Why do you make me....feel....

Less than nothing at all….?
Idk why I answered u….i don’t…..
I can go days without talking to u,weeks actually since it’s been over a month since I MADE PLANS TO C U,and it’s been since July since U made an attempt…..
Why?why can’t u actually do what u had told me for so many years…?u wanted a freindship…now u…..walk past me every day….
U don’t bother to text me…..u don’t bother to Idk want to c me,u say"oh go to the doctor Cus u aren’t sleeping"
Ya im NOT sleeping Cus of YOU DAMMIT
I haven’t been sleeping for MOMTHS but u would KNOW THAT IF U ACTUALLY MADE AN ATTEMPT

I don’t need another person like my dad…..he once didn’t talk to me for 6 months…..I was fine with that,I don’t need you.
I’m fine. It’ll b easier to try again..
Cus at this point I am gonna try soon….

SKAM observations from a person straight up only watching S3:
  • Please explain to me why Even is so pretty.
  • Sana is my best friend
  • You know how u see a bunch of gifsets about something and you feel like you know what a character is going to be like? And then you watch the show and you’re like oh wtf i was so wrong? That’s me re: Isak.
  • EVAN SAYING NAS IS HIS FAVE. see above sentiments
  • When Isak said “Whatever” in English, it shook me to my core. Every time they say something in English for no reason it SHAKES me idk why.
  • This show really made me go into an existential “what is it like to not be a native English speaker in this English dominated world???”
  • That little boy was googling shit straight uP in English, do you think I ever google things in Spanish? Like if I’m not getting the right answers about being gay in English I’m not like “hola google, ¿cómo puedo saber que soy gay??”
  • Literally can someone explain why this braless Bio teacher and her  nipples are on this screen but her face never shows up.
  • how come that teacher doesn’t get told to put on a sweater like i see her entire boob through her shirt. both boobs, even. 
  • how can this show afford to use so many popular hip hop songs like i just wanna talk to their music supervisor

okay hear me out: Neil as underwear model like

  • at some point he’s in a team that has a publicity deal with idk Nike and they have to wear Nike shoes
  • and Neil is pretty chill with that so when another clothing brand is like “hey we want u for publicity” he agrees
  • first it’s chill too bc he gets free clothes and Andrew is glad he’s not dressing like a hobo
  • and Neil is glad he doesn’t have to go shopping
  • So this keeps happening and he starts to get dragged into more clothing deals bc he looks really great and sales go up
  • Nicky calls incredibly excited the first time he sees Neil in a non exy magazine
  • He’s an example of casual sports outfit done right and every single fox thinks it’s hilarious
  • even andrew finds it ironic and mildly amusing
  • things obviously scalate to ridiculous levels and mafia gets involved bc that’s a given in aftg stuff
  • and next he gets offered a fashion photoshoot
  • and that’s not as chill
  • send free clothing for me to wear? nice
  • tell me when to wear it?
  • weird but okay, Allison does that too so
  • but actually posing with clothing and getting photos taken??? 

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ToppDogg Reaction

It says on ur blog reaction requests are closed but u made a post about them being open so I hope this is ok Could you please do a topp dogg reaction/scenario with what kissing them would be like (including jenissi) because I love them so much!!!!

I’m sorry about the confusion but here you go! Thanks for requesting this btw cus I love topp dogg sm too^^

P-goon: Idk why but I could see kisses being really fun and cute. Like he might just suddenly kiss you while you’re talking just cus he can.

Originally posted by jjeonghoshi

Jenissi: I think Jenissi would kiss you very sweetly. I may be the only one that thinks this tho But like you two would be on the couch and he’d just stare at you for a sec and then kiss you.

Originally posted by shoyeonji

Hojoon: I can see this being shy and sweet. Like several quick pecks one after the other or maybe just one really meaningful kiss.

Originally posted by nabiso

Sangdo: I think they’d be passionate but shy/nervous kisses from Sangdo. Like, it might be kinda awkward at first but once you two actually kiss, every bit of love would come out.

Originally posted by sehyuk

Nakta: Short and sweet. Maybe you two would be out on a date and you’re looking at something cute and you look up at him. Then he leans down and kisses you quickly before telling you how cute you are.

Originally posted by kidohgangdol

Hansol: I think Hansol is the type to kiss you when you aren’t paying attention to him. Like maybe you’re studying or cooking and you’re so focused that he resorts to kissing you to bring your attention back to him.

Originally posted by mancrushallweek

B-joo: I see B-joo being cute when kissing you but the kiss itself would be kinda long and passionate. but idk anyone that would care lol

Originally posted by kidohgangdol

Xero: I can see this being kinda sweet but teasing at the same time. idk if that makes sense. He might kiss you sweetly but pull away suddenly and walk off just kinda leaving you there in shock.

Originally posted by sehyuk

A-tom: Soft and lingering. It may be just me but I think A-tom would be the type to pull you close and kiss you softly, letting his lips linger for a second.

Originally posted by jihoops

Yano: He’s the maknae but I don’t think that’d show in his kisses. In my mind at least 50% of kisses end up with you two making out. Idk why that’s just how I think of it But the other 50% would be cute and loving.

Originally posted by jihozh

IF u guys were wondering, which i know you weren’t but that’s fine and im gonna tell u all anyway, this is the framing that made me cry the other night during a rewatch and why i decided to sorta analyze it more

(this is not an emotional scene, my tears were literally only because of the way this shot is framed)

film ramblings under the cut so that this post isn’t COMPLETELY pointless

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anonymous asked:

R u not friends with steph anymore? She posted on Instagram she was going through a hard time, I'm assuming with DR. If u guys were such great friends why didn't u stand up for her? I just always thought you two were such great friends especially after the video she made for you and everything... idk I'm sorry if I'm totally out of line and u were helping her behind the senes, but just seems like u dropped her as soon as u weren't together. Still love u though!

Yes you are out of line.

Please never assume anything about anyone’s life based off an online presence. You see 10% of my life. Me and steph talk all the time, however we live on opposite sides of the world so no we can’t take photos and videos together…

That doesn’t mean someone isn’t my friend just because I haven’t posted a photo with them in while. Steph was going through a tough time over the past few months, being trashed by certain people online and I’ve done my best to support her and be there for her. She has come out stronger and wiser and I am very proud of her.

I didn’t talk about it on here much because I didn’t feel it was right to draw attention to the horrible things that were being said about her, we both tried to just ignore that hate. Instead I went directly to the people that were bullying her and tried to make it stop.

I know you didn’t mean to be rude and as a viewer you want to know what’s happening but… when people assume things about my life based on, their option. It kinda bugs me.

If you watch my videos I hope that you get a general gist of the kind of person I am.. and maybe just maybe you guys can sometimes give me the benefit of the doubt…

anonymous asked:

Ok 1. I LOVE ur outfits for Hermione especially the blouses, ughh! 2. I also love that u made the change to black hermione idk why but good on u? 3. Have u seen this going around it's a bit diff than what u normally give her but I thought it was rlly cool lookin still birdsy-purplefishes(.)tumblr(.)com/post/139678773599/my-first-thought-was-is-that-hermione-and

yeah, I love Imaam, and here I have a huge h&m store nearby full of her photosets so I naturally took some details and vibes from her appearence. thank you!!!

manalissasgf  asked:

one day some cishets are truly gonna buy into the ace jokes and try and test u with the mogai initiation "what's ur favorite cake icing" and you're going to be as panicked and weirded out as i was as a twelve year old girl when people would ask me which of the jonas bro is the hottest. that's my fact. bc im a medium. u owe me 3$

the other day I made a post that was like “I’m ace and idk why gays love lady gaga” and some ace messaged me and was like as a fellow ace I love her I didn’t know what to do so I straight up blocked them absbs so I’ve already been through it all

anonymous asked:

Top 5 hated characters!

*rubs my hateful little hands together* oh yes

- ash (from the anime……i just don’t like him. idk why but it started from the first episode and hasn’t stopped)
- tracey (anime again….he’s really not that bad of a character but he replaced brock and that made me sad)
- faba (i don’t really hate him but i do hate the fact he’s so easy to beat for a team ‘admin’)
- mohn (seems like a shit father if u ask me, and there's i hate more than dads that are absent when they absolutely know they could go back and care for their kids….like its one thing is u can’t go back, but mohn? bitch get back on your boat and help your KIDS)
- hau’s father (see above ^)

anonymous asked:

why is the b99 hiatus so long? this has never happened before so why now?

idk if you’re asking this in a “why did this happen to us” way or a “im legit confused dafuq is going on???” way sO either way:

B99 is on “mid-season hiatus” right now to make space for The Mick, a new show I do not know anything about and do not care about either. I don’t know who made the call to push b99 aside in order to air this show while many other shows are airing as per u-sh. Did they think we were a patient audience???? Did they ask all the FOX shows “Hey who has the coolest cliffhanger episode ready rn we suck at scheduling and this new show’s gotta air right now immediately” and B99 was like “we run someone over with a bus” and they were like “PERFECT okay b99 is out bc the other shows just aren’t on the same level of soul-wrenching suspense”

And that’s probably exactly what went down in the annual conference for all the FOX shows to talk about stuff

But this is still unfAIR bc what did we do to deserve this pain???? I mean why can’t FOX just push out some other show that no one cares about?? FOX News for example??

Bruce Wayne u lil shit

@dewylook1 sry this took so long to do.. ily thanks for tagging me!!

hogwarts house: i took the pottermore quiz in middle school and im prolly still ravenclaw
favourite colour: any muted + warm toned neutrals
favourite animal: moon jelly theyre so squish
average hours of sleep: like 3 on weekdays and 15+ on weekends
favourite fictional character: maybe yuri katsuki?? im all abt the chubby cheek crybaby life
number of blankets i sleep with : one but she thicc ;) omg d!e also unrelated but 7 pillows
dream trip: tbh any trip with my friends is fine.. i want to go to china and not visit relatives for once but idk its so selfish
when i started this blog: ??
follower count: no i dont do math
why i made this blog: teen angst.. why does anyone?? ok

im tagging: @klaha, @zhenzhunaicha, @dilaygent im so bad at tagging if u want to do it just message me and i can tag u it will be our secret

maenie  asked:

What's a Bea and why does it go to the gym

IT ALL STARTED LAST SEMESTER! My brother would always…always go to the gym for about 1 hour - 2 hours (idk how he finds the time…must be because he doesn’t need to take additional lab courses like I do T_T) and seeing his transformation sort of…inspired me?? like he wasn’t happy with his body and used to eat pizza every week #collegelife and wanted to change so he made that change! I’m super greasy I always find inspiration in my friends and family as u can see

that being said I wanted to go to the gym to better myself and be healthier! I am also trying to eat healthier and take care of myself because last semester I would literally skip meals and sleep at ungodly hours (I still do LOL) and I wasn’t taking good care of myself and I wanted to change that!!!

IN ADDITION!!!!! I also heard being active helps you focus more and i get so distracted LOL

sproutystudy  asked:

i'd love to see a masterpost for more study apps!! really vague i'm sorry but omg have an amazing day pls! (br)

ooooooo thats an Idea! i had quite a good day! im actually feeling happi atm (wtf is this emotion) so thanks!

url: its actually so cute oml i love it
theme: super cute minimalist! and the colour matches ur icon its so cute i loVe
original content (include ur tag if u want):
advice?: u dont need any,,,, perfect!
recommendation: i was gOIng to say trc but it looks like u have already read that, so idk i recommend u check out my raven cycle weheartit and also a playlist i made lolll #promo also my hp whi are pretty rad 
overall comment: literally why arent we best friends
following?: no sorry my dear // i am now!! // yesss // actual fav