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i just wanna write about the growth i saw in my students from the beginning of summer school….. at the beginning any time they would misbehave i’d be like “darling that is not appropriate behavior” and they’d sass back “i’m not your darling” and i’d say “you’re my darling when you misbehave” and at the end of the summer none of them sassed when i called them darling and i think they liked it :^) and like the first assessment we gave most of them literally did not try on or if they did try got a Lot wrong and at the end Every Single Student tried on it!!!! and Every Single Student’s score increased a lot! Most was between 20-30%, but one was even 59%. And honestly I don’t even care about the scores that much, because I was not anticipating they would try at all (these tests do not affect them whatsoever and they do not care. they’re in school during summer and they hate their lives) but just the fact that they liked and respected me enough to try on the tests was amazing like i have actually no words for what that makes my heart feel. and the last day we all wrote affirmations to each other and i had a class of 9 8th grade boys and 1 girl and i did NOT think they would be genuine at all…. but they were all so kind. my 3 favorite boys (the naughtiest ones oh my god) wrote “thanks for helping me improve in ELA. Also for being there when I wasn’t a good boy” (lol) “I truly appreciate you. Thank you for being such a loving & caring teacher. The Donald” (this kid did the BEST trump impression!!!) “You is a phenomenal teacher when it comes to caring & loving others” and signed it his nickname that he said only the members of his squad could call him (this was from the boy who had a difficult home life and opened up to me a bit) like i feel so blessed  that they 1) were genuinely kind 2) complimented me on my care and love for them because that’s what i wanted them to more know than anything and i think they got it. anyways i’m a fucking mess and i’m going to spend all day tomorrow crying

casual reminder that while the unholy trinity is by no means a good example of what a stable relationship should look like, they do portray a realistic dynamic between three very damaged people. and i no doubt believe that all three would lay down their lives for each other– regardless of circumstance. jesse, tulip, and cassidy are family, and nothing will ever change that.