thoughts on the new rbw group vromance

i dont know what peoples thoughts on the new “little brother” group of mamamoo vromance are but personally i really like them. im really a fan of pop music revisiting old styles of music and i especially like vocal focused show tune/broadway like music. like i usually dont like broadway type singing but the instrumentals are really good. theres just something about pop music that has elements of broadway show tunes, classicial music, and jazz/swing music etc thats really refreshing, especially in the kpop scene.

that being said im not sure theyll be that much of a hit within todays kpop fans. i feel like the audience theyre trying to appeal to is obviously a mature audience in their late 20s+. a lot of kpop fans nowadays are preteens and young teens. vromance’s ages range from 22-27 and theyre not “””conventionally attractive””” and they dont do any dancing from what ive see so far. their concept is very classy and mature.

vromance is just about the complete opposite of rookie groups debuting in kpop today but i really really hope their music reaches the younger kpop fans so theyre forced to focus on singing and music at its core. with other groups young fans will get so tied up in the members looks and performance (which is all good and well) but they tend to ignore the most important part, the music. i really hope vromance can succeed in opening peoples eyes to, just, classic singing and music and instrumentals since that seems to be the only thing theyre focusing on in their debut.

edit ALSO i think its rly important that a member of vromance is 27 and just debuted. its never too late to pursue your dreams guys

Idk why but can someone critique this drawing that i made??

even tho this is nothing ppg alike i just wanted some advise.

for y'know. Art improvement?

the guy on the drawing is LeafyIsHere tho.

The hand is a little weird in my opinion (but I too suck balls at hands so no room to talk). The open eye seems a little displaced and I don’t know where the light is coming from to determine shading but it’s a very cute style overall! Keep working at it! - Mod Dean


Dirty laundry and love notes - A Jimin ff pt.1

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Here it finally is. i took forever i know but i wanted to make it perfect. i made the first chapter a little shorter to see if you guys like it. please let me know ; - ;

You fold the last shirt from the pile of clothing while humming along to a song on the radio. You place it on top of the rest of the freshly washed clothes. As you zip the bag they were sitting in close and put it next to the cashier.
You had been working at your moms laundrette for as long as you can remember. It was a family business that was starting to run better and better. And now you finally finished school a few weeks ago you were able to work full days.
“(Y/N) – ah! Can you iron this shirt for Mr. Yun really quick. He is in a hurry!”
“Sure mom!” you answer as you run to the back of the store with the very expensive looing shirt.
You always liked to imagine stories around all the customers. This man was probably a business man who was running late for a important meeting. He probably was in a bad mood because he couldn’t pick up his favourite coffee.
With that thought in mind you finish of ironing the shirt and hang it over your left arm.
“here you go sir, please enjoy the rest of your day.” You say politely as you hand the man his shirt.
He nods and leaves the store with a satisfied look on his face. It always made you feel good if a customer left happy. It reassured you you did your job well.

As the clock shows it’s 8 o’clock you get ready to close the store. You carefully let the key slide into the lock. But before you can lock it a smile comes running towards you. Without hesitation you open the door for him. He came by almost daily after his schedule ended. He always made sure you washed his clothes, you didn’t understand why he wanted you to do so but you did as he pleased. After all this time of him visiting the store you had developed a little crush on him. Even though you only knew his name and what clothes he wore. He had this one pair of black boxers that had a hole in the side. You were to shy to point it out. Although you’re sure they were way to comfortable  for him to throw out.
He steps inside as you greet him.
“Hey Jimin, what time will you pick them up tomorrow?” you ask.
“Around 9 am, will you make sure it’s nice and clean like always?”  he says as he hands you the bag of close he was holding.
You nod and take the bag from his hand.
“Bye (Y/N) see you tomorrow!” Jimin closes the door behind him and steps back into a black car that was waiting outside of the store. You twist the key so that the door is locked and close the blinds that were hanging over the window next to it.
“(Y/N) -ah! Come eat dinner!” Your mom commands before you get the chance to unpack Jimins bag of laundry. You make your way upstairs to join your parents at the dinner table.
“who were you talking to?” your dad asks a little annoyed.
“That boy. You know with the black hair. He was on tv a few nights ago remember.” Your mom answers for you.
“He might be an idol but 8’o clock is 8’o clock so close the store the next time. This is the last time I’m telling you.”
“Yes dad.” You say as while stuffing a piece of meat in your mouth.

It was around 10 pm when you finally finished doing the dishes. You sneaked downstairs to wash Jimin his clothing. Carefully you walk down the dark stairs that lead into the store. The light switch was at the bottom of them so you had to make sure you didn’t fall down and trip while making your way down. When you reach the last step you feel around the wall and flick on the dimmed light. That was just bright enough to see what you were doing.  You walk over to the table you placed his bag on and start to divide the clothing, Black, white and colour. You were carelessly singing along to a song that was playing on your phone when a small piece of paper drops onto the ground in front of you. You stare at it confused and not sure if it was your business to read what was written on it. After contemplating what to do with it your curiosity wins. You reach for the note and fold it open. You get even more confused and a bit dumbfounded after seeing what was written on it. A winky face? Why was this in here? Was it meant for you? If not why did he have this? While laughing to yourself you fold it back together and slide it into your back pocket trying to get it of your mind.

Just as you fold the last pair of jogging pants Jimin runs into the store. You smile at him as a sign he can come over to you. You place the pants in his sports bag and hand it over to him.
“I used the Fabric softener you liked the smell so much of.” You say.
“Ah thanks! How much do i owe you?”
“25000 won.”
He drops 40000 won on the cashier in front off you.
“It’s good like this, keep the rest for yourself”
“You don’t have to do this.”
“But i want to!”
You smile shyly back at him. It wasn’t the first time he tipped you. He did it pretty often but you still hadn’t found a way to react properly.
“Did you get my note?” He suddenly asks causing you to blush.
“Looking at your reaction you did” He says and grabs the bag of the counter.
“See you tomorrow.” He adds and … winks at you.
Yes that note was meant for you.

hey guys im gonna go away for a while. ive been having a hard time lately & i keep blogging abt it and im tired of sad shit on my blog like. thats not why i made this blog. this is a happy fun place. and if i end up doin smth i regret i dont want u guys to remember me bein all mopey u kno i want u guys to remember me bein sideburns fucking goofy shay not sad boo-hoo-poor-me shay u kno. u kno i always say ‘yanno’ but i dont even kno, idk why i expect u guys to kno smh. but yah. idk. im sorry. ily guys. thank u. bye bye.

…damnit guys, look what you made me do! I didn’t need to start rereading part of Fade today. I know what happens in Fade. Why am I reading Fade???

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Ooh, also I have a vague memory of Jhonen once saying on a blog somewhere that Nick specifically asked him to aim it at older kids- but then they marketed it to younger ones and rather predictably failed to get the ratings. BUT. I may be confusing that with some utterly baseless statement by a random person that I saw on TVtropes so

That is also a possibility I would say sounds plausible!  Because IZ is very obviously not…for the littlins.  I was never really able to pay attention to its marketing very much because I was away from home at college most of the week at the time, didn’t have cable TV in my dorm, and never really saw any ads, but…  It’s my understanding Nick never seemed to really know what they wanted to do with the show.  At least, based on the fact that they DID continually pull it at the last second to put on other shows instead, and constantly moved it around in the schedule.  That, I did notice, because I was always on the lookout in TV Guide and the newspaper tv programming guides for when it was supposed to be on.

What WERE the ads like, even?  I’ve heard of ones aired before the show was premiered where they’d start off like a regular ad for something else but then Dib would interrupt to “warn” the viewers about the Alien Menace, but I never saw them or really any other ads aired while the show was actually on TV.

Ah omg ;_; im finally gettign around to listenign to som sad songs yu guys recced nd like
Even tho som of these dont make me feel sad at all? Its still rlly….nice to gain insight ig
Its jst like th post i made ab insp blogs fhhfhd idk why its….nice nd sad nd somehow comfortign? Seeing what songs make other ppl sad? Nd weepy?
Or if they dont make me sad im like….think ab why would make ppl sad….nd its rlly…bittersweet ig

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May I also request #19 with Ota please? *embarrassed chuckle*

I’m pretty sure this prompt was made for Ota. Which is probably why this escalated very, very quickly. :-) like seriously this ended up being M rated read at your own risk i didn’t know this was going to happen

He’d had a streak of inspiration, spending days on end in a self-inflicted lock down, masterfully composing piece after piece. She’d finally had enough, after nearly a week of coming home to an empty bed, and decided the best way to go about freeing him from his own muse was to drastically storm his work space.  

It worked, possibly due to her catching him off-guard, accompanied by a lilting, “Aw, were you worried about me?”

They’d finished their meal, and now she was content to just spend some much-needed time in his arms. She rested her head against his shoulder, smiling out of pure contentment. 

“I want to paint you,” Ota comments, absentmindedly stroking her hair as they lounge.

She looks up at him, questioning. “But you’ve painted me before?” it comes out as a question, leaving her to recall the last time he decided to transfer her image onto the linen sheet. She had looked beautiful, certain that she had never looked quite like that in person, but overwhelmed that his vision of her was so inflated. 

“No,” he grins, eyes dancing, “I want to paint you.”

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 tagged by @switchgal to do a bias moodboard. thanks for tagging me!! ok so I made this moodboard a while back that’s why there is a picture of me and since i’m a lazy ass I don’t want to fix it lmao

I tag @zeusmayo @elftaeyong @nct-daddy @fritoyixings @dongbunny @hyungpaochicken @curlyjaehyun @cutaesol @jaehyunsdick @jaehyun4u @nct-longassride  you guys don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!!

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I went to the beach with my guy friend and his lil bro today. They were going in the water (i couldnt bc i had blood flowing from my crotch) and eventually he had to take off his shirt bc it got soaked. And he was kinda hiding his body saying that he had love handles but honestly they looked so cute. He plays water polo so he's really athletic and idk why but, as someone who struggles a lot with body image, the fact that i found someone else's flawed body attractive made my day:-)

this is so sweet! and i totally get what you mean, i think everyone struggles with their body image to some degree, but it makes me feel a little better when i remember that x

sleepover saturday

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Also I love Taylor so much I have been such a big fan of hers and Kanye didn't have the right to record her at all but idk I kinda see why he's mad bc I guess mayb she made him feel like the bad guy and everyone thought he was the bad guy so now he is trying to flip the narrative.Its still not right tho

i think they’re both in the wrong tbh like i love taylor but instead of continuing to defend herself over him calling her a bitch she should’ve just admitted that she made a mistake by agreeing to the song in the first place. Kanye shouldn’t have recorded the call without her permission and he should’ve played her the track before releasing it. They’re both in the wrong.

OK I stayed up until 3 AM to finish my damned 3.2k destiel h/c fic that involves lots of wet Cas, towels and gross sappy stuff. I also made a photoset for it with a manip that is not very good but that I actually kind of like.

So yea - need to edit tomorrow with a clear head and then I’ll post it. Hope you guys will like it x.x


TMNTloveheadcannons CONTEST

So this is Just an Idea as the Video says. If you don’t like this idea then tell me in the Inbox please, send some suggestions, you might have better ideas than I do.

So here is my Idea for a Contest.

Since I have made you flustered and swooned with my headcannons and my hot scenarios that you guys asked. Why not Fluster me? How? Well let me tell you.

I totally have a favorite turtle and his name is Leonardo, the leader in blue, 

Originally posted by mayavich

you have no idea how much he makes me flustered with all these headcannons.

so maybe you can fluster me with stuff of Leonardo, ooorrrr with me and Leonardo which would get you more points.
like a Fanfiction or Picture. OOOORRR if you want to make a Video of Leo with a nice sexy song lololol idk but sure :D

so here are the rules.

~SO Anybody who is under 18 DO NOT DO ANYTHING NSFW Especially sexual theme’s that is final if I find out that you are younger than 18 and you had a NSFW content in the contest then I will disqualified you. It does not have to be Sexual it can be something adorable and fluffy I am all for that shit.

~it does not matter what Version of Leo, the only ones I will allow is 2k3 (2003), 2k12 (2012), and 2k14/16 (2014/2016)

~you can do a fanfiction oneshot, Drawing, or Video I will post an example too.

~Like at the top, You can Do some fluff like ya know huggles kiss’s, for a drawing oooor Fanfiction.

~for a video it can looks something like this.

~once you post it tag it by #tmntcontestheadcannon in the Tags, it will be easier for me to find it.

~Note I will do a reaction video of this contest reading your stuff, and as well as looking at your art and videos :D

Any questions please ask thank you :D

So I don’t want to be so unoriginal as to say I want to necessarily be Bitty, but I definitely would love to be more like him. Realizing I liked guys took a long time for me for a multitude of reasons, but when I did realize it, since it was so late, it made me feel like I could change myself to someone I’m more happy with. Masculinity is definitely a prison and I’m not saying that you can’t be gay and masculine, but realizing that I like guys broke me free from it and Bitty has kinda been my inspiration. Once I realized that I don’t have to be super masculine as a guy, I really opened myself up to changing who I was to something I wanted to be. I never really had a fashion sense, always was afraid to be anything that threatened my masculinity, and was generally kinda bored with my own personality. So when I became open to change was right before I read Check Please! and seeing Bitty made me realize who I wanted to be. I loved his fashion, his sweet personality, and damn who wouldn’t love to be friends with a baker? I’m not saying I’m copying him, be Bitty has given me so much inspiration because it felt to natural to be like that. Honestly I’ve just been much happier since I realized I was bi and said good-bye to these harmful expectations of masculinity. I feel much more natural and like I’ve finally found myself. And so many thanks to @heartheshells and @pdaplant for being there for me and helping me find myself. I’m really starting to love my life wholly and its great.