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what is.. "hussieruya"

hoo boy

okay first off i wasnt into it cause it was Fucking Weirdi just watched it happen

way way waaaaay back like back when superwholock was a huge Huge presence on this site homestuck fans and hetalia fans used to get a Lot of shit from people for being in those fandoms and like some of it was deserved because both of them were fuckin terrible on a lot of fronts (like superwholock wasnt apparently?????)

but it really did start to go too far like it always does here so the hetalia and homestuck fandom like… teamed up or something idk, but im p sure thats where fandomstuck came from if you remember that? it was actually kinda sweet people had a lot of fun with that, its the closest large groups of people on this fuckin hell site have gotten to getting along

but then since we cant have anything nice, people started shipping the authors together, like there were entire blogs dedicated to it, people drew fanart and wrote fanfics and it got to the point where hussie even commented on it

and then one day it just. stopped? it disappeared???? and i havent seen anyone talk about it or draw it or acknowledge it or anything since, i would have thought id dreamed this up if the google image search didnt function as some eternal fuckin shame dungeon, the hussieruya fans just completely vanished. 

they say if you listen closely at night you can still hear their cries


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what do you think about all the negativity surrounding troye's v magazine cover shoot? a lot of people are upset because they think it's heteronormative, some people don't like the nudity and others think it's sexist that only she is naked. personally i don't see what his sexuality has to do with it, i have no problem with nudity and i can see where people are coming from thinking it's sexist but it was her choice to do the shoot so idk

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m upset, but I definitely don’t like it. Artistic nudity in general doesn’t bother me, even sexual artistic nudity, it’s the way that nudity is presented in relation to Troye that I have a problem with, among other things. I studied sexist trends in advertising for a class last semester, and the V magazine cover fits many of them. She’s half naked from the waist down and wearing a skimpy leather vest on top (and in the black and white photo, she’s even naked completely), and he’s pretty much fully clothed save for his bare chest, sexualizing her and not him. Her arms are crossed around her chest, out of sight, and she’s also on top of him, a vulnerable position that also infantilizes her to an extent. He has his hands wrapped around her in a way that shows clear dominance, his clothes make him appear bigger, which again, makes him seem more dominant. It’s also somewhat heteronormative since Troye is gay and their position is not exactly platonic-looking. You could say that it’s acting, yes, but representation is hard enough to come by without gay celebrities being photographed with naked girls in their laps.

So yeah, I think people who are arguing it’s not sexist just haven’t read up on the subject of sexism in fashion photography, because it fits the sexist trends seen in magazines and on billboards. Their consent to do the shoot doesn’t erase the fact that they were unknowingly photographed in ways that feed into a big societal problem. I will say I don’t blame Troye for it though, those tells aren’t something I would have recognized to this extent before learning about sexist tendencies in advertising, and in any case, the styling and photography wasn’t done by Troye. More accurately, I blame Paul Cavaco and Mario Testino.

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Scenario where Keith gets into a heated argument with s/o and breaks up with them, but immediately regrets?

Aggghhhhhh!!! This is going to break me!!!*punches wall* lets do it. And btw there might be a part 2 idk how you guy will like it so. It’s up to you really. Stay classy my loves!

Everyone knew that Keith was someone who acted on instinct, and in the heat of things. He didn’t think before he acted. This resulted in him making hit headed decisions, and him hurting himself or putting others at risk. Keith would go pretty far with his actions but, no one thought he would break up with you. It started with a surprise attack on the Galra by team Voltron. Keith thought it would be best if he went in one of the ships and took it out from the inside. Everyone objected, it was too risky, he could loose his life. You warned him to not do it, he couldn’t do it. Not that you didn’t think he was capable of doing it, it was that he was basically throwing his life away. He didn’t seem to care about leaving you behind, about how shattered you would have been if he died. He. Didn’t. Care. Tears pricked your eyes. “Keith! It’s took risky! Please don’t do this!” Your voice cracking, “I don’t care (y/n)! I have to do this! If you cared about me than you would let me do this!” His words stung like a cut, you let a few tears slip, “I’m not letting you do this because I care!” You fired back, why couldn’t he see that you just wanted him to be safe. He hesitated for a moment, “I don’t care what you say, I’m doing this. Nothings stopping me.” He turned off his comm. Tears fell down your (s/c) cheeks. Keith managed to do as he planned but not with out Shiro saving his butt, twice. Team Voltron came out victorious, but still felt like you had lost. Keith words rang through your ears, “I don’t care what you say!” It played like a broken record, over and over again. The time where he was almost shot down played, you couldn’t get out of your head. You had almost lost him, and he didn’t care. After patching up the boys, everyone decided it would be best if they had a team meeting. “We need to talk about what happened out there.” Shiro looked at Keith, “We are all happy that we won and all but, Keith, that was a really risky move. We could have lost you.” Keith just huffed, “Well no one else was going to do something so I had to.” Hunk spoke up, “But Keith, you almost died. I mean even (y/n) was crying. We thought you were going to die.” His voice was soft yet firm, it was reassuring. Keith just looked even more pissed, “(Y/n) was crying because she’s being selfish!” The statement shocked you, your eyes threatened to let loose the warm tears building up. He looked at you with anger, “You can’t keep me from saving the universe because you would miss me! You have to let go! And I don’t think I can be with someone who won’t do the right thing and let me do what I need to! I don’t think I can be with you!” That’s it, your tears fell, like rain drops on a gloomy day. They fell into your lap and on your hands that were clutching your skirt tightly. Keith just broke it off, your loving relationship, gone. “Keith!!” Shiro looked at him with a look of anger. You took the chance to run out of the room, you couldn’t stay there any longer. You wanted to go home. You found yourself in the training deck. Not being able yo move any further you collapsed down on your knees and started to cry. You sobbed and cried, harder and with more emotion then ever. Keith didn’t love you, even though you gave him your heart, he didn’t love you. With out him you had no reason to stay out here in space, with the paladins, you wanted to go home. Then you remember that Princess Allura offered you a way home any time you needed it. You stood and wiped your tears away. That’s it your going home. Back to Earth.

I take shots of brown like I’m kissing your skin. There’s a parallel universe where I don’t know you exist and I am happy. There’s a parallel universe where we are together and we never stray from each other. You teach me things like love is healthy and happiness is real. When I dream, I’m brought back to the reality that our love is far more complicated than “I love you” so when I am awake, I push memories of you to the back and go on with my day. People say things like, “if you’re in love, you’re lucky.” But I don’t believe that. I take shots of clear like I’m washing away your touch.

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She was getting used to the kitten who’d made themselves comfortable in the cell with her. Pluto didn’t seem to mind them, and Kairi enjoyed watching the little thing stumble around and make quiet, but high pitched sounds. None of the Organization members had questioned her about the fluffy, grey kitten- and Kairi wasn’t even sure if they’d noticed them- which was good, because that was what she’d been most worried about.

Kairi lay there, on the cell floor, on her stomach, and watched the grey kitten move around. She giggled, sitting up slightly and curling her finger as if to wave the kitten over. Whether or not they actually would walk over to her would have to be seen.

I should think of something to call you, yeah? ❜

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Lol u got lost 6 times at school? That's like the same for me. I was so unlucky bc they have like an A, B, C, and D building (I think((I'm new))) and pretty much all of my classes are in the D building but I go on the first day of school to first period and it says "Writing" so I find writing and she tells me I'm supposed to go to Advisory IN THE B BUILDING WHICH IDK WHERE IT IS. So I go to my locker putting random stuff in it cause idk what to bring and make it there like "why me"

huN let me tell you, i wasnt there at the orientation so you know how horrible it went for me it was so confusing and i was stressed the whole time i didnt even eat my lunch-


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Hi qooky! So rn I'm 15 and want to do commissions and stuff. I want to tell my parents but idk how they'll take it. I really want to help them financially and start saving up $ for college. Idk how to go about the whole process pls help. Much love 💕

Hey there! Well honestly I’m not sure cuz I started doing commissions this year and I’m already 22. 

BUT. I think your parents should be happy that you’re willing to earn some more for your family and for college. As for where to put the money, as far as I know you need to be 18 to be get a Paypal account so if you’re thinking about that, you could ask your parents to create an account under their name :) Then after that, you can have them and you also spread the word that you’re doing commissions (basically advertising out and stuff). When it comes to payment by paypal, at least the way I do it is by sending invoices from your paypal account. But if you’re able to do person-to-person payment that’s cool too :3 Cuz payment by invoices actually have fees (not much but you get just a *tad* less than what the person paid you). 

EDIT: So someone let me know that there are in fact student paypal accounts you can create that might actually be better for someone your age. Fortunately, @kryallaorchid has graciously provided a helpful link regarding student accounts that you could do some reading:

Seeing that recently there’s been a few people who are leaving the community, I just wanted to say – while it’s a little sad for people to see, I’m also sad to see you go but I understand completely where you’re coming from. Do what makes you happy. I hope all the best for you, whether you return or not, I hope to god the community you guys go to treats you far better than this one did. As long as you’re not suffering anymore & you’re happy, then so am I.

Take care of yourself & if you have my skype, you can always talk to me if you want to.
You’ll be missed. Now go have fun.

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What is your opinion on long distance relationships? Whether that be two people who live in the same country but in different cities or different countries altogether.

Ummm. Hmm. It really depends on the people tbh, and the strength of the relationship. There’s only so far you can go with a long distance relationship - you’ve got to meet SOME time if you want to move forward. But I am not against them at all :) they just work better for some people than others. Same country is naturally easier. If it was abroad with lots of travel involved (or in the US where there’s a lot of travel involved anyway!) idk if I’d personally be up to that because where is the relationship going, yknow? That being said if there’s someone you really really like… things are always gonna be different. One cannot help their feelings! x

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Last movie you saw: rn i’m watching “life-size” with tyra banks bc i’ve never seen it ??

Last song you listened to: dancing on quicksand by bad suns !! love them

Last show you watched: i think it was top chef. i’m rewatching the old seasons

Last thing you ate: me and my roommate shared the most delicious amazing chocolate cake i love it !!!

Where would you time travel to? hmmmmm maybe back in the day where there were balls and big dresses. i’ve always wanted to go to a ball !!!!

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? with kyle…i miss him so much. i love him a lot but we’re far away now… :’c

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: oh man idk… maybe rilakkuma !!! having a cute lil bear friend that’d be AMAZING !!!

First thing you’d do with lottery money: pay off me + my brother’s college, let my mom retire, go on vacation, donate some money to my favorite charity

Time right now: 10:20pm

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Can you see bailie sticking around for 2017? I literally feel so bad thinking about 2014 where everyone thought she was a lock for Rio and I'd love for her to make it to 2017 worlds or maybe Tokyo

Yeah it really sucks. If she was at least looking how she was in 2015 I really think she might’ve been able to take Gabby’s spot.

But as far as I know she’s still training. Idk if she’s training for elite next year or what. She doesn’t go to Florida until next fall I think so she’ll probably see how she’s feeling in Jan/Feb and make a decision.

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been months since I was last on Tumblr, but I squealed when I saw another chapter of the CSI fic was out, anyway, I really love how we get an introspective jungkook pov, i hope we have one for the others too, srsly love the pace, awesome ch. boo!!!

excuseyouuniverse said: idk if you got my last ask, but dear yuu, you’ve exceeded my expectations with the newest Peter Pan ch, “The clouds, they go to where the wind blows without asking where and why. Jungkook is not a cloud. He is human, and humans hunger for reason and explanation above anything else,” was just such a refreshing outlook, and honestly i srsly love all these introspective povs for each character so far, the pace may seem tantalizingly slow, but i love it~ thank you yuu for the awesome update!!

jklfsalkfjlk; I’m sorry I’ve been so behind with answering asks, I’ve just been exceptionally tired and out of energy these days TTTT but thank you!!!! so much!!!!! You never fail to make me happy with your lovely messages <3333 Honestly I am 3000% ready for this story to get rolling already and now that I’ve revised everything again, I really hope I can write something you’ll keep enjoying :)))) 

So first tsukki then kenma and akaashi and those are my babies. And ok that makes sense as far as faves go. There’s a pattern. Kunimi and shirabu are starting to climb up there too so I know I definitely have a personality type. But then my other faves are noya, bokuto, and lev? Like where? How? Where do they fit in? Idk

He’s sitting in the corner of a hallway, absent-mindedly doodling in a notebook. Not really paying attention to the goings-on about Titans Tower until he overhears the tail end of a conversation, but only one word really registers. Slade. He jolts up, pen making a careless line on his paper as he looks around to see where the conversation was coming from.

      His eyes land on Terra, staring openly with wide eyes for a moment before staring down at his paper again. As far as he knows, none of the Titans yet that he’s Slade’s child and he’s nervous as to how they might react. At the same time, he’s lost track of his father’s whereabouts and often wonders about the details between him and the Titans. He taps the pen against the paper several times before looking back up at Terra.

so i’ve planned a well overdue catch up with some friends tomorrow night and like… i used to be so meticulous with organising events and im just laughing cos i don’t even know where we’re going i should probably start thinking about it considering the information i’ve put currently on the event is just “london but really i haven’t thought that far ahead” omgfg. I HAVE TO SORT THIS OUT.