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Please do I literally cannot function without clear instructions

Tsk. Just how are you planning to represent our liege if you can’t even dress yourself properly?”

Touch Me, Touch You | 02 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2

BTS; Yoongi/Suga (Ft. Hoseok/J-Hope)

Genre: Smut | PWP

Word count: 4.9k

Description: Yoongi gets a surprise when he thought he had the apartment all to himself.

Anonymous requested: Voyeurism with Yoongi was supposed to be a drabble but turned into this mess…

Warnings: Graphic smut, dom/sub themes, dirty talk, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Yoongi being sexy as hell

A/N: Idk what my thing is with just porn lately, but heres the second half as promised :) 

Happy late Birthday to the love of my life, Yoongi ^^

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Lance and Keith both having adhd and stuff happening idk

Lance:I have a plan


Lance: (tells him what he needs to do)

Keith:(is halfway done with what he needs to do, pauses, then looks at lance) what was I suppose to do again?

Lance:you- I……shit I forgot the plan abort abORT 


Lance:  Ive never been more happy to see your pudding curdling face again

Keith: wait why does my face curdle pudding?

(long convoluted conversation later)

Lance and thats why bunny rabbits are inherently evil

Keith: they worked for the garla this whole time and we never even KNEW


Shiro: (finds keith and lance having a conversation in the common room, focused expressions on there faces) whatcha doing

keith: talking

Lance: you want in?

Shiro: sure……(evil smile) I wonder what the capital of Russia is

Lance:(pauses)…….something about cows

Keith: something like cowmos- (begins conversation that slowly spirals into madness)

shiro: (watches from the side lines, enjoying life)


keith:(taps leg)

Lance:(gets annoyed with noise and puts hand on leg) stop

keith: huh, uh ok

lance:thank you (pulls away)

Lance:(begins tapping fingers)

keith:(gets annoyed with noise and puts hand on hand) stop

Lance: woops sorry


both:(starts back up there twitching)


Pidge: focus

Lance: I am-

Pidge: FOCUS

keith:(from across the room) HE IS!

Hunk:(pokes keith) keith focus

Lance: he is!


Excuse Me If I Sound Rude [a Barry Allen Smut AU]


a/n: JEALOUS EVIL!BARRY FUCK YEA, fuck me up boi


Barry is always hesitant when going back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Ever since he went ‘rogue’ (puns, Len would be so proud), so to speak, Cisco and Caitlin have been on edge. What didn’t help is that you, his girlfriend, also worked there. You are unlike your siblings, Len and Lisa; even though you still help sometimes with heists, you aren’t a supervillain. Instead, you want to help people.

But, ironically enough, you are dating The Flash, who is a supervillain. A supervillain who was supposed to pick you up a half hour ago. You huff, plopping next to your best friend. “Barry Allen: the fastest man alive…yet, he’s always late. Some things never change.” Cisco snorts, twirling his Twizzler in between his thumb and index finger. “Oh, reminding me, wanna get drinks with me and Cait tomorrow? Happy hour deal!” he raises his eyebrows, smiling from ear to ear.

You chuckle, playing with the hem of your dark pink sweater. “Sure Cisco, I’ll go get drinks with you. If you pay.” you giggle, nudging his knee with your flat. At least he’s here to keep you company, since Caitlin had to leave earlier. “Maybe we can get shit faced and hook up!” you joke, cover your mouth.

Cisco rolls his brown puppy eyes, gnawing on the twisted red candy. “Oh yeah, totally, Y/N. I’m sure your sister would love that.” he scoffs sarcastically, brushing the wavy raven locks behind his ear.

There’s a whoosh of air, “And so would her boyfriend.” Barry practically growls, beat up brown combat boots leaving a trail of smoke behind him. Cisco fumbles in his office chair, smirking slightly at The Flash’s beat red face. Oh. Oh, he’s jealous is he now? Evil Barry is jealous of the engineer?

So, of course, Cisco does the opposite of what any smart person would do. He eggs the speedster on. “Oh, hey, we were just talking about tomorrow. We’re about to get turnt!” he exclaims, cupping his hands around his mouth, bending back slightly. “Hopefully nothing too scandalous will go down, yanno?”

“Watch your mouth! She’s my girlfriend!” Barry scowls, eyeing his ex-friend. Boy, if looks could kill… “Now, excuse me if I sound rude, but fuck you Ramon. We’re leaving.” he fumes, zooming towards you; black jacket flying around his gray hoodie. You squeeze your eyelids tightly, feeling wind forcing on your face.

His combat boots stomp in the safe house and he flashes you to the full queen sized bed. The black jacket hits the floor in less than a second, followed by his gray hoodie. Before you can catch your breath, your body shivers as he rips your blue skinny jeans, with your underwear, down your legs. “You are such a naughty slut, babydoll. Talking about hooking up with Cisco? When you know he couldn’t fuck you half as good as I do?” he tsks, bowing his head to focus on his pants zipper; his slick long brown locks dangling in front of his dark green crystal orbs.

You whimper softly, arching your back, desperate for his touch. A smirk graces his lips while he yanks his tight black jeans down his ass, cock visible under his navy boxers. His blunt nails dig harshly into the smooth skin on your thighs so hard you would think he’s drawing blood. Your sweater is pushed up, exposing your lacy bra to him. Instantly, the sweater tossed to the end of the bed. “Barry…” you moan, tangling your hands in his hair.

“No touching.” he orders, swatting your hands away. His hand gropes your breasts through the bra, squeezing it tightly; you throw your head back on the pillow, breathing heavily. He unhooks it, throwing it over his shoulder. “I bet I could make you come without even using my cock.” he smirks, pinching your breast with one hand as the other presses against your pussy. You whine at the contact, curling the soft bedsheets in your fists. “Ah, but you love my cock, don’t you, babydoll? Do you deserve it? Huh? Do you deserve my cock?” he asks, breath ghosting your cheek while he rests his lower half on yours.

“Pl-ease!” you cry out, thrusting your hips upward; heat of your sex thumping inside, making your body ache.

His nails scratch your skin and one hand tugs his boxers down, cock springing up and hitting his tight abs. Without warning, he thrusts into you, causing a struggled scream to push past your lips and your back to arch higher. His hips rock back and forth roughly, cock entering and exiting your body. “You feel so fucking good around me, babydoll.” Barry pants, cupping your breasts in both hands.

An oh so familiar knot begins to tighten in your lower stomach and sweat drips from your temple. “I- Oh god!” you groan, feeling his cock slam into you. You breathe, wrapping your legs around his thighs as your climax approaches.

A strand of his shiny brown hair dangles in front of his vision and he lets go of one of your boobs, tucking the hair behind his ear. He knows you’re close, he is too; your walls grow tight around him. “Come on, babydoll, mmm, cum for me.” he grunts, thrusting into you again, the strand of hair falling once more. He tucks it and a few more strands behind his ears, licking his lips in the process; his muscles flexing with the movement. That alone is enough to make you cum hard and fast.

You scream as he empties himself in you, mixing his juices with yours. Swallowing, he pants, forearms falling to the side of your head. His light brown locks swing in front of his moss colored eyes while he towers over you. You reach your hand up to push his hair back in the same spot, leaning up to kiss his lips. “Mmmmm, you are very good at sex.” you mumble, wincing when he pulls out of you.

He smirks, flopping his back on the bed beside you, “Guilty.”


“Good night, my paladin.”

Allura froze, keeping her eyes wielded shut even as dread flooded her. Stars above, that wasn’t supposed to slip out, she—She stiffened when she felt Shiro’s fingers, warm and human, against her cheek, gently brushing her hair out of her face, and she relaxed.

So he hadn’t cared. Attributed it to a slip of the tongue, which was what it was? Or had he, if she dared think it, liked it?

“Good night,” he said drowsily, his voice thick with sleep and fondness in equal measures. She cracked an eye open to find him with his eyes shut, but a happy little smile on his face. “My princess.”

How to Drown in the Desert, Ch4

They’d been friends for years, had known each other throughout middle school and into high school, meeting in a music class on a sticky September morning. They hit it off instantly, falling into one another immediately, never looking back. Their friendship was comfortable, genuine, safe, always there, achingly present and solid. Harry never felt uneasy confiding in Louis, their one year age gap making Louis somehow seem more worldly, more experienced, and even when Harry had to look down at Louis, he still looked up to him. They spent the quickly passing school years making each other’s homes their own, Harry’s mom calling Louis her honorary second son, Louis’ mom giving Harry a similar title, and everyone knew that if you wanted to find Harry, you had to find Louis first.

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You know what’s shady, and frankly laughable, about Apple Tree Yard according to IMDB? Wendy Albiston, the forewoman of the jury and who doesn’t even have a reference image, is in the full four episodes. Yet Emily Watson, the supposed main character, is only in it for one.

Wendy Albiston is also the first character to be listed, as well as several other seemingly unimportant characters. You have to scroll a bit to get to Emily Watson - again I’ll reiterate this, THE MAIN CHARACTER, WHO IS USUALLY AT THE TOP OF AN IMDB LISTING.

Idk whether the show is real or not. Idk whether we’re gonna see another Sherlock, but this screams ‘wrong’ to me.

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“Cause all I needed was some words to say That all these feelings don’t mean shit to me And I got way too many routes to take To make this all just go away And find another heart to break So heartless with the words I say Just saying what I’m supposed to say Cause I had nothing for you I can’t love when I can’t even love myself Things I would rather be thoughts at the back of my head But I’m addicted to hurting” Dude the song Drugs by Eden has me fuckED UP Idk what this is im so sorry.

so @exybee​ asked me to write kneil (that’s what we call Kevin and Neil heh) and it was supposed to be ?? well it was supposed to be much different than what I actually wrote? anyway if i continue this i will eventually get to what i originally intended and then i imagine this ending with kandriel but like i said idk if i’ll continue, i’m not even sure what it is

  • Okay so Andrew asked Neil to take care of Kevin, and Neil is still skittish around Kevin because of his childhood, obviously, but he’s not going to fuck around. Andrew asked, of course he’ll do it.
  • Andrew is gone and Neil is doing everything he can to keep Kevin together
  • Kevin is freaking out and Neil talks about how much Andrew steadies him, but he never really realized how much Andrew steadied Kevin
  • Kevin is big and imposing, but he went his whole life relying on another person. Even if Riko wasn’t the best person to be reliant on, Kevin was pushed to have that need for Riko to figure out his life for him. And towards the end, he got frustrated with that relationship. Just because you need someone so much, doesn’t mean that you will be okay with being second string in your own life
  • Andrew isn’t big, but he has such a presence. And Kevin naturally gravitated towards it. And everyone knows what Kevin and Andrew promised each other, but they don’t know the silent promise Andrew made him. That he wouldn’t just protect him, but he would be his tether. Kevin needs to be firmly attached to reality and the world or else he will quickly be consumed by everything in his head.

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SUMMARY: You have a bad day at work, and Credence takes it upon himself to take care of you. I combined these requests:

  1. Reader being Credence’s s/o. they’re always happy to help and love to mother him. But one day they are completely wrecked by their work and anxious, so he goes into mother mode and is so happy to give it back?
  2. one where he’s really affectionate towards them, neck kisses, hugs from behind, idk where I’m going with this

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,678

Credence supposed that your treatment of him and consideration toward him were what got him through those roughest of days following his destruction of New York. You had been patient and gentle with him when you met him, and you had waited for him to be ready—for anything, even for things as simple as kindness. You had never pressured him or told him he should be further along in healing or learning, and that is how he had come to trust you sooner than others and how he had learned to let you take care of him. He had been hesitant at first, and you had stepped back, letting him take his time and not scolding him for being skittish or distrustful of you. Then he had relaxed slightly over the next few weeks and had let you make him meals or buy him books or even sometimes stay with him until he fell asleep. In many ways, it was the mothering that Credence had never experienced—at least, not that he could remember.

Eventually, he grew to care for you so much that he had agreed to move in with you, once he had worked at the bakery long enough to save the money to afford the rent. You would have paid for his half had he wanted to move in sooner, but you knew his independence meant a lot to him, now that he had it. And you were always willing to be patient for Credence.

That had been slightly over a year after the subway incident.

Since then, Credence had accepted, acknowledged, and given in to his feelings for you, and once a conversation was had, the two of you had decided to give dating a chance. More patience and more care later, things were still going smoothly a year later. Credence just wished sometimes that he had the opportunity to care for you the way you cared for him. It wasn’t that you had put him back together, because he had worked very hard to do that himself, but you had given him the support he needed to do so and had devoted much of your time to caring for his corporeal well-being so that he could devote himself to learning self-love and -confidence. Those were things he was still learning to put into practice, but you were patient with that too, and very understanding; and he was grateful. You had always been so put together though, and he worried sometimes that he didn’t do enough things for you. You always insisted that his company and his love were enough, but he couldn’t help but wish that he could show you how much he cared, beyond those confines.

And then Credence’s chance came in the form of a terrible day at work. He could tell immediately that you had had it because you slammed the door more harshly than you usually did and threw your bags onto the kitchen table with a heavy sigh before storming over and collapsing onto the couch in the living room.

Credence was, of course, upset that you were having a bad day, but he was ready to take care of you and to practice being more assertive in his own actions—he wanted to take charge of this situation. So he walked over to where you had face-planted into the cushion, smiling softly at the way your hair had become disheveled. “Long day?” he asked quietly, placing a shaking hand to your back.

Your answering sigh was deep and long as you melted into the couch, letting every muscle in your body fall slack. “I’m tired of people, Credence. I don’t like them.”

He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to the base of your skull, and ran his thumb across the knobs of your spine carefully and humming in response. He knew that you hated socializing, so it must have been a day of prolonged interaction. The exhaustion must have really gotten to you today. “I know, Y/N. Did you have to be personable today?”

You smiled at the question, and you wondered briefly how you had gotten so lucky to find someone so understanding of your closed-off nature. You supposed because you had never been closed-off with him. He did tell you once that it made him feel special, as if you were a cat who had settled on their person. You smiled even wider at the memory before curling into Credence’s lap contentedly, humming at the feeling of Credence’s fingers rubbing into your shoulders and gently up the side of your neck. This was a rare initiation of physical affection, one that you really needed today. “Yes, I did.” You began frowning again as you recalled the day. “And people kept asking why I didn’t smile more or why I didn’t talk very much, and then my boss got mad that I wasn’t being more welcoming. And all I wanted to do was come home to you. I’m just…so glad I’m home now.”

You felt his hum more than you heard it, and you closed your eyes to the feeling of his hands against your skin. You appreciated the coolness of them and could have groaned when you felt him stand up gently and pull away from you as he did so. “I’m going to make you some tea, okay?”

You nodded, trying to conceal a pout, and Credence felt a swell of pride and affection—finally, he was the one taking care of you. He hurried into the kitchen, beginning to boil water, and looked over to the living room as he heard you get up. He watched you walk to the window in the living room with a blanket draped over your shoulders that you held tightly to your chest and then press your forehead to the glass, looking to the world outside. He could tell today had been tough on you because your muscles seemed completely lax and because you had none of the confidence in your gait that you usually carried, so when he finished preparing your tea (just the way you liked it), he placed it on the coffee table quietly before padding over to you and hugging you from behind, curling his arms carefully around your middle to pull you close, and pressing a kiss to the shell of your ear. He indulged a small smile when he felt you roll your head back into his shoulder and completely surrender yourself to the embrace. “Thank you, Credence.” Your voice came out in a quiet sigh more than a deliberate statement, and instead of answering, he just pressed another kiss to your skin, this time to the hollow of your throat. Curiously, though, he could feel the stretch of your smile against the side of his face and looked to you questioningly.

You dropped one side of the blanket. “It’ll fit both of us,” you said a little more definitively and with a smile that melted his heart, and he caught on. He took the other corner to wrap around himself and returned said corner to your hand so that you could curl your fingers around the blanket again, securing the blanket burrito you had constructed. Credence liked this better, the feel of your body more concrete than before and the embrace feeling more protective and inclusive. He peppered small kisses along your throat and shoulder, and you couldn’t help the widening of your smile at this uncharacteristic show of physical affection and the confidence behind the gestures. You felt a swell of happiness at how much he had grown and how that growth had included the two of you coming together.

You weren’t sure how long the two of you stood like that, wrapped up in each other and the blanket, before Credence whispered gently, “Your tea is probably getting cold.”

You didn’t want to leave this moment, but that tea really did sound promising. You felt Credence rub his hands along your arms before stepping back, letting the blanket fall from around the two of you so that you could go drink your tea. It really was perfect, and you hummed into the cup, which made Credence smile again as he watched you. “Thank you, Credence. This is exactly what I needed today.” He was what you needed today.

Credence blushed, still affected deeply by any kind of praise, and wondered if he would ever get over that swell of pride that came with compliments or praise of any kind. He supposed it didn’t really matter. “Of course, Y/N. I love…being able to take care of you.”

Something clicked in you then, and you realized that he had been wanting for some time to be able to do things like this, to prove that he could take care of you like you took care of him, to prove that he knew how to care for you, and what that meant to him. “Credence.” You jumped back onto the couch, huddling close to him and burrowing further into the crook of his neck as his arm curled around your shoulders to pull you close. “I love letting you take care of me. You know me so well.”

Credence knew that being nonchalant about that compliment was out of his wheelhouse, so he settled for telling the complete truth. “I’ve had the time to get to know you, and… I just want you to know that I can be there for you for anything… I can take care of you. I know I can.”

The confidence underlying the quiet of his voice could have made you cry. “I know you can too, Credence. I love you. Thank you.”

Credence smiled and pressed another kiss to the top of your head. “Always, Y/N. I love you.” He had learned a lot over these last few years—to accept himself, to own his past, to open up, to form relationships—but he was beginning to think the best thing he had learned was to love and to let himself be loved.


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It’s Theodosia Sr.!! Surrounded by Forget me not and  Gardenia flowers with what is supposed to be Rosemary sprigs, I tried OTL. I wanted the flowers to have meaning so I just googled some up and  Forget Me Not — Meaning: True love; Memories (bc idk tbh it looked pretty) ,  Gardenia — Meaning: You’re lovely; Secret love (BC SHE AND AARON GOT TOGETHER SECRETLY AND HECC EVEN THE GARDENIA’S ARE HIDDEN),  Rosemary – Meaning: Remembrance(bc she died and she’s always remembered[?]) 

Should I do the other ladies too? Like the Schuyler Sisters and Maria???

Yoosung x 707 headcanons

- introducing Korea’s new favourite power couple

- fuckin wreck all the LOLOL leaderboards, but Yoosung gets mad at Seven if he hacks into the game I’m any way

- ‘seevveeenn that’s cheeaattiinggg !! We’re supposed to be the best naturallyyyyy !’

- Seven is an innuendo machine but they all go straight over Yoosungs head :“) it makes Seven tear up a bit at his boyfriend’s innocence

- have they kissed yet ??? Have they not ???? Are they even dating ???? Is there any homo ?? Who the fuck knows man these two confused everyone

- their first kiss ends up being during an argument between them, Seven is trying to tease Yoosung but he isn’t having any of it and stands pouting up at Seven until Seven leans down n kisses him and its a bit like

Y: what what was that
7: oh god I have no idea sorry man it just came over me
Y: no man….. No I think it’s fine bro….. Let’s try it again
7: yes definitely lets

- they switch being the big spoon n little spoon equally

- they probably (definitely) need mama Jaehee to look after both of them, as they’re both lazy slobs lmao


- Yoosungs mum fuckin loves Luciel to death omg,, the first time they met Seven was all like 'oh Yoosung, you never told me you had a sister ;)’ an mama Yoosung gave her instant approval