Midnight Thoughts

Why is life messed up? What happened with all the rainbows and unicorns and dragons and magical creatures and dreams? Where are the CRUSHED DREAMS OF PEOPLE? In a hole 8 ft under that’s where they are. But dreams are broken not because life does it, but because people decide to let them shatter. Don’t shatter your dreams, keep them alive. Fight for them, like you fight to stay alive, with a furious angry fire that we all have deep within; don’t let that flame go out. Don’t lose that happy inner child. Hope that one day your faith in humanity will be restored. Hope is what helps us all keep going.

I’m thinking about entering a poetry contest. I haven’t picked one out yet and idk when any are, so idk if I’ll use one I’ve recently written or write a new one. But idk if I’m good enough to enter a contest. Like I literally don’t know how to write poems, I just guess. I also know most of my followers are not real big poets are people who usually read poems, but if you read mine can you give me your opinion. Do you think I should find and enter one?

Signs as Wonderful PJO Things
  • Gemini:FRANK ZHANG
  • Cancer:Piper Mclean's EVERYTHING
  • Virgo:HAZEL LEvesque
  • Libra:Chapter Titles
  • Sagittarius:Blue Cakes
  • Capricorn:Queen Annabeth
  • Aquarius:The "dam" joke
  • Pisces:Octavian's Fireball of Death
  • Simon:Jace can you hand me that mango-
  • Jace:Simon Lewis are you FLIRTING with me? Oh by the Angel I knew this day would come. I'm too hot (Hot Damn) for my own good. No one can resist my angelic good looks and witty charm.
  • Simon:...on the counter behind you. I need it for the fruit salad.
  • Jace:
  • Simon:
  • Jace:We shall never speak of this.

Thanksgiving is over and done with now, Black Friday is nearly over with, now time to move onto Christmas things. I’ve been preparing for this for a month now. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving (those who celebrate it)? Did you get sat at the children’s table like I did?! My family swears I’m still like 5 and shit; I got along with the kiddos a lot more than the adults anyway. Tell me your holiday stories!