As I’ve been cleaning, I’ve been thinking about the kind of companion I’d like to see in Doctor Who. I’m still withholding judgement on the new one and hoping that what we saw in the season opener isn’t actually the companion we’re getting.

I’d really like to see someone who is too afraid to live. Someone almost broken, someone who fears her - or his - own shadow and is constantly terrified of letting down the people s/he loves. Not necessarily someone who has been wickedly abused, which is what that could read like, but someone who is so timid, so painfully shy, that she can’t even consider what it means to be alive and to be human.

Since Nine, the Doctor’s companions have been teaching him how to live again. Every single one of them has shown him another way to embrace the world. The best way to be sure you’ve learned your lesson is to teach someone else. I’d love to see the Doctor do that, teach a person how to face the world with all its glories and horrors.

Is Eleven the best person for the job? Maybe not. We’re still seeing Ten’s a god am I breakdown from The Waters of Mars in Eleven, who sometimes thinks it’s okay for him to do whatever he wants. He can make all the rules and break them just as easily. But maybe that’s what Eleven needs - a person who can teach him restraint while he teaches that person that living isn’t something to be feared. Both could learn something profound in that, and I think it would help instill the show with something it has lost.

So I have to go to some fancy dinner that my aunt and her fiancé are having before the wedding and I’m nervous cause I haven’t had to wear a skirt or dress since I was like 10 (18 now lol) and I just feel so uncomfortable in them and I’m gonna be a paranoid nervous wreck later at the dinner and then there’s the actual wedding tomorrow uuugggghhh I know I’m being really stupid about this but it’s just giving me a lot of anxiety and shit 😣

Putting the ‘Various Artists’ section in my iTunes on shuffle has to be of the stranger things I’ve ever experienced. Disney soundtracks, every “Punk Goes…” out there, a million different soundtracks and a healthy serving of Broadway.

It just went from the Sound Of Music soundtrack into the Punk Goes Pop version of Love The Way You Lie and I was startled.