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I just came across your tumblr at almost 2am in the morning and proceeded to screech because iT IS SO BEAUTIFUL OML and you are now, without a doubt, my favourite artist :3 I was also wondering if you would mind drawing some Vrisrezi if you have time? I don't mind which quadrant or even if it is in a quadrant, because I guess I'd just like to see them drawn together by someone who has such an amazing drawing style! Thank you so so so much in advance, if you do draw it c:

ahh thank you so much! idk why they came out so cartoony i’ll redraw it one day again but i hope you still like it

also vriska is trying to pretend to be a spider tickling her but it just looks like shes about to full on body slam her im so sorry

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Do you know any good books to read?

hmm!! well I’ve made a couple of book recs to ppl before like Book rec 1 & Book rec 2 and just my general To-Read tag and Books tag (which merges at some point but idk where bc im terrible at tagging sorry ; n;) as of late, I haven’t read a lot of new books so uh this might be a smaller list!


  • The Captive Prince trilogy by C.S. Pacat : Now, I know theres been some discourse about this trilogy and I always rec this series with a healthy dose of some warning that i’ve explained over here
  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: (only the 1st book is out but the 2nd one will be out by September this yr!!) I have nOT read this book yet but i already have so much faith and love on it from all the recs i’ve gotten from other ppl
  • The Diviners Series by Libba Bray: Only two books are out as of yet. BUT WHOO BOY IS THERE A LOT. If you like some supernatural side to ur 1920′s mood, this is IT. Both books r roughly 600 pgs and each page is worth it i s2g


  • Slasher girls and Monster Boys: this is actually an anthology(a collection of short stories by diff authors) about scary stories and horror thrillers which if u kno me, is always UP MY ALLEY. I’ve read only like 5 stories so far and I’ve loved them all
  • The Boy Meets Girl Massacre (Annotated) by Ainslie Hogarth: Bloody and spooky, its a mystery thriller that kept me up late at night to be sure 8))
  • The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich: A somewhat psychological thriller that’s presented in diary entries, interviews, notes and etc. This one was heck of trip…
  • Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: Is. Well. A story about a supposed “chosen one” and his enemies, and dealing with life in general. 

Sorry I can’t seem to rec any more than this, since again I havent been by a bookstore or library this whole summer it seems and im p disappointed at myself about it


OC Positivity Month★ Week 3: Crossover AU Week

Elsa Kirsch, Lucy Morgan + Stevie Fleetwood ~ @duuvals / @bmaddox~ @fyeahteenwolfocs

“So what are you guys then? Dread Doctor experiment? Clones? Oh or are you actually one person who can split their physical form into like…more than one person?” Elsa tapped the red vine she was nursing against her lips as she fired out possible suggestions for the existence of the twins. 

“No…” Lucy shook her head.

“Nothing like that.” Stevie added. 

“Just twins.” This time they spoke in unison, their voices almost as identical as their faces and in perfect timing. Elsa raised her brows and took a bite of her red vine. 

“That’s really weird.” 

okay sorry guys that i didnt post anyting but im working on a few things rn

-Soulmate AU (like the one with the drawings idk someone requested it and i thought it was v cute so im writing that currently)
-Figuring out how to write good porn tbh
-Also working on a miraculous ladybug fanfic that i will never finish bc i just love chat noir too much sry
-also im planning on doing a multi chapter thing maybe even one in which you can choose your outcome (and yes i know thats work) like choosing between tyler and josh lmao i just need help with like maybe coding that into my blog or smth i will figure that out

but stay tuned okay bc i will totally finish that first thing by tonight

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Okay so I've had a crush on this guy for abt a month now and I kind of think he likes me too but he's three years older than me and he's my boss??? I don't know if I should tell him I like him or not and I don't think he'd ever tell me if he did like me bc he's my boss and everything and I don't know what to do ahhhh

ahhh that already feels like an imbalance of power which can lead to bad things, so im sorry friend but i would pass on this one idk

ask me things!

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I attended an art school (well, it was a art + cinema + multimedia thing) and, believe me, 50% of the studients were weeaboos. 99.99% of them were horrible people. Idk how I survived.

oh man im so sorry ugh and art school? yeah im definetly not surprised. majority of them are into art and only draw in that style and hardly anything realistic, if it is its usually some fanart or some shit. i remember i had this one bitchy friend and she was like the alpha of the weeaboo outcasts since she was actually somewhat comely looking but honestly thats all she drew and i remember she tried critiqing my art which is usually realistic stuff and i honestly wanted to fucking grab her by the throat. “you art needs critiqing” bitch ill start taking your opinions seriously if you stop drawing long necks and boney ass fingers. and ugh i dont get how i used to put up with it either

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yo just wondering, did you buy ps cs5 or did you get it somewhere online bc i've been looking to get ps recently and idk what to do,, any tips?

i actually bought it, which was insane tbh. i got a student version off of ebay so it was a little cheaper. so im sorry i dont have any good resources for you :( i tried to find some legitimate looking ones though and i found these:




i don’t know if these work for sure, but they look promising at least. good luck and i hope you can find something :)

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i'm confused.. which one is the official lightstick.. are they both the official ones.. which one should i buy..

wait what both? im sorry idk which ones :’), as in like this one (old ver) and this one (new ver) of exo’s? 

if it’s these ones, they are both official, the white one is the new version, released a couple of days ago, and has rainbow colours (and some phone app to do stuff with it I think??), and the black one is the old version with 1 colour (the white/silver colour)! it’s honestly up to you anonnie, I like the new one, only because of the rainbow colour feature :’D but both of them are pretty cool!

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Crush that's hanging out with dem bois & somehow the topic of kinks comes up & they share theirs but one of the bros jokingly is like "im kinkshaming" to which crush response is "bring it, you vanilla mother fucker" idk it's dumb but ehhh

*lays on anon* no it’s not dumb. It’s perfect and I love it and you.

Osomatsu: He’s fallen in love all over again. “Let me show you, just how vannila I am sometimes” he thinks he’s so sly, he’s really not.

Karamatsu: feels terrible. He didn’t want to hurt his crushes feelings. Karamatsu smushes the crush’s face against his chest. “IM SO SORRY” ‘kara it was a jok-’“IVE DISHONORED YOU”

Choromatsu: he was proud his crush doesn’t know his true fetishes. “I-it’s not civilized to fight over that!”

Ichimatsu: he laughs really loudly.
The sky turns dark, thunder booms in the background. “Oh please…” He says suddenly grabbing his crushes shoulders and staring at them in the eyes. “Vanilla doesn’t exist where I go” what a horr-ousing experience.

Jyushimatsu: laughs since it’s all good fun. He’s glad to learn what his crush likes! It’s really a great experience. “Hey hey! Maybe we’ll try both our kinks out on Eachother!”

Todomatsu: he sighs in relief. He talked about his normal kinks. Not the ones that would be embarrassed of. He’ll let his crush delude themselves from the truth of this kink monster. “If fighting includes one of us in the bed room ‘wrestling’ sure!”

  • ally:i turned on my tv & kp was on
  • ally:stop haunting me
  • me::)
  • me:what episode
  • ally:the camp wannaweep one
  • me:which one
  • me:there's two camp wannaweep episodes
  • ally:well fuCK idk blythe
  • ally:ron is freaked out
  • ally:so ig the second one ??

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I just wanted to say that y'all talk about how "this person's going through a bad time right now why isn't this person talking to them?" A lot which is kind of a problem cuz just because there's no public interaction doesn't mean there's no interaction. They can message eachother privately about these things. Idk sorry it just bugged me and I needed to point it out.

It is a very good point. But with deo they are very public about every interaction they encounter (even ones that need to remain private ) so thats why in my opinion it bothers me. but im not disagreeing with you.

-Sailor S

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What are the types?? Like what does that mean

Oh! Its a personality type, called mbti. You can take one for free online (though from what ive heard its pretty much never correct but lel i go by it anyway). I’m an enfp, which basically stands for extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving, which are all parts of my personality ofcourse, meanwhile on the other hand some people are .. idk infj, which stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging!

you can google mbti types or go to 16personalities if u wanna know more bc im bad at explaining ahaha sorry

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i wanted to ask for your input on this(bcs i'm writing a fic and dk what to do)but who do you think tops,idk if you answer questions like this but anyway,i think it's jongin but im literally basing this on the way jongin drapes his arm over kyungsoo which suggests he is the dominant one(but kyungsoo was raised by more man than woman versus jongin who was raised by 3 females)??i'm sorry this is a mess

I promised myself I wouldn’t answer this question but for the sake of your fanfic, I will give you my opinion.

First, I would like to say that who they were raised by only affects their personality, not how they are in bed.

Second, I think they switch, maybe in the beginning it was primarily jongin but I think over time they started to alternate. But who mainly tops Could be jongin since he is a dancer and that would be really awkward for him but he could get used to the feeling. I am no gay sex expert so pardon if that’s wrong and I’m no dancer so I don’t know how much it would affect lol.

So yeah, I believe they alternate. But if you want a specific one, I mainly read top!jongin fics but that’s just me personally and I don’t know if you really care about my preference haha.