love him. Thanks to @littlethin-gs for the prompt! Keep sending them in. 

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Prompt: A Jack Smut!!

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Warning: Fingering, smut, curse words, idk man!

Word  Count: 896

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Sirius Black x Reader: Snowball

Request: Hi can you do a Young Sirius Black x reader where the reader is James’s twin sister idk about a plot im not creative but can it be fluffy? Thanks!

Notes: It’s slightly sad at the beginning?  but I hope I made it fluffy enough overall.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” With a flick of her wand, Lily refilled the hole she had dug just before. Y/N’s face contorted and your mouth left out a sob when you saw your cat’s body beginning to get covered in dirt. Hagrid, who had been drying his eyes with a tablecloth sized handkerchief, embraced you in a bone crashing hug that lifted you from the floor. It wasn’t his pet, although any animal loss hurt him, especially if it was a cat he had seen many times in the last seven years. James, who had been standing next to his sister’s side, slowly took you out of Hagrid’s embrace as you were running out of breath, and put an arm around your shoulders while he kissed the top of your head.

You were reunited that evening next to Hagrid’s house to hold the funeral of your beloved pet that had sadly passed away that morning. The sun was about to set, the cold wind of the late February moved the grass behind under your feet, and rustled the leaves on the Forbidden Forest’s trees. Even though your tears were warm against your cold cheeks, you were shivering under your school cloak, and you could feel your friends going through the same situation.

Remus cleared his throat. “Would anyone like to say some words?” He looked at you, but you were too affected to speak. Instead, you looked at James with pleading eyes. He was your twin brother, who had been with you when you bought the cat and had known him for as long as you had.

“Me?!” He looked at Lily, standing by his side, expecting some help as she was better with words than him, but she only looked back sternly waiting for him to speak. “Well… Farewell Snowball! You were a very good cat and loyal friend. Although your body won’t be with us, you will always remain in our minds: when you walked with us along the grounds of Hogwarts, when he stole candy from Slytherins, or…-” His speech was cut by Hagrid blowing his nose. He had begun crying again. You softy patted his arm, trying to calm him down. “Snowball, you will be missed, but never forgotten.” He finished his speech and looked around him. Lily was wiping away a couple of tears that had slipped, and Remus had an arm around Peter, who was trying to hold back his tears too. Hagrid and Y/N were loudly sobbing in front of Snowball’s grave. Sirius Black, your boyfriend, hadn’t been able to attend the funeral as he was in detention for jinxing the cauldrons of 6th year Slytherin students, and was being strictly guarded by Professor McGonagall so he wouldn’t sneak out. James had been furious with his friend. Y/N, on the other hand, was too sad about the loss of Snowball to even feel disappointed.  

“Let’s go back to the Castle. Dinner is about to begin.” Lily lightly put a hand on your arm and you began to walk together from Hagrid’s home to the Castle. You turned around and saw Hagrid waving at you. You waved back at your friend.

The air got colder in the dark night as James tightened his grip around his sister’s shoulders. When you entered the Castle you felt tired, you had lost your appetite.

“I’m going to the dormitories. I’m not hungry.” Your friends looked at you worriedly. No one really liked missing the feast the elves very carefully prepared every night.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Lily softly caressed your back. You had met on the 1st year at Hogwarts, and even though she hadn’t get along with your brother James, after sharing a room and having almost every one of your classes together, you had become sort of best friends.

“No, thank you Lils, I think…” You looked at your brother, who could easily read what you were hiding under your blushing cheeks: You wanted to sleep in his room tonight, as you wouldn’t be able to handle the first night alone without Snowball at the foot of your bed. He nodded without needing to hear your words and spoke.

“Let’s go have dinner. I’ll go check on you later, alright?” You nodded and he kissed your cheek. You were hugged by your friends before you went up the Grand Staircase. You slowly passed through the portraits that nodded or smiled at you, while you lacked the strength to smile back at them. You reached the Fat Lady’s portrait, whose smile froze when she saw your discomposure.

“My dear Ms Potter, what is that troubles you?”

You cleared your throat. “My cat passed away.”

“Oh! I’m really sorry. He was a really respectful cat. He never damaged any portrait.”

You nodded, not wanting to speak anymore about Snowball. “The password is ‘Asphodel’.”  The Fat Lady nodded and let you in. You walked through the empty Gryffindor common room that was lightly illuminated to the Marauders’ dormitory. In a room of four beds, it was easy to spot James’. Remus’ and Peter’s were pretty neat, although Remus’ had a pile of books on his night stand. In the same way, both James’ and Sirius’ were quite a mess, and while both marauders had pictures of Y/N on their night stand, the wall behind Black’s bed had a motorbike poster pinned on it, while James’ also had a picture of Lily Evans. You lay on your brother’s bed and close your eyes. You hadn’t realized how tired you were, until you drifted off.

Meanwhile in the Great Hall

“Look where he is! That son of a-”

“James! There are children in here!”

From the gates burst Sirius into the Great Hall, quickly approaching the Gryffindor table. James went to stand up, although he was kept in his place by Lily and Remus, who held him from his biceps. Sirius, who was running out of breath, scanned the Gryffindor table until he found his friends, although his brow furrowed when he wasn’t able to find his girlfriend. He seated next to Peter in front of Remus, James and Lily. He was about to drink from a pumpkin juice glass when James’ glare stopped him.


“My sister’s devastated due to Snowball’s death, and you get detention? What kind of boyfriend are you?”

Sirius raised his hands in defeat. “I’m sorry! But it’s not like I could go to McGonagall and tell her ‘Can I come another day? My girlfriend’s cat has died and I need to be there to comfort her’. She wouldn’t have left me go!”

James was seething. “You didn’t have to be there with her all day, just attend the funeral. And you wouldn’t have got detention if you hadn’t pulled off that stupid prank on those Slytherins!”

“Wait, she did a funeral for the cat?”

James was about to retort, but was interrupted by Remus’ calm voice. “And why don’t you, instead of arguing, go check on Y/N?”

Sirius stood still for a moment, but immediately ran towards the Gryffindor common room, knowing where he would find his girlfriend.

Back in the 7th year boys’ dormitory

You were lying on your side, with your back facing the window, when you heard the door crack. Still sleepy, you rested on your right elbow and opened your eyes but saw no one in there. You lay again and closed your eyes back, but your sleep didn’t last much, as something made the foot of your bed shift just like Snowball used to do. However, it wasn’t a cat, but a big black dog that began cuddling to you and licking your face.

Immediately your eyes watered and you hugged the hairy dog, muttering ‘Padfoot’ and petting his back. You kissed him behind his ears, where you kept petting him. His eyes were grey, as they didn’t change in his animagus form. They seemed to look at you lovingly, and asking for your forgiveness. He didn’t need your forgiveness though, as you were never really angry at him.

You lay back on the bed, while Padfoot left his head over your stomach, which slightly tickled you and put a little smile on your face. Your eyelids turned heavy and you were going back to your dreams when the head on your stomach disappeared and the weight on the bed increased. You turned to your right and saw Sirius’ grey eyes looking at you. He was still wearing his grey uniform and Gryffindor red and gold tie. He took you in his arms and you rested on his chest. One of his hands rested on the small of your back, while with the other he caressed your hair.

“I’m sorry for Snowball, Y/N. I got along with that cat. He was really smart. Did you know that he licked my wounds that time I got hurt during a full moon?” You nodded, not really feeling like speaking about Snowball right now, not wanting to burst in tears. You only needed him to hold you. You stayed like that for a few moments. The wind was howling outside and gave you goose bumps. Due to the cloudy night you couldn’t see the stars. Sirius tried to stand up to close the curtains, but you held him down.

“You’re a wizard, silly. Use your wand.” His chest rumbled with laughter, but he picked up his wand and closed the red and gold curtains with nonverbal spell.

“Was that an innuendo, Y/N?”

“Oh, Merlin pant’s!” You rolled around and covered your face with a pillow. Sirius laughed again and put an arm around your waist, getting you closer to him.

Silence settled again in the room. You could only hear each other’s breaths, and the wind that now sounded much far away. You could feel his chest enlarge and tighten against your back, his hand drawing random patterns on your hip and his breath against your neck soothing you to sleep.

“I’m really sorry for not being with you today, Y/N. If I had known-”

“How would you have known when Snowball was going to die? It’s not your fault. I’m not angry at you.” You squeezed his hand to let him know. The last thing you wanted was for him to feel guilty. However, maybe he deserved to be teased a little bit. “But, you know, Sirius, I feel really lonely without Snowball; maybe you could turn into a dog for me?”

“Don’t push your luck, love.” You roared with laughter, but you squirmed under his arms when he began licking your face. In his human form. He gave you a final peck on your lips, while the laughter slowly died and your agitated breath began to slow down. As you snuggled to him, you tried to cover your yawn.

“Go to sleep, Y/N. We’ll talk tomorrow, if you’d like.”

You nodded, rested your head back on the pillow and sighted. You’d miss that little ball of fur, but at least, you still had the love of your other not-so-little ball of fur.

Next morning

You woke up when the sunrays hit your eyelids, with Sirius Black’s arms still around your waist. Still sleepy, you thought that someone had opened the curtains, probably the same guys whose whispers you could hear somewhere in the room.

“Have sisters for that. And friends too. Remus, remind me when and why did I agree to let them be a couple?”

“First, she would still have dated him even if you didn’t let her. And second, you’re just jealous because Y/N preferred to sleep with Sirius than with her brother. You’re sister has grown up; she’s not a little girl anymore, James. Accept it.”

“Shut up, Moony. I’m only angry because I had to sleep in Sirius’ bed. I want my bed back.”


I t ’ s  t h e  b e g i n n i n g  o f  t h e  l o n g e s t  d a y, the summer solstice. Sistere and sol, because the sun seems to stand still. We got through the night. My dear, it couldn’t have lasted forever. But you’re a good man. Very clever. Y o u ’ l l  m a k e  i t  t h r o u g h.

picture cr.

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Jon Snow Request

Hi! Could i ask for a Jon Snow x reader if ya could do it. Please? Reader grew up in Winterfell and Jon as well as Robb really liked her. But Jon was always awkward around her, while Robb was flirty. Then after some years she comes to The Wall and Jon is there and “something” happens and he nearly tells her but stops himself becouse he thinks she loves Robb. Somehow, idk maybe Sansa tells him that reader loves him and then… I know this is a long recuest but i’ve had this idea for a long time

*5 years ago*

“You’re looking beautiful today, Y/N, but that’s to be expected,” Robb smiled as you entered the room for breakfast.

“Thank you Robb. You look handsome today as well. Good morning everyone,” you greeted the rest of the Stark family and took your seat across from Robb and next to Jon.

“Your Father has something to tell you all,” Lady Catelyn said.

Ned cleared his throat and addressed the room. “I received a raven from King Robert last night. He’s coming with his family to visit us and stay with us for a while.” The family got swept up in conversation and you found yourself turning towards Jon.

“If Sansa keeps smiling like that I’m afraid that he mouth will be stretched out permanently,” you chuckled to Jon.

“I think you might be right,” he said shyly.

“What are you doing later,” you asked.

“Ugh…Robb and I are probably going to help Bran with his aim some more. He’s didn’t seem to like the fact that Arya was a better shot than him,” he let out an awkward chuckle.


You sat in Sansa’s room stitching and glancing out the window to watch Jon and Robb help Bran. “Are you in love with him,” Sansa suddenly said.


“My brother. Are you in love with him?”

“Sansa, no, I can assure you that no matter what Robb and I say to each other we are just messing around. I love him as a friend and as my own brother and nothing more.”

“No,” Sansa giggled, “not Robb. Jon.”

“Jon, no, no. Why do you think I’m in love with Jon,” you tried to play it off and knew you were failing. The look on Sansa’s face just confirmed that you were doing a poor job. “Maybe, there might be a chance that I’m in love with your brother. But you can not tell him, Sansa! Or I’ll tell your mother you ruined the vase she loves in the West hallway on the second floor.”

“But I didn’t,” Sansa gasped.

“You didn’t but if it shows up broken and I tell her I saw you who do you think she’ll believe?”

“You’re good,” he narrowed her eyes.

In the yard Robb and Jon stood to the side as Bran worked on his aim. “You know, I would have thought that after Y/N with us for 10 years you’d be, I don’t know, less awkward around her. But I guess you’ve always been awkward around girls you like,” Robb added.

“Is it that noticeable?”

“Apparently not or Y/N would know. That girl’s a genius so how she hasn’t seen past you yet…is beyond me.”

“It wouldn’t matter because Y/N loves you,” Jon thought to himself.


After Ned left for King’s Landing with the girls and Jon left for the wall you left to go back to your home family for a while. The short time you were going to spend with your family turned into a long term deal when Robb went to war and your House’s bannermen were called to his aid.

Now you were the Lady in charge of your House having lost most of your brothers in the war and your Father’s passing. When you found out Sansa had escaped Winterfell and the Bolton’s you sent your best to find her and bring her back to you. Now you two were with Lady Brienne and her apprentice entering the gates of Castle Black to find Jon.

Your stomach started getting in knots when the Castle came into view and now that you were entering it you were nervous because you knew you’d be seeing Jon soon.

You watched as Jon came out of his room and saw his sister and as they embraced. He looked well from what you could see and he was as handsome as ever. You watched as Sansa said something to Jon and as he looked back to where you were standing.

He held your gaze and walked towards you. “Y/N?”

“Hello Jon,” you smiled. Simultaneously you two ran towards each other and threw your arms around each other. “I thought I’d never see you again,” he could hear in your voice that tears were forming in your eyes. As he pulled back and looked into your eyes, the eyes he’d missed for so long, he almost told you what he knew he should have told you before you both left Winterfell.

He stopped himself though.

That night, after you had excused yourself to go to bed, Sansa turned to her brother and asked, “How does it feel to see Y/N after all these years?”

“She’s as beautiful as ever,” he said. “How’s she been?”

“She’s taken over after her father. He passed away 2 years ago. She’s watching over her House and taking care of her mother and her younger siblings.”

“Is she engaged?”

“No,” Sansa told him. “Jon, why didn’t you ask her this when she was here?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“You’re still in love with her; like when we were kids,” Sansa grinned.

“Yes, I am.”

“By the look of it she still loves you too,” Jon spat out his wine when he heard his sister.

“What do you mean ‘still?’”

“She was in love with you, too. Since Winterfell.”

“And you’re just telling me now? I thought she was in love with Robb by the way they were always talking and flirting.”

“That was just how they poked fun at each other,” Sansa reassured him. “She’s loved you since we were children.”

“I…I have to go,” Jon excused himself. “Goodnight, sister.”

Jon took the stairs two at a time and jogged until he was outside your door. He took a deep breath and knocked on your door. “One second,” he heard you holler from the other side of the door.

When you opened the door you were holding your fur coat against you and your hair hung loose over you. “Jon, what’s the matter?”

“May I come in?”

“Of course,” you stepped to the side and let him in. “You seem anxious. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong I just had to see you. I was talking to my sister and she mentioned that you have yet to settle down.”

“That’s correct,” you said confused.


“Why? Um, well, I have no love or trust for anyone right now. I don’t have the time to find a good Lord that I can trust to take care of my people and family the way I do.”

“Would it be wrong of me to say that I’m glad you are unwedded? Because I have loved you since we were children,” he took a timid step towards you.

“Why didn’t you say anything? Why did you leave me at Winterfell?”

“I thought you were in love with Robb,” he admitted.

“Well I wasn’t. I was in love with you, Jon.”

“I should have known. I should have said something before I left. I should have-” you cut him off by pressing your lips to his.

You pulled apart from him and grinned at his smiling face. “Stay with me tonight? We’ve wasted to much time apart.”

“I’m never leaving you again.”

onceuponagoddess  asked:

I would love to hear your weird head canons about Oz lol

dfghjkjhgfgj (thank you so much) these really aren’t coherent at all but i just think about him a lot and he’s sort of this gift to the buffyverse not getting more from his character is srsly the biggest injustice To The Universe™   

 i feel like a lot of people see him as ‘punk’ or at least musically label him as such w/e but personally i think it’s a lot more than that and wouldn’t box himself into one genre like that/draws from a lot of influences

i see a lot of ppl who know/agree that oz being a stoner is basically canon but i also feel like he had definitely done shrooms at least a few times in his life

y’know how oz paints his nails?? idk why but i feel like this wasn’t something he did only during his ‘i’m in a band’ days. i can see him stealing his mom’s nail polish at like 12 yrs old just to try it on. why?? idk!!! 

definitely see him as bi/pan but that’s just me and once again idk why! ! ! 

i feel like he’s definitely self taught when it comes to playing guitar which for one thing is awesome and also explains the mediocrity lol

this isn’t a headcanon but something i think about all the time. i wish we knew what the fuck was up with his family!!  were his parents assholes?? does he have any siblings?? ? like an old sister who taught him how to dye his hair or something? did he teach himself? ?  is he an only child? ?? these are the things that keep me up at night i s2g. i want backstory. i want more oz. maybe he had to deal with a shitty home life. or something. he reacts so calmly to everything

 i always thought it was part of his personality/being chill™ ‘cause he has to be (maybe from trauma?? i mean other earlier traumas before becoming a werewolf lmfao but still i’m probably reaching)

once again, not a headcanon, but who formed dingoes ate my baby? how did oz meet devon? arguably i could just tell myself ‘ they met at school… stop thinking about it dumbass’ but they have such different personalities srsly who the heck formed this band how did y’all meet?? did the band break up after he left sunnydale? did they replace oz?? how could they replace oz ?? lmfao i need to stop ok none of this was coherent i apologize if anyone read to this point

you know it’s so crazy when i think back to january when i really started to get into making gifs (using the free online ones bc lol i had no idea what i was doing, lol still don’t) i never thought that i would be where i am now on this blog, only 6 months later. who woulda thought me investing in a $5 gif making app would get me to surpassing 3,000 followers and having something i made receive over 10,000 notes (THAT’S INSANE TO SAY OUT LOUD MY GOODNESS).

idk i’m just really happy i started this and who woulda guessed that i’d be right where i am now. y'all probably get tired of these sappy thank you posts but hey it’s who i am. 

thank you guys for being so amazing :) 

Prankers & Lovers: George Weasley x Reader


Request: Hi, just wondering if you do George Weasley imagines because I love your writing ❤️ if so could you maybe write one where him and the reader are in a relationship and are not into lovey dovey or cheesy things at all- they just make fun of all that and bc of this lack of public affection other students constantly forget they’re together and is tricky idk aha sorry

Warning: None 

Send In Your Requests

Originally posted by perkkele

2 months ago

“Y/N, love, would you help me with something?” George asks, bringing Y/N’s attention up from her Potions work.

 “Sure, George, what do you need?” She asks, shutting her book and smiling up at him.

 “See, there’s this eh, prank I’m working on, and I was wondering if you want to  help.” George says, running a hand awkwardly across the back of his neck. 

They had just started dating and he wasn’t quite sure how Y/N would react to his pranking.

 Her Y/E/C eyes brighten immediately, her irises sparking with interest. “Of course I would.” She replies deviously, resting her chin the palm of her hand and turning all her focus to him.

“George, we’re going to get caught.” Y/N hisses as George drags her by the hand into Filch’s office. 

“Rubbish. We’ll be fine.” He mutters in response over his shoulder. 

Y/N bites her lip, but follows him nonetheless as he shows her how to magically enchant each of the chocolates into Puking Pasties they’re leaving for Filch.

“That was brilliant, Y/N.” George says, shooting a cheesy grin at me as we make our way back to the Great Hall. 

“Oh please, George, if it wasn’t for your plan the prank wouldn’t have happened!” Y/N says, beaming back at him.

 George, my boyfriend of 7 months now ,  and I had just succeeded into completing yet another prank. We make our way to the Gryffindor table and sink down into our usual spots. 

“Filch is going to have a bloody hard time cleaning up all of it.” George adds with a smirk.

 I snort, nodding along, “Oh yeah, it’s going to take him weeks to stop puking.”  

“Another prank you two?” Fred asks, quirking his eyebrow at us. 

I nod quickly, taking no time in filling Fred in on our latest adventure. He glances between me and George, thoroughly impressed.

 “I thought we were saying those for another prank, George.” He says grinning cheekily.

 “We can just whip up another batch. Won’t take too long.” George replies.

“Oh bloody hell.” Ron mutters quickly from next to us, his eyes at the entrance of the Great Hall.

 We all turn to follow his gaze, and see Ginny and Dean snogging and heading over to us. 

“Gross.” Fred gags. 

I chuckle slightly, glancing at George who has the same look of disgust on his face. 

Ginny comes over and see’s the looks on her brothers’ faces and frowns. 

“You lot look horrid.” She points out with no emotion. 

“Maybe it’s cause we don’t fancy seeing our little sister get her face eaten for breakfast.” George points out. 

Ginny’s face turns bright red, and she slams her fist onto the table with a loud bang. 

“Just because you don’t have a relationship doesn’t mean you get to be sour, George!” She shouts. Everyone at the table quiets, and Fred’s long laughter is the only thing that can he heard. 

“Georgie does have a girl, Ginifred.” He says. 

Ginny scrunches her nose in disgust, “Yeah, right. Who would be daft enough to date one of you?” She retorts. George and Fred exchange a look, before looking at me. 

“I suppose I would be.” I say, narrowing my eyes at Ginny. Her eyes widen in shock. 

“You guys are dating?” She cries. 

George shakes his head in disapproval, “For 7 months, little sister. You’re observational skills are wonderful.” 

Ginny rolls her eyes at him, “Well you two don’t act like it, so forgive me.” She concludes before turning back to Dean.

I smile at George and he looks at me, frowning slightly. 

“What?” I ask him, concerned.

 “You don’t mind, right? Not being all.. Like them?” He asks, gesturing to Dean and Ginny who are snogging again. 

I chuckle slightly, beaming at him. “No, not at all Georgie. We are who we are, not them.” Y/N nods, reaching over the table nonetheless to give his hand a squeeze.

 “Wonderful, now let’s plan our next prank.” George says, grinning at her mischievously.

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Girl Meets World Fanfiction 

Title: I Don’t Judge

Summary: Maya is introducing Riley to her ‘significant other’ *wink wink*

Pairing: Maya/OC lol sorry peeps. I put in a little bit of Rilaya for y’all 

Rating: T (why do I even put a rating??)


“Hm?” Riley was sat on her bed, researching something on her laptop for some school project she had to do.

“I got something I gotta tell you.” 

“Shoot.” Riley told her, keeping her eyes on her laptop screen.

“Uh, could you come over here, it’s kinda serious.” Her brown eyes shifted, looking up at her best friend with concern edged on her face.

She immediately got up and sat beside Maya, by the bay window.

“What happened? Are you hurt? Is your mom okay? What’s wrong?” She grabbed a hold of the blonde’s hand, gulping down the lump in throat, fearfully awaiting her response.

“No, no, it’s nothing like that.” Maya rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand, unable to make eye contact with her, “It’s just, um…Do you remember last month, when you and your parents and Auggie took a trip to Philadelphia to visit your grandparents?”


Well, while you were gone, I…Met someone.”

Riley nodded, signaling her to continue.

“And we really hit it off and…” She took a deep breath, finally looking up at Riley’s big, brown eyes, “I’m dating someone.”

Riley’s face broke out into a giant grin, “Maya!” The blonde bit her lip, worried about what come next, “That’s great.”

She paused, thinking it over in her head, she nodded, “It is.”

“Yeah,” Riley pushed a strand of her hair back behind her ear, one hand still holding Maya’s, “I’m so happy for you.” 

“Thanks Riles.” Maya smiled, glad that Riley didn’t overreact or anything.

“You’ve been dating someone for a month and you only just told me?” The brunette accused, furrowing her brows at her best friend.

Maya licked her lips, feelings her mouth go dry, “I was just kinda nervous to tell you and I wanted to make sure that the relationship was going well before I broke the news…” 

“Don’t worry about it, I’m just glad you find someone who makes you happy.” Riley assured her, “So? When do I get to meet them?” 

Maya rose a brow at her, “Them?”

“Yeah, can I?” Riley asked her, still smiling widely.

“What do you mean by ‘them’?” The blonde wondered.

“Well it might be a girl, I don’t know.” Riley shrugged, watching as Maya pushed her hair back in that way that she does.

“Oh, um, she is a girl, actually.” Maya admitted, looking away from Riley’s eyes once again.

“So can I meet her or what?” 

Maya rose a brow, “You don’t mind?”

“Why would I mind? It’s your life, Maya, if she makes you happy then who am I to deny you your happiness?” Riley told her, still holding her hand, “Besides, I’m your best friend, I’ll support you no matter what.”

“That’s really sweet of you, Riley, thank you.” Maya’s lips curved into a tiny, little smile, pulling Riley into a tight hug.

“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette waved her off, pulling away after a moment or two, “Now tell me all about her.”

“But your projec-”

“Who cares about that?” She waved her hand off in the direction of her laptop, “My best friend finally found herself a girlfriend, I wanna hear all about her.”

Maya laughed, shaking her head at her eager best friend, “Alright well, her name is Skylar.”

Less than a second later, Riley responded with, “Is she pretty?”

Maya let out another chuckle, “Hold up there Riles, she’s my girlfriend.”

“I’m curious!” Riley told her, raising her hands in defense.

“Well, yes, she’s very pretty.” A distant smile made it’s way onto Maya’s face as she looked off to the side, “One of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen.”

“Awwwww.” Riley cooed, grinning as she watched her Maya regain her composure, “What’s she like?”

“She’s got these big, brown doe eyes that make it so easy to get lost in and she’s a little bit taller than me, still shorter than you though,” Maya commented, getting a soft giggle out of Riley, “And she’s super smart, but not like Smackle kinda smart, her brain just works really quickly.”

Riley just continued to listen as Maya started to ramble, “There was this one time when we hung out and she made me help her with one of those puzzle books, cause she loves puzzles and while I was utterly confused, she finished 13 puzzle pages in like, 4 minutes.” 

“And she’s always spewing really lame jokes and she thinks she’s really funny and I always have to beg her to stop with the puns cause they’re all horrible but she never listens, and I actually think it’s pretty cute.” Maya paused, a blush spreading across her cheeks as Riley smirked at her.

“Maya, looks like you’re really into this girl.” 

“I am, I really, really am.” Maya nodded, smiling up at her best friend, she let out a content sigh, “Ya know, she’s got a really short temper, kinda like me, but I like annoying her, so whenever she’s in a bad mood I start doing everything I can to bother her until she just starts getting frustrated with me and then I kiss her and she just calms down all of a sudden.”

“That’s so cute! And sounds just like you.” Riley laughed, “Was she your first kiss?”

“Oh, um, no…” 

“Then who was?” Riley wondered, as curios as usual, tilting her head to the side slightly.

“Um, remember sophomore year, when we went to that party at Yogi’s house and when we were walking home you tripped and fell on me and we…” Riley’s eyes began to widen as Maya reminded her of the time the two of them accidentally made out in the middle of the sidewalk. Well, originally it was just a small peck but the two enjoyed it a little too much and it escalated.

“Oh, uh, right, right.” She nodded, blushing a deep shade of red.

A moment or two later, they both had simmered down and so Riley spoke up again.

“So, I never got an answer, can I meet your girlfriend, Peaches?”

“Of course.” The blonde smiled, “And she can’t wait to meet you.”

The Next Day

“Alright, wait here, I’m gonna go pick up Skylar from her class.” Maya told Riley, leaving the brunette by their lockers before making her way to Skylar’s class.

“Hey.” Maya’s lips curved into a small, admiring smile at seeing her girl walk out of the classroom. The glint in her eyes was impossible to miss. 

“Hey.” Skylar smiled back, her eyes softening as they landed on the shorter blonde, “So, I’m finally gonna get to meet Riley?”

“Yup.” Maya offered her hand, which Skylar gladly took, and the two walked over to the tall brunette.

“Riley, this is Skylar.” Maya introduced, gesturing her free hand at the girl who currently had a welcoming smile on her face.

“It’s so nice to meet you.” Riley suppressed her elevated grin into a friendly smile, shaking the blonde’s hand. She then looked to Maya from the corner of her eye, subtly mumbling, “Can I hug her now?”

Maya laughed, nodding her head lightly, giving her best friend permission to pull her girlfriend into a bone-crushing embrace.

“Whoa, okay.” Skylar giggled, “It’s nice to meet you too.”

Riley eventually let go of the girl, turning to face them both, still smiling, “Let’s go?”

It was the last class of the day and now the two were headed to the Matthews apartment for some bonding time.

“Where are we going?” Skylar asked, looking to the other two girls, her brow raised in curiosity.

“Bay window.” Maya told her, watching as Skylar’s eyes widened and she began to beam brightly.

“I get to sit at the famous bay window?” She asked, her voice laced with excitement and enthusiasm. Maya just nodded, smirking at how happy her girlfriend became. “What’re you waiting for then? Let’s go!” The taller blonde began sprinting over to the school doors, leaving Riley and Maya in their same spots.

“She’s a little…” Riley began, watching Skylar but glancing at Maya for a second or two.

“Enthusiastic?” Maya giggled, “Yeah, she reminds me of you.” She then followed after her girlfriend, leaving Riley with a mad blush on her cheeks, before she eventually followed after the two.

—Time Skip—

“So who asked who out?” Riley wondered, smiling at the two blondes who were sitting beside her by the bay window, hands linked. They had been talking for about twenty minutes but it felt more like hours. The two girls were having so much fun bonding over their love for Maya.

“Sky asked me out,” Maya’s cheeks grew red, “I was going to do it but I ended up mixing up my words so,”

“I did the job for her.” Skylar finished with a smirk, pressing a soft kiss to Maya’s cheek.

“You two are so adorable, I just can’t take it.” Riley joked, shaking with happiness at seeing the cute, little smile on her best friend’s face.

“Well, I could say the same about you two.” Skylar responded, smiling at the two best friends, “You guys are such great friends, I wish I had that. Ya know, Maya can never stop talking about how goofy and fun you are.”

“I mean,” Riley began, whipping her hair, “I am pretty fun.” Causing for both blondes to laugh lightly at her silliness. 

“Where’d you guys go for your first date?” Riley rested her head on both her hands, looking at the happy couple in awe.

“I took her to the movies and we watched horror and action films all day, it was awesome.” Skylar grinned, remembering that special day.

“Well, knowing Maya, I’m sure she loved that.” Riley laughed, shooting her best friend a smirk.

“Yep!” Maya nodded happily, “And after that, we hung out at the arcade and I beat her at every zombie game they had.” 

“That’s my Peaches.” Riley gave her a proud look, getting a wink from Maya. She was glad that she had taught her friend well.

“Hey! I beat you at air hockey.” Skylar looked to her girlfriend, a challenging look on her face.

“But I also beat you at all the racing games.” Maya told her, staring into her warm brown eyes.

“And I beat you at skeeball.” Skylar reminded her, smirking smugly.

“Only because the screaming baby threw me out of the zone.” Maya threw her hands into the air, emphasizing her frustration.

Skylar laughed, rolling her eyes at the blonde, “Excuses, excuses.” 

Maya opened her mouth to argue, but let her off with a shrug and pulled her closer to her.

“So Riley, you’ve known Maya for a long time, right?” Riley nodded, “Tell me,” Skylar smirked and Maya’s eyebrows flew up as she realized what was happening, “What’s the most embarrassing thing she’s ever done?”

At that, Riley smirked too, ready to tell the story that Maya dreaded the most.

“Riley, no.” 

“See, it all started when-”

“Riley, I’m warning you.”

“My dear friend, Maya-”


“Decided to-”

“Ring power.” 

“Awe, dang it!” Riley squinted her eyes at the blonde, “Why do you always have to play that card?”

“Hey, I’m not the one who got us these rings.” Maya shrugged, smirking at the brunette.

“Yeah, yeah.” Riley rolled her eyes before turning back to Skylar, “Sorry, can’t tell ya.”

“Ring power?” Skylar rose a brow, not understanding what the two best friends were talking about.

The two rose the hand they wore their ring on, “If you say ring power you have to do what the other one says, it’s a rule.” 

“Ohhh.” Skylar smirked again, “Interesting.” She then leaned closer to Riley and whispered something in her ear.

“What are you doing?” Maya asked anxiously.

Riley grinned evilly, “Maya, do me a favor and do that dance you used to do when we were seven.”

“Erhm, I…I don’t want to.” Maya grew more and more nervous after seeing the glint in Riley’s eyes.

“Ring power.”

“You two set me up!” She called out at her best friend and girlfriend.

“Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t, but now you gotta do it.” 

“I hate you guys so much.” She glared before getting up and dancing around like someone who had just gotten electrocuted.

“Nah, you love us.” The two said in unison before their eyes widened and they both yelled out, “Jinx! Double jinx!”

“Remind me again why I introduced you two.” Maya grumbled, rolling her eyes as she continued to do the dance for another two minutes before Riley allowed her to stop.

“Well now you’ve used up all my energy.” She glared, “I’m gonna take a nap, you two keep bonding or whatever.” She made her way over to Riley’s bed, “Wake me up later so I can walk Sky home.”

“Alrighty.” They said once more in unison, their eyes widening in shock, “Triple jinx!” They both broke out into fits of laughter while Maya let out an irritated sigh and slumped down onto Riley’s bed, face first.

Eventually, after their laughing died down, the two glanced over at Maya, seeing how the adorable blonde had already fallen fast asleep.

“Look at her, she’s so cute.” Riley admired.

“Yeah, the cutest there is.” Skylar agreed, as the two girls watched the sleeping blonde with something they all liked to call, ‘Hart eyes’.

Riley then turned back to Skylar, a soft smile playing on her lips, “Is she a good girlfriend?”

“Greatest I’ve ever had.” She laughed, knowing herself that Maya is her first, “Is she a good best friend?”

“The best there is.” Riley couldn’t stop her smile from flourishing, “Are you good to her?”

“I try my best to do well by her, she’s pretty special.” 

The look in Riley’s eyes said it all.

“Do you have feelings for her?” Skylar wondered. She didn’t sound mad or upset, she just sounded curious.

“Skylar, she’s your girlfriend.” Riley shrugged.

“But that wasn’t my question.” Skylar reminded her, “Do you like her?”

Riley looked to the sleeping girl then looked back to Skylar, “How could you not?” 

The shorter girl just smiled, nodding in agreement.

“But I won’t try to come in between you guys, I respect your relationship and I think you’d be really good for Maya, she likes you a lot, ya know.” Riley assured her, worried that the other girl would think she was some homewrecker or something, but that actually got a smile out of her.

“Don’t worry, I know you’d never do that. Maya speaks very highly of you and if she trusts you this much, then so do I.” Skylar smiled at her, “And I want you to know I’m not mad or anything, I’ve known Maya for a month and I like her a whole lot, you’ve known her your whole life, I get it.” 

“Ya know Skylar, you’re pretty cool.” Riley nodded in approval.

Skylar let out a lighthearted laugh, “You can call me Sky.”

“I was told that only Maya could call you that…”

“Yeah, don’t tell her.” Skylar sent Riley a wink, causing the girl to erupt into a fit of giggles.

“So you like horror movies, Sky?” Riley was curios, seeing as Skylar didn’t seem like the kind of girl that would like them.

“No, not at all.” Skylar shook her head vigorously, “But I knew Maya loved them so I thought it would be her perfect first date. I had my eyes shut for most of the movies we watched.”

By the time Skylar had to get home, she and Riley were laughing their butts off, chatting about anything and everything, and maybe making fun of Maya a little.

“You like puzzles, right?” 

“Love them. Maya always takes 20 billion years to finish just one.” Skylar rolled her eyes at the blonde, chuckling softly as she exaggerated a little.

“Oh tell me about. I’m always begging her to read romance novels with me and she always takes three hours to get through seven pages.” 

They both laughed, grabbing a hold of their stomachs as they laughed at their favorite little fierce amazon warrior.

Skylar smirked, glancing at Maya before turning to Riley once more and asking, “Wanna wake her up?” Gesturing back at Maya.

“Let’s do it.” The two got up and began to bounce all around the bed, getting Maya to grown out of annoyance.

“I hate you guys.” She murmured, rolling on to her back as they continued to jump around.

“Nah, you love us.” They grinned widely at her before they both let out loud gasps.

“If you say jinx, I will dump the both of you.” Maya warned them.

“Nope, you love us way too much to dump us.” 

“Whatever.” She sighed, knowing she won’t get anymore sleep with these two around. “Sky, you ready to go?”

“Yep, let me just grab my bag.” Skylar jumped down from Riley’s bed, grabbing her backpack and pulling it on to her shoulders. “Bye Riley.” 

The tall brunette stepped down from her bed and moved over to where Skylar was, “It was awesome meeting you.” She pulled her into a tight hug, hearing a soft,

“You too.” 

The blonde then started to exit through the window, “I’ll wait for you out here, Maya.” She made her way on to Riley’s small balcony after getting a nod from her girlfriend.

“You like her?” Maya asked Riley, now standing directly in front of her.

“She’s great. I’m so happy for you, Maya.” She pulled her into a warm hug, getting Maya to rest her head on Riley’s shoulder.

Whispering out a soft, “Thanks Riles.” Maya smiled, pulling away and pressing a quick kiss to her best friend’s cheek, “I love you.” before exiting through the window and taking Skylar’s hand in her own, starting on their tread home.

Riley smiled, her tilted to the side a little, watching the two blonde’s make their way down her fire escape.

She nodded, “Yeah, I love you too…”

Bad Reputation [BTS X GOT7]

a/n: okie, i’m actually very very excited for this series cause i for once have it planned out pretty well so hope you’re as excited for this as i am!!

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Genre: Angst

Part One //

Word Count: 2,631

Summary: One of them had a bad reputation, while the other was your best friend.

You started to curse silently as you continued your search for something good to wear. Wanting to wear something cuter than just jeans and a t-shirt had caused you to spend longer than necessary on completing what was supposed to be a simple task. 

Your phone started to vibrate, creating a rough grinding noise as it rubbed against your desk. Glancing at the caller ID, you immediately swiped green and turned on the speaker phone. 

“Y/N? Are you still getting ready? You said you would message me when you were done so we could pick you up but it’s been like over half an hour,” the deep voice complained and you scoffed at your older brother.

“Listen Joonie, I’m almost done,” you grumbled, finally deciding on a simple, neat top and a black skirt. 

“Good, cause we’re actually downstairs waiting.” You whirled around to look at your phone, marching over to snatch it off of your desk.

“Oh my god, once I get downstairs, I’m going to strangle you,” you growled, earning a laugh from him. Ending the call, you quickly slipped on the clothing, silently praising yourself for thinking ahead and already finishing your makeup and hair beforehand. Once you grabbed your purse, double checking that you had everything, you were off.

‘Thank god my apartment is only on the second floor,’ you thought as you carefully bolted down the stairs, being very mindful of the heels you were wearing, ‘Would’ve taken forever to wait for the elevator.’

As soon as you exited the lobby, you spotted the black van parked to the side. Pulling the door open, you were greeted by seven handsome boys. 

“God, you take forever,” Namjoon teased, which you returned with a swift smack on the back of his head. 

“You aren’t even ready,” you retorted, pointing at his casual clothing and no makeup face. “You really are in no position to question how long I take when all those stylists spend almost two hours on you.”

Some of the boys started to snicker at their leader as you clambered into the back seats. You managed to find an open seat beside Yoongi and Jungkook. Greeting both of them with a warm smile, you snapped the seat belt into place just as the car pulled away and headed to the music bank show they had scheduled for today. 

BTS was practically your second family since you had known all of them as long as Namjoon has and was in the same school and grade as Jungkook. They were all very welcoming and it didn’t take long for you to fit in. 

You spent most of the time at their dorm whenever they had days off since you often missed them, despite how close you lived to their dorm. Namjoon had been sure to snag you an apartment in walking distance of their dorms since he complained about how you would be defenseless without him.You knew that at the end of the day that Namjoon was just trying to protect you, the both of you always relying on each other. 

When your parents had been hesitant of Namjoon’s choice to pursue music and join Big Hit Entertainment, you had fully backed his decision. When he started rapping, you were always the first to hear the tracks. The two of you were so close that your relatives always teased you two about how you would never find one without the other. The both of you had been attached at the hip ever since you were young.

Due to the long ride, Yoongi had fallen asleep, leaving you to talk to Jungkook. 

“Ah, I’m nervous. I keep messing up in Save ME and I don’t want to disappoint the fans,” Jungkook confessed, turning to you for encouragement. It wasn’t uncommon- most of the boys came to you for this stuff due to how good of a listener you were- and Jungkook was your best friend so you dealt with this on a daily basis. 

“Aish, you’ve practiced so hard that I know you’ll nail it for sure. Just relax and get some sleep. I heard from Jin that you stayed up last night to practice. You know how bad that is for you,” you scolded. Jungkook always overworked himself and you wish he would care for himself better.

“Fine, you’re right. I’ll sleep,” Jungkook relented, nestling his head in the crook of your neck. “Goodnight~”

Thank god Jungkook’s eyes were closed because you weren’t sure how you would explain why your face turned bright red. It was just an effect Jungkook had on you.

Hoseok noticed the action and turned to waggle his eyebrows at you. You returned it with a frown, lightly shaking your head at him. 

You knew Jungkook wasn’t into you that way. He was your best friend after all, and if had any feelings for you surely they would’ve led to something else by now, right? The two of you had been best friends since before they had debuted, always confiding in each other for everything. If Jungkook had developed feelings for you, he would’ve said something.

A small part of you couldn’t help but be disappointed. It was the same part that would often entertain the thought of what it would be like to date your best friend and only made your life more confusing. 

Finally, the car arrived at the correct building, leaving you to the tedious task of awakening both Jungkook and Yoongi. 

Jungkook was no problem, a shove was enough to get him up, Yoongi was the real problem. 

You timidly approached Yoongi after tasering Jungkook awake. Jungkook had shot you a glare before leaving you to deal with Yoongi by yourself.

“Yoongi,” you called out, gently shaking him back and forth. No reaction. You helplessly look around to see if there was a kind soul that had stayed behind. No one was left, the whole van was empty besides the two of you. ‘Those bastards.’

Checking the time, you knew you had to be quick. Continuing with the shaking, you tried to convince him to wake up, “Come on, you can sleep while the stylists deal with your hair and makeup.”

After another few failed attempts at waking Yoongi up, you decided it was time for desperate measures. You were hoping that your awkward aegyo would be able to sooth the situation later. 

“Sorry, Yoongi,” you whispered before launching an attack on his sensitive sides. Almost immediately, Yoongi reacted to your tickling as his eyes flew open. 

“Y-Y/N!” he stuttered between his laughs, trying to swat your hands away. Once you had the confirmation that he wouldn’t try to fall asleep again, you sprinted from your spot and headed towards the buildings with Yoongi at your heels. 

Despite the slight lead you had on him, the heels were seriously dragging you down. The threats coming from Yoongi were enough to keep you from slowing your pace, even increasing it as you heard him approaching. “I swear, once I catch you, you’re dead!”

You let out a squeal, scanning around for where BTS’ dressing room was supposed to be. The manager had already guided the rest of BTS so you weren’t sure where to head. 

Just as you were about to slow down and ask an employee, Yoongi let out another threat and you continued to pump your legs to go faster and further. You took a sharp right turn, hoping to lose him first and then relocate when Yoongi was calm enough to not take advantage of your own sensitive sides.

After taking a few more random turns, you glanced behind you to see if Yoongi was still pursuing you. While you were distracted, you didn’t notice the guy in front of you, smashing straight into him. Luckily, he managed to hold onto you so you didn’t trip over him and land on your face.

“Oh god, I am so sorry,” you apologized, quickly stepping out of his hold and taking a bow. 

“Aha, no problem. It’s not everyday that a pretty girl runs into me,” he smiled, flashing you a bright smile. You returned the smile, scanning the boy to try and place who he was. 

“Well, it’s definitely the first time that I’ve run into an idol like that,” you replied, watching Bambam carefully. It was the first time that you’d met any of the GOT7 members, only catching Namjoon chatting to Jackson sometimes on the phone. Other then that, you had never gotten a chance to meet any of them.

“Oh, are you a fan of GOT7? What’s your name?” he asked. 

“Hm, not really. I’m BTS all the way. I’m Y/N, nice to meet you, Bambam,” you introduced yourself and Bambam smirked.

“Not a fan? Well, at least you know my name. I’m practically your bias from GOT7 then.” You laughed before remembering where you were supposed to be.

“Ah, sorry, but I need to head to where BTS’ dressing room is.” You paused, looking around. “Wherever that is…”

“Oh, I know where it is, if you need someone to guide you?” Bambam suggested, holding out his arm. You raised an eyebrow, but took his arm anyways. After all, you had no idea where you were.

Along the way to the dressing room, Bambam and you chatted and you were pleasantly surprised by how funny and charming he was. Maybe it was an idol thing, but his confidence intrigued you. He was interesting, to say the least. 

Once you reached the proper room, you opened it to see the seven dorks you had been looking for. 

“Looks like that’s my cue to head back to my own dressing room,” Bambam chuckled, ignoring the stares he was getting from the boys. “You better watch me while I’m on stage. I’m sure my performance will make you fall for me and then you’ll be an IGOT7.”

“Whatever. No promises,” you laughed, brushing off the wink he shot you before he sauntered away. You let out a giggle as you watched him purposely sway his hips before turning back to the other boys.

The boys were giving each other unreadable glances, eventually turning to Namjoon who stepped forward. “Y/N, I didn’t know you knew Bambam.”

“Oh, I just met him actually,” you smiled, taking a seat beside Seokjin. “I gotta admit though, he’s a pretty chill guy.”

“I don’t know. Just be careful with who you hang out with,” Namjoon warned, slipping into overprotective brother mode. You rolled your eyes before abandoning your chair to pull him into a crushing hug. 

“I know, mom,” you teased, happy that your brother still looked out for you. “I won’t do anything stupid. I’m just making friends.”

While you and Namjoon were embracing, you failed to notice the look Jungkook gave you after Bambam had left. It didn’t sit well with him, he didn’t want you to hang around Bambam. He wanted you to stay by his side.

“Anyways, you guys have to get ready so I’m just gonna take a nap. Wake me when it’s time for you guys to go!” Finding an open spot on the couch, you settled down and gave the boys one last grin before closing your eyes. All of the boys arranged their coats so that you had a makeshift blanket. With the warmth from their coats, it didn’t take long to drift off.

The music bank show finally came to a close and you waited patiently for the boys in the back stage area. 

You had been rudely awakened by Yoongi with the same technique you had used on him. Though it was fair, you still plotted out ways to get back at him. 

“Y/N!” You lifted your gaze from your shoes, locating who had called for you. Bambam came rushing out from one of the rooms, still slightly sweaty from his performance. “So, how’d I do? Have I turned you into an IGOT7 yet?”

You snickered at him, lightly pushing him, before replying with, “I’m not really convinced yet. You’re gonna have to try a lot harder than that, pretty boy.”

The rest of GOT7 appeared, obviously in search for Bambam. Once they spotted the both of you, they approached with warm smiles.

“Bambam, you didn’t tell us that you were going to invite a friend,” Jaebum chided after all of the boys had introduced themselves to you. 

“Oh, it’s cause I actually met her today,” Bambam explained.

“Aren’t you Namjoon-hyung’s little sister?” Jackson asked after recognizing you as the girl Namjoon had as his phone background. He had originally thought you were his secret girlfriend until Namjoon had cleared it up. With how much he talked about you- and the abundance of photos- Jackson had thought it was just a cover up story.

“Yup, that’s my bro,” you chuckled. 

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Y/N. I definitely hope we can meet again,” Mark winked, as most of the boys exited and headed for the van, leaving Bambam and you. 

“Here, let me give you my number,” Bambam suddenly suggested, already reaching for the phone in your hands. 

You pulled back, giving him a smirk, “Who said I wanted it?”

“Come on, we both know you’ll be missing all of this,” he gestured to his whole body, “So let’s just prepare for another meeting.”

Letting him take your phone, Bambam quickly filled in his contact details- even adding a photo of him before sending himself a text. “Alright, see you soon, Y/N.”

Something about his flirtatious attitude drew you in. You had always gone after shy guys and it never worked out. It had been a while since a guy had hit on you and it left butterflies in your stomach.

“What are you blushing over?” You whirled around to come face to face with Jungkook. His eyebrows were scrunched together, obviously upset over something that you couldn’t place. Maybe he had messed up? You thought he did perfectly on stage though.

“Nothing,” you grinned, your bright cheeks easily showing that it was more than just ‘nothing’. Jungkook lifted an eyebrow at the blatant lie. “Alright fine, Bambam gave me his number and I think he might be interested in me.”

“Listen, Y/N,” Jungkook started, his expression softening. “You might not know this, but Bambam doesn’t exactly have the best reputation around here. Rumors say that he’s not exactly the committing type,” he explained, trying to put it in the kindest way without outright saying that Bambam was an asshole. 

You frowned, crossing your arms. “Jungkook, you know I’m not one to listen to rumors. Look at all the cruel rumors that have been said about BTS and I’ve always stuck around to find out for myself.”

“I know, but Bambam is seriously bad news! I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Your hard glare softened at your best friend. 

“Thanks for looking out for me, Kookie, but I’m going to trust in my instinct and get to know him. He seems like a nice guy that I would like,” you mumbled, placing a hand onto his shoulder. You heard the distant call of BTS’ manager and started towards the van while Jungkook lagged behind.

Jungkook wanted to convince you not to go for Bambam, but he knew whatever he said would only add fuel to the flame. He just wish you would turn around and see him as a possibility. It seemed like you only thought of him as a friend while Jungkook was always agonizing over whether he should confess. He didn’t want to make things awkward and lose a beautiful friendship. 

‘Why can’t you see that I’m in love with you?’ Jungkook thought, watching as your figure grew further and further away. ‘Why can’t you love me instead?’

Me bc 4 years of fifth harmony😭😫🙃 Y'ALL MY BABIES ARE 4 YEARS OLD I CANT RN
side note: so did y'all see camila’s snap when she told us about Lauren their piano player? Well this Lauren was posting the ‘setlist’ which had voicemail, 1000 hands, bbw etc. All her snaps are just a black screen so im thinking its a fan who saw that the user wasnt taken & yah. Idk im rambling. Lol ALSO 7/27 TOUR IS TODAY YAAAAAASSSSS🔥🔥🔥🔥🌟🌟🌟🌟✈️✈️✈️✈️