yo yo yo I was tagged by my babe Kelli
australiancupcakefarm to post 5 (more) random facts about myself. 💖
sorry not sorry, ppl.

1. I love milk. I could drink like five cups a day with no complaints.
2. Despite fact #1 and the abundance of calcium that must be in my bone marrow I broke my right wrist when I was a child by flipping off an ottoman. I still have the cast.
3. I was actually born in Virginia and for some reason Ohioan children seemed to think that meant I was some kind of hick who ate squirrel when I moved here???
4. Surprise surprise I’m super big on travel and I’m so so stoked to be able to go to France and Lebanon and Japan and the UK and Mexico and South Africa and just EVERYWHERE someday.
5. I never really get nervous or worried about anything and tbh the only thing I used to freak out about was school finances but it’s w/e.

I tag stillstreet and reelbearmedia I guess

it’s extremely trying to be around others who do not understand nor try to understand the battles you fight every day even when you’ve sat for hours and explained in detail just what it is that’s breaking you down.

Honestly I’d like to get an inspirational quote tattooed somewhere, I’m thinking that animal crossing quote I reblogged on my left wrist maybe