why is everyone making fun of spark? i’m??

listen, i’m team valor but i personally like spark the most. everyone assumes that it’s like:

candela: i’m the strongest
blanche: i’m the wisest
spark: idk i guess i find things easily?

but honestly? do you think he became a team leader by being a complete idiot? really? if we’re basing them off of the qualities that each team represents (valor - strength, mystic - wisdom, instinct - instinct) it could be argued that team instinct is the most well rounded out of the three and that could make them the strongest… no offense valor, you know i love you.

sure you can be strong. that’s awesome! strength is nothing to sneeze at. and it goes without saying that wisdom holds a huge wealth of knowledge. but you can’t survive on those individual things. you could probably survive on instinct alone. in a situation where the three leaders were out in a dangerous area, candela would argue that fighting first and asking questions later is the best way to go about things. blance would argue the opposite–first you must figure out which tactic to employ against your enemy before implementing your strongest pokemon. spark would say, “i know we have to fight and fight hard, but you’re fucking insane if you think that being out here in the open like this is what’s best. we should retreat and go from there.” and that might save their lives

i’m just? you can have fun and not be an idiot. you can make jokes and not be stupid. you can smile and laugh and not be foolish. they’re not mutually exclusive.

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This is a weird ask and I'm sorry to bother you but I'm kinda looking for some advice. My self inserts OCs always start as me but they very quickly stop being me? Like they just become their own character and that's not always a bad thing but I just want a self insert to actually feel like me? I don't know how to either a) make an actually decent version of me because all the ones I've tried to make are trashy bc I'm gross or b) make a self insert OC who kinda still feels like me. Got any tips?


As someone whose self inserts are typically literally herself, I would say to maybe make your self inserts very true to your own physical appearance, and give them an altered version of your own upbringing and backstory that suits the context of the setting you’re inserting into.

And like it’s always fun for me to consider how I, personally, would interact with other characters, given what I know about how I interact with real people! It’s fun to imagine what so and so character would think of this trait about me, or the way I talk, or how I feel about so and so subject. 

One thing I always find really fun is imagining how my personality would influence the environment and characters around me, rather than everything characters influencing me as much. Of course, considering your self insert would likely have grown up in the setting, you do have to adjust some things about yourself to fit the world, but you have impact on the world, too! 

These are just some of the things I think about… if you need more help, let me know! And if you want help with specific stuff, feel free to ask! I like figuring out character stuff so I’d be willing to give some feedback~

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seb's pupils are a source of Great intrigue to me.... why they so big.... is he high all the time??

dude. omg. i thought i was the only one who noticed this. it seemed to happen a lot more when he was younger? idk

i’m no eye expert, but half the time he has bright lights on him and even THEN his pupils are huge. was he high??? turned on??? we just don’t know

So I saw people doing this lil mun intro thing so I just eH WHY NOT AND AYYY-

- I’m Kai, I like volleyball and pretending I can art lmao.
- Best girl is Rin ok.
- I literally just started askblogging so I guess I’ll get better over time.. ?
- My art is not that good since I’m a fetus lol how can I even hold a stylus.
- Love live ! Is my reason of being ok I had a damn heart attack when Honoka started jaywalking like that uM-
- My favourite Vocaloids include Gumi, the Kagamines, IA, Fukase and like, idk Miku lol.
- I aim to be great trash someday.
- Be my friend I am a lonely doggo.
- I love Haikyuu more than cringy ten year olds on
- My hair covers like my entire right eye lmao I’m blind bye.

yikes ok ive been meaning to do this for a while but im really bad at stuff and anxiety is mean and idk this is the first time its really difficult for me i guess? but im. coming out as transboy. like. please dont treat me any differently im still super nice and stuff please don’t think im gonna be any different idk i jus.t im scared about this i dont know why im scared but im scared and my dysphoria has been getting 10x worse and its getting to the point where i want to die everynight and i feel like coming out might help and im really scared to do it because what if people dont think thts ok!! what if people think of me differently im so scared ohmygfod

but yeha i’d prefer the name emiliano, emil for short and he/him or they/them pronouns i guess hhhhahhhg fckf im so scared i dont know why god im sorry

i guess i just don’t get why people will defend Fenris, Zevran, and Dorian tooth and nail when fandom calls them just tanned white people but Sebastian, a character that isn’t well liked at all, is more debatable :/


woke up this morning (orrrr yesterday morning actually) with a little sore and dry throat that i thought was just a normal effect from sleeping with my fan on. i felt perfectly fine at work until about 11AM when i developed a migraine and my slightly sore throat became one that felt like i was swallowing something sharp. idk why i felt so guilty for calling the rest of the afternoon off. i’ve always been like that. i could be dying, but still feel bad for calling off bc i feel like i’m letting my co-workers down or don’t want them thinking i’m just trying to get out of work -.- anyways, in the end, i don’t regret that i did though bc i was notttt okay since i was experiencing a migraine, a sore throat, chills, and nausea. the chills are freaking annoying bc i’ll be super duper cold one second and wrap myself up in my robe and 2 layers of blankets but then i’ll get super hot like FEVER hot the next second. my hypothalamus is very confused. i slept a total of 13-14 hrs yesterday and was taken care of by my mom like i was 10 years old again. timmy came over to visit me at night but i’ve just been sleeping while he was watching his show up until now, the next day. currently still feeling like shit, but the only thing i’m thinking about is how i didn’t get to pokehunt last night lol 🙃

but pls plSss plsss i pray this sickness subsides!!! i’m hoping it’s just one of those sicknesses you have for a day and when you go to sleep and wake up the next morning, everything is alright. every day is crucial leading up to the OAT, and today was just a complete waste of one…….


annnnnd idk why i’m writing this since i haven’t posted about my day in the longest. i think life’s been so boring lately with me working and studying that this sickness is the most eventful thing to happen to me in awhile and i just wanted an excuse to write something harhar bye

Idk why people call out Ponyboy for crying???

Like he only cried three, maybe four times??? Plus he’s only fourteen??? And going through puberty shit??? And this is was in a period of two weeks??? And his parents literally just died so he has to deal with that??? And his best friend just killed someone??? Then died tragically, trying to save kids??? Then his other best friend died tragically as well??? And then the court or whatever is contemplating splitting up what little family he has left by putting him and Soda in a boys home??? I mean, I would be crying a lot too??? Do ya’ll not have souls??? Like don’t get me wrong I know it’s a joke most of the time??? But I’ve seen people who are actually srs about him being weak or whatever???

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I saw this post about Annabeth and how she feels like mortality is a disease & it was v interesting to me. When Luke and Thalia literally found her in the trash, 1 of them had to tell her that her family didn't understand her bc she's special and I'm not sure who it was. Was it Luke when he still looked up to Hermes? was it Thalia bc that's what her mom told her to explain why she is the perfect mortal? Was it Chiron bc Annabeth was a wreck? Idk, I'm just wondering who gave her this lifeline.

idk what post you’re talking about but that does sound very interesting x 

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Will you tell us the story about why Mr. Steven said you wouldn't amount to anything?

so third grade would mean i was like 8 (2006 i think?) which was when i started playing runescape and me being a fucken nerd wanted to play it all the time including school but they had the site blocked ?? idk why its  Obv educational.. but one lunchtime i asked the teacher if he could log on with his acc because “i needed to print” or smth but when he typed it i watched him put it in and memorised his password so that i could play rs lmao the reason he said i wouldnt amount to anything is bc me, being the most altruistic person to live, gave out his pass to everyone who wanted it and he found out and got mad and also caught me playing rs Multiple times… anyway sorry for making u read this long ass story that barely explains shit

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honestly idk why but ive always loved the type of boxers that gerard wore for several years (like the kind in that picture you reblogged of the white/black striped shirt). its just So Good and they're So Attractive, im dead.

wait you mean,



because idk man, it looks like he just saw that the tighty whities were on sale at target and bought one of every color and then wore them for 3 straight years

the first crush i’d ever had on a girl that i can remember was on this cute australian exchange student in fifth grade. i didnt realize it was a crush at the time but looking back it was. her name was abequa (i think? something like it) but we all called her abby. she sat next to me and i remember being so excited bc i sat at a table w all boys and she was the first girl in my table. i felt so superior and excited. the new girl would sit next to me. we passed notes a lot and talked about dogs. i never used to pass notes but i did w her. her accent was so cute. i still remember the way she’d say certain words. ofc everyone else in the class wanted to be her friend. i didnt get as close to her as i would have liked. she stayed for a long time before she had to go back. i remember she was from melbourne and still to this day when i hear of melbourne i’d think of her. i wish i would have asked for her number or smth. i didnt have a phone at the time but i should have. its been so long. i just think abt her some time, wonder what she’s up to. how nuts would it be if i saw her again. she probably wouldn’t even recognize me. maybe that’s a good thing.