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my name is felicity!! which is funny cause i've never met some one with the same name but now i know there's a alpca with my name.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pLS FELICITY IS SUCH A COOL NAME HI FELICITY!!! <33333333 yEAH OMG me and my best friend Abby have matching alpaca friends and i asked her what i should name mine and she was like “hmmm felicity” and i was like “NICE” so that is how she was named!!!! 


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michael and geoff going to a drive in movie theater with a pick up and they have all these blankets and shit in the back and they cuddle as they watch the movie and it turns out that the movie is suuuper boring so they start to make out

and at first it’s nothing too sexual just them laying next to each other and making out, but then michael pushes at geoff’s chest and throws his leg over geoff, straddling his legs. and he bites his way down geoff’s jaw and over his collarbone, hands finding their way to geoff’s belt as if it’s second nature to him (lbr it is when they find themselves like this 89% of the time), but before he can get to the goods someone honks at him from the car behind them and immediately after another person leans out of their window and yells something about enjoying the show they were putting on. michael, of course, flips them all off but climbs off of geoff and lays back down next to him. geoff tells michael that the next time they come to the drive-in they’ll have to park in the very back.


Ayy i decided to post some pics from tampere kuplii :p ((anskuxxx as rose, the short friend doesn’t have tumblr))

ok but if zayn left one direction bc he wasnt happy performing and being in the spotlight how come hes going solo so soon like i just read somewhere he’s set to release stuff like this fall idk man this is feeling a lot like its less about his own personal sanity and more about just wanting to go solo which is cool and stuff like dude do what u wanna do w/ ur life but just be HONEST ABOUT IT

oikawa tooru:

but no you’re right, he almost hit kageyama that one time which clearly makes him evil!!11! he obviously felt no remorse whatsoever, and kageyama was clearly traumatized. oh wait.