What am I? || Zoe && Nick

Finishing the heart pillow she had sewn all morning, Zoe stood from her bed and began to clean up the tools she had out. Nick was coming to hang out and she definitely did not want to show off her messy room. It was a pretty creative, colorful room. Always little gadgets on the floor and bed. She was a very busy person, so messy was an understatement when it came to Zoe. She hid her basket of sewing items under the bed and pulled out her big fin mermaid outfit she had worn 2 years prior. A mermaid was what she had dreamt of one day becoming. It was of course impossible for this to happen, but she was a dreamer and told people that she was a mermaid, not a human. So, as her quirky self began to put on the green bottoms, she heard the door. He was early. But definitely okay with her. Maybe it was better to show him another way than to spring it upon him when she opened the door. Skipping to the door, she swung it open and smiled her usual bright smile. “Nickey Mouse. Glad to see you. Come in, come in.”