I qualified the entrance exam for a college which is really hard to crack and out of approx 4 lakh applicants, I got all India rank 46, so yay!!!

Maybe I’m intelligent or maybe others aren’t that intelligent🤓 ( I prefer the former though, hehe 😅) 
I didn’t even prepare for this one. I bet even the universe has no clue how did I get through this(?)🙃

Once upon a time,
There was a beautiful princess,
Who found herself under an evil witch’s curse.
But one day a charming prince rescued the princess,
And they lived happily ever after.

The girl wasn’t a princess;
The witch wasn’t evil;
The prince wasn’t charming.

Once upon a time,
There was a beautiful girl
Who fell in love with a witch.
But one day a jealous prince killed the girl,
And no one lived happily ever after.
—  As The Story Goes | E.W.
nya’ll mind if I

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If there’s a bison miraculous it should go to Kim, just saying… cause he’s bi and he’s my son

tpoh ends with rgb taking her back to her house in the early morning, standing with her as she admires the sunset
he extends a hand to hero for a handshake
she takes it but yanks him forward into a hug 
rgb is initially hesitant but hugs her back, and lifts her into his arms where she has a quick sob before falling asleep
he carries her to bed and lays her in it where she begins to dream 
he quickly moves away but before leaving he notices the pictures on her wall, one of them depicting her in a suit of armor 
he smiles 

when hero wakes up a few hours later she rubs her eyes and finds her hands are now sticky with some kind of coloured liquid 
she jumps down from the top bunk and finds paint drops all over the floor, most notably yellow and blue, leading to her wall of pictures 
on one of her pictures, someone has painted a man with a tv for a head standing next to her 
she smiles and starts to cry a little, the liquid on her face now dribbling down her chin, and goes to the bathroom to clean herself up 
hero looks in the mirror to find a big pair of glasses and bushy mustache painted on her face yellow
she smiles and laughs


A stress relief comic based on this idea by @klanced because I love it to bits and i wanted to be super self indulgent again

Please excuse any inconsistencies regarding how the voyager records work etc! I’m bad with this kinda stuff and this is really just a stress reliever

okay though like re: the ian post about amethyst’s character development: shouldn’t the fact that there are enough people pointing out that amethyst’s arc wasn’t given full closure, significantly enough people for you to thrust a fanmade analysis at them to defend the canon, prove in and of itself that her arc wasn’t given a solid, strong resolution in-universe

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Calligraphy drafts #1

Hi y’all! so I do calligraphy.

I am going to start posting more of my work, and I actually do commissions!

If you want any calligraphy done (these are rough drafts, not my really clean professional ones (hehe)) just email me at:

I just made this stuff up. Was trying to have some fun with their names!

Also, this is my temporary post for Adrinette Month!

I’m so behind, but I had these, so why not? :)