“Write about an establishment that had to be closed down in Hawaii due to some sort of foodborne illness.”

This is where I tell Fely about how this question reminds me about the kelp shake episode from Spongebob. 

We wrote: We don’t know any, but we do know about the salmonella outbreak because of peanut butter, and the cantaloupes that caused illness in those who ate them. Both of these incidents occurred in the US.

“[insert scenario and description of a virus here]. What kind of virus is this?”

We wrote: The virus is a food virus. 

  • Kee:god, kat
  • Mrs. GaGa:jesus, kee.
  • Kee:mary, kat
  • Mrs. GaGa:joseph, kee
  • Kee:three kings, kat
  • Mrs. GaGa:Allah, Kee.
  • Kee:buddha, kat
  • Mrs. GaGa:Moses, Kee.
  • Kee:abraham, kat
  • Mrs. GaGa:I love you, Kee.
  • Kee:awww mahal kita, kat <3
  • Mrs. GaGa:Hot.
  • Kee:cold
  • Mrs. GaGa:Yes
  • Kee:no
  • Mrs. GaGa:in
  • Kee:out
  • Mrs. GaGa:up
  • Kee:down
  • Mrs. GaGa:wrong
  • Kee:right
  • Mrs. GaGa:black
  • Kee:white
  • Mrs. GaGa:we fight
  • Kee:we make up
  • Mrs. GaGa:we kiss
  • Mrs. GaGa:YAY

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Wait. Is it cannon root and shaw had sex before the simulation sex? Cause the kiss in season 3 had root all surprised so i doubt it they had sex before season 5

Yea its canon that their first time was in 306 (Mors Praematura) confirmed by one of the old writers and they totally slept together again at the end of 407 (Honor Among Thieves) but I do agree with you that their kiss in 411 was a little suspect lol; besides the kiss being obviously caught off guard for Root, I also got the vibe that they haven’t kissed before? Or maybe kissed in a way that meant something? I mean its possible to have sex with no kissing, maybe thats what they were doing prior idk… but I guess we see certain scenes differently lol – also you can tell certain writers see them differently. Some write them as having had sex multiple times while some write them as never going fully past flirting. I think there’s a disconnect sometimes which makes everything really confusing. Thats why the debate about if they’ve slept together or not always gets so heated in this fandom. Regardless, imo, I fully believe that they slept together before season 5. Not only because it was confirmed but also because feelings were developing very rapidly especially on Root’s end. I’m sure the plan was ‘don’t catch feelings’ but that didn’t work out so well lmfao. I feel like the more time they spent together, the more Root started falling in love… which lead to her wreaking havoc after Shaw was taken. She was so far gone by then. And lets not even discuss Shaw’s thought pattern while being away from Root, we seen it first hand. I’m sure how she imagined her and Root having sex was exactly how they’ve had it. Very dominating for the both of them.

i still got a full can of forest green enamel spray paint from when we were making skateboards and idk what to do with it

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ay you reported that disgusting waiter to management right??? That's BEYOND unacceptable

Yeah we got a new waiter and table, idk what they gonna do with him. Afterwards we were like let’s just leave and not come back

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katie I had a dream and you were there!! idk what we were doing cuz I don't remember a lot about dreams but I think we were hangin out and it was!! so cool hanging out with you!! even if it was just a dream

omg!!!! i came to u in my dreams angel because we r apart irl but i will definitely hang out with you in our dreams ❤️❤️❤️❤️ilysm

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So my ex and I broke up a few months ago and both rebounded pretty quickly and he and his gf just broke up and we started talking again and we were both flirting with each other and idk what do to because I'm with someone else and I do care about them but I have feelings for my ex still

Who do you care about more? Pick them.