i need to clarify this all for u okk i was kinda vague in what i meant with this whole thing. 

so what i meant by “recolor blogs need to go away lmao” i was referring to recoloring blogs run by non asian people. many recoloring blogs (run by non asian people) firstly don’t recolor the whitewashed fantaken pictures correctly and secondly many (idk why) can’t tell the difference between a pale picture of an idol or a white washed one. when these recoloring blogs find those pale pics they immediately assume that its whitwashed and will “recolor” it back to what they think this idol’s skin tone should look like and its really gross to act like you know what that idol’s skin tone looks like (when you aren’t an asian person) and assume they have x skin tone color especially when their skin looks pale due to lighting or makeup.

tl:dr; dont make a recoloring blog if you aren’t east/s.east asian

- admin bbh