idk if people have the same opinion as me, but I almost feel as if having a crush on someone who turns out to not be the one God has for you, is such a waste of time… like, idk… why did I have to go through months of liking this one person just to figure out that they aren’t for me and that I wasted a load of time obsessing over them? I feel like crushes are useless sometimes dude

SO, i’ve been really busy with work and just life in general so i haven’t been able to get to all the asks in the ol’ inbox! however, i’ll try my best to answer all of ‘em today after work, so there’ll be a spam of asks incoming later! (this would be a good time to blacklist the ‘ask’ tag if you only wanna see content i reblog, also a good time to send in asks if you want to!)

i need to talk about the labels for sexuality for a second lets discourse

so like people who go label-less~ i respect a lot bc ya its a legit way to keep urself safer than saying ur lgbp+ also what r labels but words n stuff that we align w experiences and some people legit dont like having that pressure and stuff like i know i get anxiety over labels a lot so i get those reasons to go label less 

…but i always have this anxiety when i meet someone who likes their own gender or more than 1 gender and they say they’re label-less .like  i hope they know that every time anyone meets a new person they  are pretty much automatically pegged as straight like this is a label iMPOSED on ppl by default   while that is likely safer than being out as lgbp+ it still pretty damn harmful on another level

like really point is youll never hear a straight person say they ‘dont like labels’ unless its like a response to ‘what are we?’ when asked by the person theyre dating (if theyre dating) so it just kinda breaks my heart a lil

idk wot r yalls thoughts


Hello perf blogs. 2013 will end in a few days, so I decided to make my first follow forever. This is also a list of the blogs I really love because they all are precious.

I just wanted to thank all these lovely people for making my tumblr experience a great one.

I wish I could talk to you guys but I’m a lil shit and very shy askjasjkdfg.

The urls in bold are my senpais and the ones in italic are the blogs where I’ve reblogged/liked the most. Sorry for my bad English btw.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love you all!!! <3

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