-this man was made for instructing yoga, i swear
-he has the perfect style for it and everything
-jeonghan has the most soothing voice in the world
-he could be dictating a graphic horror story and you’d relax
-there’s that gentle tone to his voice as he talks the class through yoga poses that melts everyone’s hearts
-he’s a very thorough instructor, he makes sure everyone’s form is perfect
-but it’s yoga?? it’s so impossible to get poses perfect
-so jeonghan spends a lot of time one-on-one with his class helping them fix up their technique
-there’s always this air of calmness about him
-like literally he’s always so calm and collected
-he never gets frustrated by people who can’t get the right technique no matter how much he helps them
-full of patience and love
-sometimes he hums when everyone’s meant to be meditating and everyone just sort of lets him hum so they can all admire his voice
-he’s got a very down-to-earth style of training, he’s not there for chit-chat, he gets into the session and gets out
-he’s sort of mysterious in that way
-he answers any questions people have about the class or about the stretches, but he doesn’t hang around
-he just sort of floats in and floats out like an angel or something
-jeonghan is the perfect yoga instructor there is none better than him

reginaviridis asked:

(im sorry i hurt you but it's so beautiful. if u ever wanna do a child angel satan thing im here for it. or a thing where it's the day god banishes mama. oh god, like in my hc mama and god created everything together, because to create life you need a woman lol, idk, but they were romantic for a long while, angels all knew them as mom and dad, and one day they just broke up and god told her that she could go anywhere but heaven. and she could never see her children, the angels, again)

i really, really love this as a sort of universe. because it sounds pretty neat. yes, feel free to SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.

anonymous asked:

are you really coming to barcelona? omg i cant believe one of my favoirtes authors it's coming to where I live (well 1h from barcelona but the same) and you know the best part? I'm going to london in a few months it's this fate? When are you coming? AHHHH barcelona its pretty amazing, my city is small but very similar but always you want fancy things and that you go to bcn and the parties... if you wanna know where find good parties call me hahha idk why im so excited++

well, i know why im so excited becuase as I said you’re one of my favourites authors, I really love your aesthetic and I dont have any friends that ship lilo and narry or ship in fact, because they like 1d but they dont ship at all and its so hard be alone with my fangirl problems. well.. that’s all sorry if i sound creepy and overexcited but the fact that you’re coming near where i live and then I will go to london is is is. <3333

Anon this is so lovely!! :’( I’m hopefully coming! my friend and I are looking at booking our flights ASAP, end of May/start of June time. I’ve wanted to go for so many years so I’m really excited! That does sound like fate :D and you’re so kind (saying you love my aesthetic is the world’s greatest compliment haha). I’m sorry you don’t have many friends who understand the joy of narry/lilo/fandom pairings in general :( and please you don’t sound creepy, I’m so excited to go!! And I hope you have an amazing time in London! :D thank you for this lovely message <3 Xx