“The Lab Coats Three: Shiomi Seminar Team, ESTABLISHED!”

Idk whyyy but I love them together soooooo muchhhh, they are so funny and cute together, and don’t worry Hayama, I still love u Spice Boy 💖 (bEiNg CrInGeY lMaO 😂)

OOF- I have decided that I am not gonna be a Shokugeki no Soma/One piece Account anymore! Because I already have Instagram for One Piece, my username is @ nixo.robin ! So give me a follow when u love Instagram! ❤🌼

I really like bruised Yoongi so much, it’s so hot just thinking he gets to a point where he just kicks your ass, even if you kick him just as hard, to just get blows in is all that matters, like why is that hot?? IRL i would be so turned off bc that would lead to other problems, but Yoongi just doesn’t fight over any little thing, it has to be something impactful enough for him to get up & punch someone