the fact that troye’s studio feels like home for him just makes me so emotional because he’s worked so hard and dreamed so much for this and it’s all just finally happening and idk it’s just crazy how this is his life right now. an amazingly awesome crazy. 

ruin my rep: c.h. (pt 4)

an: sorry it took me so long to write this! i started my first job today and basketball tryouts were also this week and they do cuts on Monday!! im nervous lol but i love that you guys like this series and you can request stuff in my ask box or whatever!! (ps idk where im going with this yet and its really bad.)

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part three


as you had suspected, jaylee had forgotten about her idea to treat you to a shopping spree. you were totally fine with that fact. your head was throbbing and your entire body ached. you just wanted to get some shut eye for a couple more hours, but that plan was botched when the devil decided to call you.

“we need to finish our pumpkin. we’re throwing another party, so come before one. remember, i don’t wait around.” calum wasted no time before hanging up. you barely had time to process what he said, let alone realize it was already twelve thirty. you dragged yourself out of bed and into some jeans and a t-shirt, when your phone rang again.

“look, i don’t know who you think you are calum-” you snapped, but you were cut off quickly.

“your dad’s friend called last night.” your mom whispered, and you were surprised to even hear her voice. things ended badly with her before you left, and neither of you bothered to fix it. it was time for the baby bird to leave the hell she called home for the past eighteen years.

“why didn’t dad just call you?” you said flatly, hoping that this was nothing serious. you hadn’t talked to your dad in a couple years either. he went to jail for domestic violence and decided he didn’t want you in his life. you were a disgrace.

“because he’s dead.” she spat out at you, acting as if she didn’t care. your mom was a sick person and that’s why you hadn’t tried to fix your relationship with her.

“fuck off mom. you’re just an insane little bitch.” the sad part is that you believed it. in the back of your mind you knew this would happen.

your dad was dead and you didn’t care.

you pushed the red end call button and texted calum, telling him you’d be a few minutes late. and to be quite honest, you didn’t care if he waited for you or not.


calum started to get irritated with you. you were ten minutes late, and he thought he was pretty clear when he said he didn’t wait around for anyone.

“is your girlfriend coming over to carve pumpkins with you calum?” michael giggled, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. this only fueled his anger, and yelling at michael was his tame way of telling him to back the fuck off.

“look buddy, she’s ruining your rep. you need to back off for a while. people think you’re actually dating that ugly rat!” michael admitted. calum rolled his eyes, not believing michael for a second.

he’s calum hood for crying out loud.

a knock sounded at the door, cutting calum off from saying anything. “come in!” calum screamed, not taking his glare off of michael.

“sorry im…late? is everything okay or should i go?” you said, pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose. you only wore them when you were to lazy to put in your contacts, and that just happened to be today.

“well, considering the fact that you’re ruining his reputation and his popularity I’d love for you to leave,” michael snapped, rolling his eyes at you. you didn’t show it, but inside you were elated. your plan was working and you hadn’t done any work whatsoever. “but you’ve gotta carve a damn pumpkin. when your done, i want you out of my damn house.” michael was eye level to you, growling at your face. you tried to look scared, but you knew you could take him down with one kick to the genitals.

“sorry about being late. i thought you didn’t wait around for anyone?” you smirked, sitting down across from calum as he started poking holes where he was gonna carve.

“i wasn’t waiting around for you,” he snapped. “michael and i were fighting about you and i lost track of time.” he rolled his eyes.

“well sorry i’m such a fucking burden, calum hood. my life doesn’t revolve around petty reputations in college. grow up. some of us have real problems.” you grabbed your purse. you knew you weren’t gonna be able to do this. you couldn’t stay in the same room as him for longer than five minutes.

“hey, y/n! get back here, we aren’t done!” you chuckled humorlessly, reaching for the doorknob. calum whipped you around before you could walk out, so you were flush with his body. you could feel his heartbeat against your chest, and it made you slightly uncomfortable.

“yes, calum. we’re done. ill make the professor change our seats monday!” you smiled briefly. you tried turning towards the door but he kept you glued to his body. his hands were gripping both of your wrists, and you tried your hardest to free yourself.

“why are you crying?” calum squinted his eyes at you, and you looked away. you hadn’t even noticed you were crying. “you’re too pretty to cry.” he wiped one of your tears away, and you felt your pace pick up.

“i’m too what?” you stumbled back, awkwardness filling the air between you two. you didn’t even want to think about calum in that sort of manner. ever. “i-i have work today. i should go.” you shook your head and bolted out the door, leaving calum with a smirk on his face. he knew he was getting to you.

“so close hood,” luke came from the living room and into the front galley way, giving calum a bottled water. “but not close enough. try again.”