its the little things ♡

*sings a whole new worlddd* lol ill shush now but really aww such a sweet flashback

alsjdlfas idk why but this scene caught my attention as well because i could just picture victor leaning in and stealing a kiss or two or three?? ;3

ahhh just so delicate and pure and i love it

this as well im like awww hes using victor as support so cutely 

lol when yuuri got like pouty x3 hes like come on victor lets have some fun

like so pure

so sweet


aww he wants to prepare hehe

besides me hehe

aww serious victor not taking the hint haha

one of my most favorite parts though was this 

he notices and takes care of yuuri so much my heartt cant even begin to describe how much i love that alsdfjl

bonus hehe even now he was like uhh what just happened? lol

Yay the picture is done. Hope I didn’t disappoint, but boy, do I really hate doing clothing.

Anyway, Levi deserves so much better and ugh. Idk why he’s so sad. Maybe he lost his squad again. *backs away into shadows*

Feel free to use this picture, in whatever the heck that may be, but pls give credit to me.

okay so i just’ve finished one of my commission and then


this crap happens

have i tell u guys that i ship UK x Esp so much ;;;;;;;

they need more love yeah

and idk why he turns spain into nyo!spain ahahah

bleh just enjoy it 8″D


i hope u guys enjoy this happy family picture 8″D

anonymous asked:

love your art and your replies. One question tho, why do you colour Jimin so dark ( skin tone ) i mean

Thank you so much. Well idk the thing is that there are photos where they White wash the members ( literally all of them) and I took a picture of jimin and sampled the skin tone ( midtone). Also, if I were to draw him whiter, it wouldn’t be that milky color that some people do ( in my opinion I wouldn’t use it cuz ya know, jimin’s actual skin tone is golden ish and I love it) and it’s their art and I respect it and I still love it. :^)

jhopesfatgf  asked:

for the kpop asks: all even numbers!

2: Who was your first bias in ______?


4: Least favorite group?

i think its blackpink maybe?? idk i love their song but i don’t stan them so that much :(

6: Favorite duo?


8: Your favorite K-drama?

cheongdam-dong alice!!

10: Last group you started to listen to?

momoland, their music its so cool, i really liked it lol 

12: Favorite picture(s) of your bias(es)

that pic is one of my favorites, srsly

14: Favorite era?

gfriend - me gustas tu!!

16: How many k-pop songs do you have on your phone/ipod?

idk, im using the spotify now :(

18: Tell me about your bias. Why is s/he your bias?

i fell sincerely in love with haseul but my ult is eunha :(  i don’t know the real reason, but I think it was her silly and natural personality…….

20: How did you get into k-pop?

I was on youtube when I found a video of wonder girls, more specifically the nobody mv..

22: Favorite performance?

snsd - the boys on mama 2011

24: A group you never thought you would ever listen to?

nct lmao

26: Do you own any merchandise?

yep, 30-40 cds and some posters……..

28: Ever heard about _____?


30: An unpopular opinion about______?


send me kpop asks

falling-evans  asked:

THAT LAST BAD BOY!WOOZI HAS ME SCREAMING. BOI I can make a fic out of that. Honestly my ult is Mingyu but Woozi is giving me too many Looks lately I even feel bad. But yeah, your little imagines are amazing.

Badboy!Woozi is my weakness, deary. I beg you to make a fic out of it ;A;

Wanna know something weird ? I’ve actually been getting a lot of Mingyu feels lately because of 1. his black hair that makes him look hella fine and 2. that V-App broadcast he did where he was cooking because Mingyu cooking is a wonderful concept to me. Also, lately I’ve been focusing at him a lot in Seventeen’s group pictures. Idk why I’m like this. You should control your man tbh, just saying xD

Anyways ~ I always appreciate the love and support for my imagines so thank you so much for reading and liking them ^^

- Admin Leen

kellin quinn appreciation post

ok so here we have kellin quinn trying to be badass and not giving a fuck. applause.

and here we have kellin smiling with a beanie on top of his head and he def should put more beanies on his head bc cute af

i love this picture so much because i love his smile and you should too because it’s a blessing from above

cool (((((((((;

(more under da tab)

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I almost forgot to post my absolute favourite pic from Calgary Expo, this kid like pretty much made my whole weekend.

I saw him standing near a booth with his mum, and I was admiring his cool proton pack when his mum noticed my costume and urged him to turn around. When he saw me, he got this huge grin on his face and said, “Medic! I love TF2 that’s so cool!”. Then after the picture was taken he fist bumped me. It was awesome.

Also there was another kid who was slightly older who saw me, and he got suuuuper excited and took a selfie with me, and then he gave me a big hug :) Medic is just a loveable class I guess haha

I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again. If I were to ever run into Danneel and Jensen instead of running to Jensen and fangirling I would run over to Danneel and tell her how much I love her. I feel like meeting Danneel is like finding a rare pokemon. When even Jensen and Danneel are out people always take pictures with Jensen. But here I would be practically ignoring his existence and asking her for a photo. I love them both so much, but I could always save up and go to a con to meet Jensen. But with Danneel I can’t. 

Why people don’t take pictures with her….idk….but JFC I am jealous of those who have been in the same area as her.