ok so there was this post talking about how boys love flowers too and no one ever gets them any or like cares,,
SO we were doing awkward icebreakers in class and i decided to ask the guy next to me what his favorite flower was (half expecting him to say wut idk??) and he looked at me with a huge smile and said sunflowers and i think we should all just raise awareness that boys like flowers too

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(i don't know if you have done this before but..) NCT 127 Reaction when their girlfriend is too short and can't kiss them.. Thank you. i love your blog

A/N: Thank you^^ Enjoy


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*teases you for eternity*
He’d legitimately find it hilarious.
He likes to feel superior in instances like these and would tease you, both with his words and actions. He’s also a proclaimed perv-
“You may not be able to reach my lips, but you can reach something else.”


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He’s such an angel.
He’d think it was a bit humorous, but would ultimately bend down, patiently awaiting your kiss.


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*sends you a fake kiss*
He’d joke and act like that was it, but wouldn’t fight at all when you tug on the strings of his hoodie, pulling him down. He’d chuckle a few times before apologizing [bc he is one of those ppl who apologizes for everything].


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*most definitely makes himself taller*
This ass would stand taller, mocking you playfully.
His facade wouldn’t last long, he’d swoop down, caressing your warm cheeks gently.
“Is this what you wanted?”


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*simply watches in amusement*
Does nothing but watch you struggle. You might get the vibe that he’s judging you, but he’s not, he’s just appreciating the adorableness.
He’s very pliable tho and would let you do whatever, even pulling on the collar of his shirt so he can meet you half-way.


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*thinks it’s super cute*
“You’re blushing-”


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He’d react very much like Yuta, but he wouldn’t be as ‘mean’.
He’d think it was totally cute and like Johnny would give into you.
“You’re so cute”


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*a mix of Yuta and Johnny*

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If he was feeling in a super cuddly mood [he alternates between cool bf to cheesy bf a lot] he’d squat to your height, doing the work for you.


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*sighs while trying to hide his grin*
“You know what this means right? It’s a sign we’re not meant to be together…”
He’s such a prankster, he’s 100% joking, but likes to tease you anyway, don’t worry, he’d surely give you what you want, after teasing you a bit more of course.

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What kind of foreplay would NCT like ;)

I’m not going to do them all in one post because that’s too many- but here are a few! [This is just my opinion & this is only foreplay, cumming not included.]

   Sensual Massages
   Love bites
   Love bites
   Teasing Touches

   Strip Shows
   Teasing Touches
   Heavy Petting
   Dirty Talk

   Strip Shows
   Dirty Talk
   Dirty Talk
   Teasing Touches

   Heavy Making-Out

   Love Bites
   Sensual Eating-Out

Lover - Nam Joohyuk (M)

A/N: This is so short, but I felt like posting it- not realistic at all
- Admin Finn

Word Count: 289


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You awoke to an unusually needy lover.
Joohyuk planted gentle kisses over your exposed skin, his hands wandering beneath the sheets.

He smiled charmingly, his gentle whispers and eager hands causing your cheeks to flush as he recalled the events of last night.

Your back arched softly as his slender fingers trailed over your folds. Slowly, he parted your folds, penetrating your core with two lithe digits.

“Look at that-” he remarked, his skilled fingers spreading your essence.

His member throbbed at the erotic sight. He removed his hand, instead using it to guide his length to your gleaming entrance. He pushed in slowly, stretching you. He made it only half-way in before be began to shallowly thrust, clutching your hips. Your cheek pressed to the silken sheets, your back bowing before him.
His knees dug into the mattress as he pulled your tired form back to meet his shallow thrusts, grunting. He soon sped his pace, his hands gripping your firm ass as he drove into you aggressively. You gasped against the sheets, the mattress lurching with every powerful thrust. Your drowsiness disappeared, a wanton moan leaving your lips.

“I’m almost-”

You were cut off as your orgasm tore through you. Your frame trembled as you called out to him in a gasp.
Encouraged, he pulled out, quickly pumping his slick length.

“Shit!” he cursed, his release spurting from his throbbing member.

You felt his warm seed, slowly sliding down the curve of your back. Joohyuk grunted your name, thrusting into his hand before stilling and letting out a shaky breath.
You closed your eyes, regaining your breath.

The shrill sound of your alarm sounded, breaking the serene silence.


“I wasn’t supposed to spend the night-”

“I like it when you do,” he interrupted, making your heart constrict.

after seeing Markiplier’s play through long ago of Bendy and the Ink Machine, I
really liked how modern time took back the classic artsy cartoons and reincarnated them, much like Bendy! hes so cute and i even found a song about the game, and i fell for Bendy REAL hard, idk wut he is (he looks like the devil), but hes adorable~ <333


Know Your Limits - Jennie (M)

“Can you maybe write a smut about jennie from black pink from a guys perspective in which she is very very dominant”

A/N: Okay you brat
Ah, this is kind of shitty, but I hope it’s decent. [sorry I got a little lazy and she’s not super hardcore dom]


Word Count: 814

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Her fingers combed through your disheveled hair, her sharp nails dragging along your scalp gently. Her gaze trailed along your form, settling upon your parted lips.
Quietly, she withdrew the laptop from beneath your limp hand, carefully closing the screen and placing it on the bare nightstand.

It was nearly midnight, the dim clock beside the bed slowly ticking away.

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You’re Lying - Jaehyun

Requested: I love you. Thank you for creating such beautiful writing 😭😭😭 Anyways, would you please do a ten or Jaehyun angst where you find out you’re pregnant then wanted to tell them but they then tell you that they want to break it off with you. MAKE ME CRY WOMEN. No rush. Btw, love youuyu

A/N: in my defense, idk wut this is-
I sincerely hope you cry, but Admin Kay is better at angst than I am-

Word Count: 573

You threw the plastic device into the trash bin beside you, your hands trembling as you lifted your shirt slowly.
You let out a weak exhale, the thought of pregnancy having never crossed your mind. You glanced at the vomit in the toilet bowl, closing your eyes in realization.

A knock on the bathroom door awoke you.

“What are you doing?”

Frantically, you snatched the pregnancy test from the trash bin, shoving it into your pocket, immediately regretting the decision as the damp tip bled through your jeans. Hurriedly, you flushed the toilet, grimacing at the sight.
You swung open the door, pushing past Jaehyun.

“Answer me” he snarled, blocking your path.

For the past week, Jaehyun was unusually aggressive, constantly paranoid.
His odd behavior drove distance between you two, his hurtful words and sharp glares making your heart shatter.

“Why does it matter?!”

You pushed past him once again, intent on crawling into your bed.

Another knock sounded, both of you directing your attention toward the front door.


Your brows furrowed as an eccentric squeal sounded through the door.

“Who’s that?”

Swiftly, Jaehyun marched toward the door, not sparing you a glance. You followed him, curious who it was.

“Not now!” he whispered harshly through the ajar door.

“Who is it?”

He slammed the door, locking it.

“A stalker.”

“You’re lying.”

You could see his calculated actions, the unnatural words he spewed made no sense.
He crossed his arms, growing defensive.

“I’m not.”

“Who is she?!”

Tears welled in your eyes at the thought of him with another woman.
He gave his answer as he remained silent, his unreadable gaze making you fume.

“It’s like that then-”

Sorrowful tears burned trails down your flushed cheeks as you turned from him, knocking a glass from the counter.
Frustrated, Jaehyun gripped your elbow, yanking you from the pristine glasses upon the counter. His grip was bruising, making you wince.

“Don’t act like you-”

“I’m pregnant!” you interrupted.

He shook his head, wincing at the thought.

“You’re lying!”

You wrenched your arm from his grasp, pulling the positive test from your pocket, shoving it into his hands.
He immediately inspected it closely, gawking in dismay as he read the result. He pursed his lips, his nostrils flaring.
You flinched as he suddenly threw the device at the wall, dismantling it.

“You’re getting an abortion” he sneered, pushing past you.

“No, I’m not!”

“We’re over- and so is that thing” he remarked, slipping his shoes on haphazardly.

“You used to love me!” you sobbed, changing the topic.

“I used to.”

“What did I do?”

Your lips trembled as you awaited an answer, your heart quivering pathetically.

“Nothing. You’re nothing but a whore, you only wanted me for my money, you never loved me” he spat.

“I did, I do!”

He ignored you, slamming the door behind him as he left.

Your hand trembled as your nimble finger hovered over the ‘delete’ option.
Your eyes stung as you glanced at the selected photos, Jaehyun’s warm smile beside you making you let out a muffled cry. His bright eyes and loving nature of the past making your heart throb erratically.

“Forget about him” a voice sounded from behind you on the bus.

You looked over your shoulder hesitantly, the kind smile of the stranger setting your heart at ease.

“You’re too pretty for him anyway” the man chuckled, brushing his bleached tresses from his eyes lazily.

He Doesn’t Love You - Rowoon

Best friends w/ Seokwoo

A/N: idk wut this is, just a mashup of like multiple stories bc I wanted to make something for Rowoon-
maybe I’ll make a part 2 someday w/ smut

The atmosphere was tense.
You gently stirred your steaming coffee, accidentally letting your spoon hit the rim of the pristine ceramic mug once again. Seokwoo gave you a stern look, swiftly reaching across the table, wrenching the silver spoon from your grasp.

“How was last night?”

Your small hands embraced the warm mug, a gentle sigh escaping you.


His brows rose in surprise, his gaze questioning.

“I was too nervous,” you admitted.

He adjusted himself in his seat, resting his elbows upon the wooden table, clasping his hands together, encouraging you to continue.

“We were going to-” you hesitated, your gaze quickly darting to meet his own.

He smiled gently, unclasping his large hands, instead forming an ‘o’ with one, pushing his index finger through the small opening. You quickly slapped his hands, cautiously glancing around the small café. He laughed heartily, reaching for his glass of water.

“It’s not funny!” you hissed.

He ignored you, his plump lips forming a quirky grin.

“He was upset,” you added, your shoulders deflating.


Seokwoo’s gaze was once again serious.
You nodded, sighing gently before bringing your mug to your lips.

“Give me your phone.”

Your brows knit together at his monotonous tone.


“Trust me.”

You pursed your lips, his stern tone making you succumb easily.
You nudged your phone toward him. Your gaze turned expectant as the screen lit up, awaiting a passcode. He unlocked it swiftly, making you gasp.

“How did-”

His glanced at you, as if the answer to your partial question was obvious.

You stared at the dim screen.

[“We’re over.”]

A hand grasped your elbow, gently guiding you through the crowded subway station.
You looked up sharply, wrenching your elbow from his grasp. His pace faltered, his jaw clenching.

“W-Why would you send that?”

“You know I’d never do anything to hurt you,” he began, “I did what’s best for you.”

“I love him-”

“He doesn’t love you.”

He held your gaze brazenly as the train pulled into the station.
He sighed deeply, gesturing to the train that called loudly through the station.

“If he loved you he wouldn’t have gotten angry you didn’t want to fuck-”

You held his sincere gaze, meekly lowering your gaze.
You were irritated he acted so brashly on his own, yet you knew his words were true.

You awoke to a heated argument, your dreary eyes glaring at the door in irritation.

“Fuck off!”

“You’re an ungrateful bastard-”

Swiftly, you opened the door, gasping in bewilderment.

Seokwoo murmured your name quietly, his dark gaze slowly meeting your own.

“He cheated on you.”

You looked to your boyfriend expectantly.

“It was only once-”

“Leave-” you heaved, your heart clenching painfully.

He looked at you in disbelief, throwing the bouquet of roses to the floor menacingly.

Seokwoo’s features softened.

“May I come in?”


He sighed, sticking his foot in the doorway as you tried to slam the heavy door.

“You caused all this! Can’t you just leave me alone?!”

You were bewildered by your sudden outburst, avoiding his scrutinizing gaze.

“You’re hurt,” he answered, “I can’t leave you alone.”

You sniffled quietly, frantically brushing the warm tears from your cheeks.

“I’m fine.”

He thrust the door open, enveloping you in a warm embrace.

“I’m sorry.”