why did i do this? i don’t know

does the discourse drain you? are you full of nice things that you want to share? are you looking for positivity and support? look no further my friends


what you get

  • cool friends
  • a cool gc
  • original content reblogs and stuff
  • cards against humanity games (maybe)

the deadline is august 15


finally updated my sona! with a new outfit (til fall/winter) and also included her scar this time! (and her teeth)

anonymous asked:

I finally returned to wifi and civilization so here's the new MTL dangerous list: #1 Seokjin (if irl Jin is a princess then ur american reality one is the queen), #2 Taehyung (I feel like he's really chaotic neutral tho??), #3 Jungkook damn, #4 Hoseok ofc, #5 Yoongi (now that I think about it, he's kind of a chaotic neutral too??) #6 Namjoon (my boy made it!!!!), #7 oh Jimin. also, idk why but I feel like Tae and Hoseok have a conflict looming to determine who's the best rival to Jin bc wow yes

I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE ALIVE!!! WELCOME BACK!! :’) i missed ur ranks fam. also i know how painful life is without wifi, but u made it!! 

LOL @ JIN ALWAYS BEIN #1. but damn, u rite fam, hoseoks been taking a back seat and needs to have a comeback. also tae is def chaotic netural lmao 

and yoongi literally just whispers death threats at his members so i agree he’s #5. BUT NAMJOON > JIMIN LMAO omg poor jimin. his thumb comment didnt even count. Jimin the bottom, forever.  my poor jiminnie. maybe he’ll make a comeback but he’s so pure, such a smol pure cinnamon roll can he even handle being savage

i could ramble on and on about beta dr for hours homestly idk why i just. like it a lot i think they made a mistake changing it so much it wouldve been so cool

idk why im being accused of stealing stuff rn?? i made my own psds and credited the templates i used, and was inspired by no ones work.

you'd best never forget
 this worthless pride of mine.

[07.20] - Happy bday to my favorite piece of space junk ♡