i want to publish some of the stuff i’ve written mainly things i felt like posting here so i’m compiling them in a word document but idk where to go from there. i just want them published for me. just a little book of things (poems, stories, and other musings) that i’ve written thus far. i think it would be nice.

this shitty edit took me more time than it should have

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I suppose this counts as HOW TO DO ART, Pt. 6 : Self Reflection

I made this because I wanted people to know what I mean when I say things like  “I’m not that good, my art looks like shit”

Part of it is standards. I’m not saying my friends have low standards, it’s just that their standards aren’t nearly as high as mine. When I’m drawing, I’m thinking of all the artists I love and wanting to create something just as great–not in terms of style, but in terms of appeal…there’s some artists who draw so well I could look at their work for ages, and I don’t often feel that way about my own art. When my art doesn’t have that appeal that I like to see, I write it off as bad, even if there’s a lot of things good about it.

Some of the things I’ve listed here are my own preference. There’s nothing wrong with using references, I just don’t want to be as reliant on them to create a good picture as I am right now. I like what I do now, but I also want to do fanart that goes beyond just drawing a photo in my style.

Also, people seem to like my style (that’s the impression I get from reading all the tags of everyone who reblogs my stuff), but I just…don’t…I guess my biggest thing is that it’s too tame and I’m not pushing things as much as I could be.

Some things I’ve listed, though, would be beneficial for all artists. Like learning proper anatomy and how to basic backgrounds could really improve any piece, I think.

The moral of the story is: There’s nothing wrong with disliking your own work or focusing on the flaws. In fact, I think it’s natural for everyone learning something, whether it’s art or music or a language or whatever. The key is to take those frustrations and flaws, and use them as a motivator to improve your work. 

Always keep in mind, things can’t improve without being bad first. All my drawings may look like shit to me now, but I keep going because I know one day, hopefully, I’ll look at a drawing and be like “…this isn’t so shitty”

The left side is a little over a year and a half ago. I was super unhealthy and very upset with the way I looked. I was actually embarrassed with the way I was. I was depressed and felt like I was going no where with my life. The right picture is 2 months ago. If this isn’t one heck of a transformation then idk what is! ❤️ I’m so proud of how far I’ve come on my weight loss journey.

Wow another AU..Who is surprised..

Anyways I really hope no ones thought of this before, and forgive me if this already exists.. But I was thinking, and wanted to create this one where basically Irkens aren’t so advanced and live in tribes. And humans get advanced to the point where they can actually travel to far away planets, and Dib is part of a crew of people going to Irk to explore and study it. When they get there they split up to cover more ground and Dib happens to have a run in with one of the natives of the planet..which is, you guessed it, Zim lol

FFXIV NPC Ask Prompts!

Send in any of the following, and I have to answer with…

  • Louisoix: What is the greatest sacrifice my character has made?
  • Nael Van Darnus: Where was my character during the Calamity?
  • Minfillia: Would my character make a good leader figure?
  • Alphinaud: What is my character’s greatest dream/aspiration?
  • Alisaie: How far would my character go for family?
  • Thancred: Is my character good at singing, or any musical instruments?
  • Yda: Does my character where any kind of masks?  Literal or figurative.
  • Papalymo: Who is dearest to my character?
  • Y’shtola: What’s the highest level of education my character as received?
  • Urianger: Has my character lost a loved one?
  • Tataru: What does my character find cute?
  • Raubahn: What scars does my character have?
  • Nanamo: Has my character ever been betrayed?
  • Kan-E-Senna: Is my character good with plants?
  • Merlwyb: Can my character swim?
  • Momodi Modi: What’s the best way to woo my character?
  • Baderon: Does my character have any hidden talents?
  • Mother Miounne: Is my character the type to care for others?
  • Hildebrand: Does my character have a history of good/bad luck?
  • Drillemont: How pious is my character?
  • Jandelaine: Does my character dye their hair/use makeup/other cosmetic products?
  • Iceheart: Does my character prefer hot or cold weather?
  • Lyngsath: Can my character cook?
  • Landebert: How’s my character’s financial status?
  • Wilred: What’s the greatest mistake my character has made?
  • Riol: What’s my character’s greatest success?

we used to raise working sheep dogs when i was younger, and once we had a litter of ten border collie puppies.  we would go on puppy walks with them (short walks where they tumble after you like the fat burritos that they are). but we went a little too far and they all got so tired that they refused to walk home. there were two of us. so each person had to carry 5 fat sleepy slug puppies half a mile home.

idk what the point of this story is beyond how heavy and fat 5 sleepy puppies are, and how there are only so many ways you can carry them 

Young Love

Note: I loved writing this one. I love protective older brother Shawn. 

Requested: Can you do one where aaliyah is dating your brother and you’re dating Shawn? idk it’s the only thing I could think of


“They’re thirteen, and fourteen,” Shawn says to you out of nowhere. “They shouldn’t be dating.”

You’re sitting in the passenger side of Shawn’s jeep as he drives you home to drop you off and pick up Aaliyah from your house. She started dating your little brother a couple weeks ago and it seems to be going well so far. You think it’s adorable, Shawn, however, is being a protective older brother. It only makes it worse that this is Aaliyah’s first real relationship.

You weren’t talking about your little siblings dating, but apparently it was on Shawn’s mind since he brought it up out of nowhere. “We weren’t too much older than they are when we started dating.” You reply to him. He’s really upset that they’re so young, but you were fifteen when you guys started dating.

“We were much older.” He responds.

“Like a year.” You correct.

“I don’t know, but it’s just different with them.” He says, not really being able to say why.

“Its because she’s your little sister. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that she’s growing up.” You tell him.

“I just don’t want them to get hurt, either of them.” Shawn says. He treats your little brother like his own brother. He doesn’t dislike your brother, but he’s just afraid of them hurting each other and breaking each other’s hearts.

“Shawn, you can’t protect them forever.” You tell him.

“I know, but I want to.” He’s so set on this. “I don’t think they should date. Not each other and not anyone. They shouldn’t date until they’re much older. Like at least twenty.” He says matter-of-factly.

“Shawn, we aren’t even twenty now. Should we not be dating?” You ask him. He has such double standards when it comes to you two, and when it comes to your siblings. It drives Aaliyah crazy, and you have to admit that it isn’t fair to them.

“No, I don’t know babe, I just really love them both and I’m scared of what will happen if this doesn’t work out. They’re so young. I just think they should wait to date.”

“They are young, but they’re figuring things out for themselves, and if this doesn’t work out, they’ll both learn from it, and we’ll both be here to pick up the pieces.” You reassure him.

“I don’t want to pick up the pieces,” He insists. “Because I don’t want there to be any pieces.”

“That’s out of your control, Shawn.” You tell him.

He’s silent for a moment, and then he finally says. “You’re right. I guess we just have to let them go, huh?”

“Yes, exactly.” You respond, glad he’s finally starting to understand.

A few moments later, you pull up in front of your house, and Shawn parks his jeep in the driveway. He follows you inside, where Aaliyah and your little brother are watching a movie in the living room. Once Shawn sees the two of them on the couch, all of his resolve from just minutes earlier to just let them go and figure it out on their own disappears. He says to your brother, “I love you, little man, but you better keep your hands and any other parts of your body off of my sister.”

Your brother, like the smartass fourteen year old he is, responds, “You don’t keep your hands or other body parts off my sister.”

Your jaw drops at the fact that your little brother said this. “(Y/b/n)!” You scold.

“What?” He asks, “Its true!”

“That may be true,” Shawn responds, “But we’re both eighteen and we’ve been dating for three years. Since you’re thirteen and fourteen and have been dating for all of two weeks, there will be none of that.” He says sternly. He’s worse than his dad is when it comes to being overprotective of Aaliyah. And he’s worse than your dad was with you too. “Aaliyah, we have to go.” He says to her.

Aaliyah, who is thoroughly irritated with Shawn and this entire interaction at this point says, “Can’t we at least finish the movie?”  

“Is it almost done?” He asks.

“Like twenty more minutes.” She responds.

Before Shawn has a chance to reply, you take his hand. “That’s fine. We’ll be in my room.” You say, pulling him upstairs.

“Keep all your body parts off my sister!” Your brother shouts up the stairs as you two leave.

“Shut up (Y/b/n)!” You yell at him.

Once in your room, you tell Shawn, “You’re overreacting way too much.”

“I don’t want them doing anything.” He replies.

“They’re kids, they aren’t doing anything.”

You try to get him to understand, but he only replies. “That’s what you think.”

“I know they’re not. I trust my brother and I trust your sister. You need to trust them too.” You tell him sternly, not backing down because you don’t want him to ruin their relationship. That isn’t either of your places, and he needs to stay out of it.

“I just worry,” He responds, and you can tell that he is genuinely stressed out about this.

You know he just cares and wants the best for them, but he needs to just let them go and let the relationship run its course. “Don’t worry so much. Its their relationship, and we both know that no matter how much you threaten or hover, they’re going to find a way to do what they want to do. Don’t push them or they might just do it a lot faster than they would have otherwise. Kids work like that.”

“Please don’t let that be true.” He groans.

“Then don’t push.”

“Done, I won’t push.” He answers immediately. He takes a seat on your bed, and pulls you down next to him, lightly kissing you. You pull away and jokingly say, “I distinctly remember my brother telling you to keep your body parts off of me.”

He rolls his eyes, “Okay, I deserved that. But that doesn’t mean I’ll listen.” Then he kisses you again, harder this time. And you just laugh.


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞


This is Tety (pronounced Teddy)

He looks like a rat, but like, that’s okay.

Tety was my fav stuffed toy as a kid, he belonged to my mom when she was little and as far as I know when I was like 4 I basically just. Stole him from her room lmao

Idk why I did this but I compulsively picked his fur out so my mom sewed yarn onto him where I’d torn it out

I was never into dolls. I was obsessed with stuffed toys, and my brothers and I made up whacky complex stories where our stuffed animals would go on adventures with each other, and we called it “Tety and his friends”. now that I’m thinking about it, it was the cutest damn thing

Anyways Tety is rad as SHIT and I love him so I felt like sharing

Malia- You Already Are

Request-  Hi Hun! Can I request a Malia x fem reader where The reader is a kitsune (so a fox and a wolf) and the reader is actually super cute and adorable and Malia is super protective over her. And then between home stress(her parents don’t know about her supernatural) and school and everything she just has a meltdown in school (with powers going wack too) and malia helps her and they go home and cuddle. Idk just kinda cute :) and I love maliaaa

A/N- Same. Malia is my everything. She’s come so far and I really love writing for her character. Enjoy! 

“Psst. Hey, Y/n,” Malia hissed. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you whispered softly, glancing back at your girlfriend, who was sitting behind you. You loved Malia, but she had a tendency to not hold anything back. You on the other hand, you weren’t so forthcoming with information, but Malia had a feeling she knew what this was about.
You had been upset ever since Kira had left, and it wasn’t just because she had been both you and Malia’s best friend. She had been the only other kitsune you knew, and since you were adopted as a baby, your parents had no idea what you were. You couldn’t even get in contact with your real ones because it was a closed adoption, and without Kira and her parents to help you figure everything out, you felt incredibly alone.
You and Kira had managed to figure out that you were a wind kitsune sometime during the mess with the Nogitsune. He had been searching for other kitsunes in the area, trying to find someone who was willing to help him cause chaos. You had no idea how he had found you, just that he had showed up in the dark school parking lot after one of your tutoring sessions.
You had been completely alone, but terrified by this dead-eyed boy that you somehow knew wasn’t human, at least not entirely. When your fear caused an enormous gust of wind to send him flying backward into one of the streetlights, you had a sneaking suspicion that it had come from you.
It wasn’t long until you had run into Kira, who had been sent to you by her mother and father. Apparently, during one of the times he threatened her, the Void spirit had bragged to Mrs. Yukimura about having another kitsune at his disposal. He shouldn’t have counted his chickens.
When they quickly learned you weren’t on his side and that you barely had any idea what you were, they immediately brought you into the fold. You quickly learned about kitsunes, werewolves, hunters, and every other charming trait that Beacon Hills had to offer. It wasn’t as bad as it had originally seemed and, through the pack, you had met Malia.
Her brash, confident attitude immediately drew you to her, despite your tendency to hold your tongue. Malia was completely different from you, but she had never failed to stand up for you, even over something small. Yes, she could be a little protective. That much was evident at the short growls she let out when she caught someone trying to flirt with you, but you knew she loved you.
That was why she was bugging you now, her persistent voice soft in your ear as you struggled to scribble down your text analysis. She was just worried.
With the stress of dealing with your abilities on your own and the fact that you didn’t really have anyone to go to for help, you had been pretty stressed. That, coupled with the guilt you felt because Kira had been the kitsune affected by the Dread Doctors and not you, seemed to be enough to send you over the edge. You were nervous all the time, constantly fearing that you would hurt someone else. No one seemed to be able to console, except for Malia…usually.
“Y/n, come on,” she whispered. “I know something’s wrong. You smell like fear and anxiety. And I love you, but it reeks.”
“I can’t do this,” you said quietly. “I don’t know anything about…what I am. What if I can’t control it? What if I hurt someone?”
“You won’t,” Malia insisted.
“You can’t know that!” you protested.
“Y/n, Malia?” your teacher, Ms. Flynn asked, raising her eyebrows from the front of the room. “Do I need to separate you?”
“No, Ma’am,” Malia answered quickly. “Y/n just wasn’t feeling well.”
“Is that so?” the woman asked. “Well, then maybe she would be better off going to the nurse instead of chitchatting. Would you like the hall pass, Y/n?”
You nodded quickly, rising from your seat. Malia quickly jumped up to follow you, but Ms. Flynn held up her hand. “Hold it. I said Y/n could go, not you, Malia.”
“I…I feel like I’m going to pass out,” you lied. “Could she please come with me?”
Ms. Flynn scoffed. “Nice try girls.”
You looked around and noticed that everyone was looking at you. You swallowed thickly, hating that you and Malia had drawn the attention of everyone in the room. Your heart seemed to thump louder in your chest and before you realized what was happening, the wind started to whip outside. The few trees below the school started swaying in the wind, twisting and shaking.
Malia looked at you, her eyes wide as Ms. Flynn and the rest of your class gazed out the window.
“Woah,” a girl said from the back of the class. “It was not like that five minutes ago.”
“Hm,” Ms. Flynn remarked. “There was no storm in the forecast. Either way, it can’t touch us in here. Get back to wor-”
Before she could finish her sentence, the windows were blown open. Half the class screamed as hair, pencils, and paper went flying. Ms. Flynn ran over to the windows, attempting to close them, but the wind was too strong.
Malia stared at you in shock, mouthing “What are you doing?”
You shook your head helplessly, stumbling back as your hair blew out from your face. You didn’t know what was happening, just that it was your fault.
Leaves fluttered in from outside as various things were blown about the room, and Ms. Flynn yelled for everyone to get under their desks. Malia pulled you under one quickly, wrapping her arms around you and whispering in your ear as you tightly shut your eyes.
“It’s okay,” she murmured. “Calm down, Y/n. I know you can do this. I know you have control. I’ve seen it.”
“I can’t,” you mumbled into her shirt.
“The hell you can’t,” she hissed. “I’ve seen you save people, Y/n. I’ve seen you protect me and yourself. So what if Kira left? You don’t need her here to show you how strong you can be. You already know. You already are.”
At the sound of Malia’s soft voice in your ears, you found yourself calming down. All the tension that had been building up inside you for the past few days subsided. You realized she was right. Slowly, the wind began to calm down and everything that had been swept around dropped to the floor.
Kids slowly began to creep from their desks and Malia helped you out from under the one that had sheltered you. The second you stood up, a wave of dizziness hit you, and you were listing off your feet.
“Woah,” she grunted, catching you just before your head could connect with the wood of a desk. “Ms. Flynn, can I please take her to the nurse?”
Malia’s tone was angry and dangerous, and you were certain that even if the class hadn’t just suffered from a spontaneous windstorm, Ms. Flynn still would have been unsettled enough to let you both leave.
The woman cleared her throat. “Of-of course, girls. Everyone else, back in their seats.”
Malia quickly shoved both of your things into your backpacks and tossed the two of them on her shoulders. Then she wrapped her arm around your waist and ushered you out of the classroom.
“Thank you,” you told her as the door shut behind you.
“You’re welcome,” she told you firmly, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “We have to find someone who can help you. I’ll do it myself if I have to.”
“Do you mean that?” you asked, looking up at her with wide eyes.
At your question, Malia turned her face toward you and looked into your eyes with fierce determination. “Of course.”
In seconds, she was leaning down and pressing her lips against yours in a kiss that told you that you would never have a reason to doubt her. She kept her hands on your waist to keep you steady until she finally pulled away. When she did, it left you slightly lightheaded, but that had nothing to do with your energy-sapping powers. That time was all her.
“Come on,” she told you, a small hint of a smile on her face as she led you back down the hall. “I’m taking you home.”
“We can’t just leave,” you protested.
“Says who?” Malia asked you. “You deserve it, Y/n. I’m taking you home whether you like it or not, and I’m going make you hot chocolate, or whatever you want, and we’re just gonna chill, okay?”
You felt your chest constrict at Malia’s words. She had no idea how much they meant to you, how much she meant to you after everything that had happened. She had been right in that classroom, because maybe Kira was gone, but you knew you could figure this out on your own, as long as you had Malia.
You simply nodded at her as she stood in the hall, knowing you couldn’t express how much you loved her in that one simple gesture. You might have been quiet, but she didn’t mind. You didn’t have to tell her how you felt; she could sense it. So she simply tightened her arm around you and led you back down the hall, looking forward to her night with you.

so i work at a pizza store and
i hate my job
like rlly rlly hate it
and it’s been like a week of work but like i already hate it so much
the boss is so angry and he will find reasons at you to get angry at just cos he’s stressed out and then says shit like “if you want to work here then….”
and like he’s just always angry even if ur doing good he makes u go to another station where u struggle at
i have depression and anxiety so this doesn’t help at all i actually has a slight attempt thing and it’s only been a few weeks
like idk what to do cos it’s my first REAL job
but it’s also too much….

and he constantly yells at the other members and a kid arrived late and i just heard him whisper “i’m gunna kill that fucking bastard” before kicking a box like far away like idk it’s sooooo stressful and it’s such a high demand place and i’m genuinely considering suicide because like he’s my dad’s friend so i can’t just leave

when it is alright to quitile be chill abt quitting like idk a few months ?

i don’t even know i just can’t do this it’s so much

and it was already soooo hard for me to a find a job anyway so….. like i shud be happy to have this job and the guys just so angry like literally every time he teaches me something he says “this is the first and last time i’m gonna tell you this , don’t ask me again. in this job you need to be able to work by yourself.” and i’m like …dude i have like been here for like 2 days chill and just he got pissed at me for making a mistake and he was like “ITS COMMON SENSE….” and left and later one of the workers were like… nah it’s not common sense sometimes orders come in, how u put it in the box, he’s just angry and took it out on your and i like idk i can’t do this can someone also lemme kno if bosses like this are normal or nah

ok so im laughing really hard bc I was rewatching some of season one of tcw and there’s this scene where aayla swoops in and saves commander bly, which i made this gif of bc i thought it was rad

but now i’m cracking up bc if you look at the individual frames

ok so theres bly

here comes aayla


she’s got him!

up they go!

ok so then it shows this, and im trying to figure out whats happening

as far as i can tell, he’s got his arms around her waist, makes sense

k now what does she start doing? she fuck ing flips herself upside down

lo ok at her

and then bly

fuckin g look at him 

there he goes

“Note to self, never make a stupid bet again.” Caelian mumbled under his breath before adjusting his briefs. He was more than comfortable with his own body, but the fact he had to go through the apartment halls in this state, wasn’t ideal. He took in a deep breath, going through the halls and he had luck on his side so far, but he knew very well it would end shortly. He was right. He heard an apartment door opening and stupidly looked back to see who it was rather than book it. This was the last floor he had to go on and of course now would be when he got caught. “Uh hi–I can explain.” 

anonymous asked:

could I maybe ask you to do a background write-up for She-Hulk? (Similar to the one you did for x-23?) I was always confused with her backstory and I'd love to get into her comics, I just don't know where to start.

Already done, here you go, click the hyperlink down there. These were all from 2015 though. I don’t really have the time to do these nowadays, so probably won’t be doing anymore, but these are saved for posterity lol. 
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters is one of the greatest Avengers of all time)
Carol Danvers
They’re all under the “who is that character” tag on my blog.

Idk how far back you want to dig, but the 2004-2005 She-Hulk series wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Just 12 issues. After that, there was a 2005-2009 She-Hulk series, 38 issues, enjoyed that also. 
But honestly, it doesn’t really matter too much where you start, comics are a mess lol.


So, I’ve liked kpop for a while now, and I love being a part of fandoms and connecting with other fans, but sometimes… People go a bit too far…

You know when one member decides to do a live stream? And they’re all excited and really happy to be talking with/to the fans, to give something back? And then suddenly, they look really upset and hurt when they see comments like: “where are the other members”, “where’s _____”, “can you bring out _____”, etc? You know how they try their best to not look hurt? Do you want to try to imagine what that feels like? 

Think about this: Imagine you’ve worked really hard, and there’s a group of people you care about, friends, family, s/o’s, and then when you go to talk to them, to spend time with them, they immediately ask for someone else. Can you imagine, can you even fathom how that feels? What would you do? What exactly would you do? Would you keep your composure in check and just laugh it off, or would you blow up? I mean, personally, I would get pissed… Especially if it kept happening over and over, and people kept asking for someone else, instead of me. 

It actually makes me livid that people do this, like… Why? It’s so frustrating to watch someone that WE CARE ABOUT hurt like that. And most of them try to brush it off, because they have a reputation and because they don’t want to hurt their fans– but I’ve seen certain idols snap. Mark from GOT7, Jin from BTS, those are just two examples. And Mark APOLOGIZED for yelling. He apologized to us. (THIS IS THE VIDEO) DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW W R O N G THAT IS?! WHY IS HE APOLOGIZING?! THE BOY HAD EVERY RIGHT TO YELL (He said, “The other member’s aren’t here!” And sounded rather annoyed.) AND GET ANGRY! And then, there’s the people who don’t yell, who don’t get mad, but they just walk away. The most prominent situation that I remember was when J-Hope was doing that livestream and he left, leaving his phone with Jimin because fans kept asking for other members… He decided to do the livestream for us, and people didn’t appreciate him for that… 

It breaks my heart watching this kind of stuff happen. And I hope they know that they are loved with all of our hearts. I really hope they know that they’re appreciated. Because, they are some of the kindest, sweetest people that we obviously take for granted. 


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hii! i love to write and your writing is s o good so i thought i'd ask you a few questions! i've alway struggled with character voice (which is why i don't write fanfiction, it's SO HARD to get those voices down) but you seem to do it so well and you seem to Just Get the characters - how do you do it? do you have any tips?

oh wowww I’m so honoured that you’d ask me <3 It’s a really tough ongoing thing to get tone and characterization right and I can’t believe it’s working for y’all sometimes

As far as tips go idk how much NEW insight I can give you but I can tell you the sort of things that help me out!

1. reread your source material! u definitely don’t have to read the bulk of a novel again but I find myself wandering back into scenes where I know the character expresses serious emotions or talks about their pasts or I remember that they showed off one of their tics bc it’s easier to write when you still have the taste for them in your mouth

2. spend just as much time mapping out mannerisms and silences as you do w dialogue. understand right off the bat the kind of actions and descriptors you should be applying to your character, for example, if I’m writing andrew it’s all: heavy silences, subtle changes in where his eyes are, the grip of his hands, indifference, flatness, restraint, impatience, action, etc, etc. If I’m writing nicky though you get a lot of: talking with his body, bravado, loudness, sweeping his hair back, cocking his smile like a weapon, winking, warmth, whining, etc

(it’s like in music – the rests are just as important as the notes)

3. when you’re writing dialogue, let what you know guide you. don’t try to create a new facet of someone’s character bc it might not pan out for your readers (who are familiar with the characters). repurpose dialogue from your source material - it’s easiest to get a feel for a voice when you’re essentially writing things you’ve heard them say already. it’s as simple as turning a canon ‘shut up’ into a ‘stop talking’ in your story. It’ll get more complex naturally, but all you’re really doing when you write fic is taking a personality and putting it in a blender.

4. if you get stuck, add another character, interrupt the action, make them react to something. you can get stuck in a monotonous loop of give and take if you don’t step away and change setting or situation. action informs dialogue! use it! it’s sometimes easier to have a character react to a car running out of gas and having the characters’ anger be about that (it’s not really about that) then it is to have them sit in a functional car and talk themselves in circles

5. read fic! get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. if you go ‘wow neil kept giggling in that fic and it felt really inorganic’ shy away from that. If someone had a really spot on matt, think about why they felt so good. Maybe he was just awkward enough that it felt natural - not overly perfect. You know? like don’t be afraid to model your style after someone else’s style, classical authors did that shit all. the. time.

6. honestly…….. practice. which sounds dumb and unhelpful but I was writing worse fic one month ago then I am now. dialogue used to be my weakest point and I worked it so hard for 4 years and now it’s (hopefully) a bit stronger. practice can be almost anything. if you’re reading a lot of fic, you’re practicing! if you’re out in the world listening to people speak, you’re practicing!!!

7. make cuts. write as much as you can (base it off your own speech patterns, read out loud, don’t be afraid to fragment sentences but don’t overdo it) and then find the weakest points. ‘wait a second he isn’t that mean. wait I used ‘i hate you’ twice. i actually think this would be better said with a look’ etc

that’s about all I can think of off the top of my head!! but this is really. all I do. If I’m stuck I open up TKM and search for dialogue until I get the groove of neil’s voice back. If I don’t know how to start, I’ll read anything else for a bit first.

I hope this helped even at all, voice is damn hard & I TOTALLY get where you’re coming from

thank you so much for thinking of me. u make me feel like a real writer :’))