Okay so since I uploaded it onto YouTube and it says that it isn’t “available in our country,” I decided to post it here on my Tumblr for those who do want to watch. I felt like shit when I wasn’t able to watch it on my other account—I’m really sorry for those who aren’t able to. I want people to enjoy it but YouTube is cock blocking us. I honestly just need to find the audio then maybe YouTube would let me upload it again (?)

I own nothing but making of this video.

D. Gray-man Hallow OP Lyrics
Key -bring it on, my Destiny- by Lenny Code Fiction

Tag Meme

I was tagged by seriously one of the best and kindest people ever @parkjiminbiased <3 Thank you so so much!

Rules: Answer ten, than tag ten

Last movie you saw: Fifty Shades of Grey (my friend wanted to me to see the unrated version, so I finally was able too :P)

Last song you listened to: Ngl Megan, I totally jammed to “Cheer Up” by Twice so hard rn because it popped up on your blog *_* Bless your music shuffle omg!

Last show you watched: An anime called “Orange”, it’s so good!

Last book you read: I’m currently reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer and I really enjoy it so far! I couldn’t put it down last night. It has an interesting concept so far.

Last thing you ate: A chicken tender? I think? And a kiwi lol. The weirdest combination of foods if you ask me. 

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: At a spa getting a massage. I’ve always wanted one and my back, side, and neck have been extra bothersome lately. Ah, I want a massage. Tae where u at?

Where would you time travel to: To the past when my grandma was still alive and my sister and I always talked about writing down her stories, but we never really did…I really regret not doing so. 

First thing you would do with lottery money: Oh my gosh, give most of it to my family bc they’ve done so much for me and they deserve the world and more. And travel with them. I want to experience new places with them :3 Also have Korean BBQ more often am I right @carrotjiminie? *_*

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Tomoe - Kamisama Hajimemashita <3 (first person that came to my mind haha)

  time right now: 12:41 AM!

I now tag: @mychemicalvixxen @ti-aa @barbieomoviegeek @aubco27 @kyungsushiroll @moan-yoongi @rodell2017 @annabellapls @a-mand-olin @miilktae :) I need to say this more, but you all really don’t have to do this! I’d love to see your answers if you do though :3

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Hey! Just watched new ep and while it's subtle, Seth is struggling. Kate's ''death'' Is killing him due to guilt, loss etc you name it. He's jaded/tired and seems to want out. Now would he really leave Richie for El Rey? Time will tell. I feel like from here on out it's going accelerate rapidly in terms of feelings coming to the surface regarding sethkate. I don't mean romance as such, but something big is coming. And when he sees kate/amaru and then kate/kate the boy's gonna loose his mind! :)

i agree with you, anon. right now, all i can think about are all the reasons seth wants out, to die alone on beach, etc… is because richie is gonna have to watch him age and die, and he doesn’t want that, but he doesn’t wanna be a culebra either. he’s tired of losing the people he loved. he never wanted to be a collector. and he still doesn’t trust the culebras, and i can’t blame him for that, they took everything from him. he’s tired, and the only thing that keeps him going is richie. but he and richie can’t have the same future anymore and seth knows it.
but think about it, when he finds out kate isn’t dead, that he can actually save her. maybe that’s gonna be the thing that gives him hope. hope for a future. a future where he isn’t alone on a beach. a future where he can actually be happy. and he’ll fight for this future, he’ll fight for her.

u kno how artists do streams?? imagine streaming u writing and ppl watching u write like on the one hand it sounds so dumb and boring but on the other u get to watch someone create a story! ud get to see the process behind it! and on the flipside the author could get feedback while they’re writing it! instead of posting it and all the critiques coming in too late, ppl can give u input as its happening so u dont have to alter everything when u find a plot hole too late or etc like idk it just seems neat in theory

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Are you going to be selling any other Dan and Phil keychains or just their heads? Either way I want to buy something I was just wondering.


So far these are the only other things I have besides dnp pixel faces. I don’t really know what others to do so. 


Hello perf blogs. 2013 will end in a few days, so I decided to make my first follow forever. This is also a list of the blogs I really love because they all are precious.

I just wanted to thank all these lovely people for making my tumblr experience a great one.

I wish I could talk to you guys but I’m a lil shit and very shy askjasjkdfg.

The urls in bold are my senpais and the ones in italic are the blogs where I’ve reblogged/liked the most. Sorry for my bad English btw.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love you all!!! <3

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harry and louis furniture shopping
  • louis:so harold are we done here? got the tables and chairs?
  • harry:yup
  • louis:carpet?
  • harry:mmhmm
  • louis:bed and mattress?
  • harry:of course
  • louis:lights?
  • harry:no need
  • louis:no nee-- harry why the fuck not??
  • harry:bc your light is enough to outshine the stars
  • louis:
  • harry:
  • louis:
  • harry:
  • louis:im moving back in with me mum