OC Snippet 1/?

Everything hurt. The familiar warmth electricity shooting through his veins, itching under his skin, wounds open, buzzing like static, flesh burning closed like it had never been opened. He was too small for his body again. The mentality of a child trapped in the body of a weapon produced for their own enjoyment. The sleep deprivation after they left, the cold concrete floors that left his skin blue, eyes sunken, hair thin. The fear of what might become of him. Without them he was nothing. Hope growing smaller as each day passed by.
Suddenly everything became a threat. A kind word, a smile. They all his crueler intentions, each more twisted than the last.

“Thomas,” Wanda’s gentle hand pressed up against the glass, her voice low, covering up a tremble. She was scared. Scared of the cage and not me, not like the rest of them. They talked about them, Wanda and Pietro, with adoration, then hatred. I used to fall asleep to their stories. The twins, Bucky, all of them, like fairytales.

“Tommy everything is okay. You’re safe now. They’re no here anymore. Okay?” She kept apologizing for things that weren’t her fault, straining to keep herself composed. How many times had she repeated these words to herself? To her brother?

“Tommy, can you look at me?” He couldn’t bring himself to do it. He let his head rest on his knees, spine arched against the glass.

“Please.” She begged. He tilted his head up, taking a sharp breathe in. Her eyes glistened, like she was holding back tears. Her frail hand shook against the glass, fingers twitching. She smiled reassuringly.
He looked past her, at his own reflection. A sad, unrecognizable thing stared back at him

“Wanda?” Her ears perked up. His voice was cold, emotionless and barely over a whisper. “Am I a monster?”

fratboy!luke (part 8)


a/n: I hope you guys like this chapter. I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I wrote this chapter three times, three different ways and this is the one I chose to go with, so ya let me know what you think. feedback is always appreciated! enjoy

word count: 3235
requested: yes
warnings: probably emotional

“So are you going to tell him? Or are you just going to continue sitting here like a lovesick puppy?” Jack slid into the chair next to you. “By the way I think you’re drooling.” He smirked at you. The same smirk Luke used to give you. You blushed, tearing your eyes away from the back of Luke’s head.

Currently you were sitting cross legged on a kitchen chair, pulling bread apart to help make the stuffing. Well you were supposed to be. You were moving at a snail’s pace due to the fact that you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes off of Luke.

The way his back muscles moved under his shirt as he maneuvered around the kitchen, helping Liz with the Thanksgiving dinner. The way he threw his head back when he laughed. The way he ran his fingers through his hair as he watched his mother explain how she wanted him to cut the potatoes.

You felt guilty. Watching him banter with his family as if nothing was wrong. Like you hadn’t ripped his heart out of his chest less than twelve hours ago.

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ooookay, i did these a while back and set it aside until i did more offical stuff. but then I started drawing unrelated stuff and got into different shows(voltron pls kill me) and this really got put on the back burner, so I thought HEY I’ll just post this now and resume somewhere down the line. I’ll come back to it I promise i still have some good ideas and little shorts I wanna draw andyways





The Bet (Muke Threesome Smut)

Originally posted by redmikey

Requested: a loooong time ago oops and earlier about cheating but i ended up thinking it over and turned it with this because i felt more comfortable with that :) 

Summary: Muke make a bet/plan to have sex with u but you find out and leave them hanging basically 

Warnings: Threesome (its basically foreplay) , Swearing, bondage, Bets?? is that a warning?? 

!!!!!!!!!:i do not think making bets about someone is okay especially about sex but this is fiction and yeah

idk what this is but here ya go

Michael took a swig of his beer eyeing Luke, “You got a crush on, Y/N?” He asked gently letting the glass bottle down. Luke rose a brow at the boy chuckling. 

“What? You gotta crush on her or something?” 

A light blush rose to Michael’s cheeks as he shook his head, “Nevermind me. Answer my question.” 

“Hmm.” Luke hummed, “Michael I know you do.” Mike looked down turning red as a tomato, “How about we both try to get with her and whoever she chooses the loser has to run around the block naked twice.” He grinned sipping on the liquid. 

“um..” Michael tapped his chin, “What if we try to have a threesome with her and whoever she chooses wins and the loser does what you said.” 

Luke smiled shaking Michael’s hand, “Deal.”

Meanwhile they planned their little bet, Y/N frowned at the two boys from the foyer. She just walked into the house wanting to lay down and watch cartoons but instead she found out she was to be a bet? 

Y/N dropped her purse on the bench walking into the living room, “Hey, boys.” She grinned but inside her insides were turning for what she was about to do. 

She noticed how two pairs of eyes grew wide in her presence. Acting like she heard nothing she plopped down right in-between them adjusting her scarf to make it more loose. It seemed as if they thought she didn’t know anything so they both mumbled a ‘hello’ and asked about her day. 

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“I love you” with a hoarse voice, under the blankets (Sam x Reader, angst, requested drabble)

Idk what’s with me and angst lately but here ya go, have some more angst. So it’s not quite under the blankets, but at least one character is in them, so…I was listening to ‘Heal’ by Tom Odell while writing btw, just sayin’ ‘cause it’s a super nice song and good for angsty stuff haha — enjoy!! xx

Word Count: 1,211


It had finally gone too far. After months of warning Sam that his job was going to get him injured or worse, killed, you finally got the call from Sully.

“Hey, kid,” he says, and you know immediately by the tone of his voice that the news isn’t going to be good. You bite your lip and brace yourself for the worst, willing yourself to not jump to conclusions, “Sam is in the hospital.”

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so i was thinking about what superpowers youtubers would have and i had to write it soMEWHERE so here ya go:

- jacksepticeye: x - ray eye (glows green like sam ayyy) / super speed

- pewdiepie: super strength (bc of the brofist get it)

- markiplier: manipulate people’s emotions (??) / can track people

- cutiepiemarzia: time control/travel (hmm? any other suggestions)

- wiishu: can create objects from nowhere (she DRAWS them haha i’m so uninspired)

- danisnotonfire & amazingphil: can transfigure into animals (the whiskers come from within i’m so proud)

- zoella: healing (she just seems like a healer because she’s not violent at all idk)

- pointlessblog: power mimicry (cough cOUGH no just kidding)

- kickthepj: telepathy (it sUITS HIM)

if you have any other ideas or youtubers you want to add to the list please message me (!!)

also please draw/write this bc I nEED MORE

Hey people! I just wanna share these songs i found the other day that somehow calms me down whenever im having an anxiety attack, i dont know if it will work for you guys but it really helps me.

Dunno if this will help you guys or not but just thought i’d put it out there incase


HE SETS down the coffee mug, a surefire sign of attentiveness. any situation that requires him to put down coffee must surely be a dire one. his hands are  c l a s p ed  together on the desk, eyebrows slightly knit. a tape recorder sits on the table just by his hands. red lit up.

sir, your compliance is of the utmost importance in solving this case. i suggest you tell me what you know — the sooner, the BETTER.

     “Honestly, my body is too exhausted to move anymore. Can’t we just do something here instead? I can show you my telescope. Ezra smiled. He actually didn’t think the telescope could impress who wasn’t as enthusiastic about looking at stars as he was ( or more ), but it was worth a shot. 

      Then he frowned, letting his words sink in a little. That wasn’t an innuendo or anything, I swear.          


i was tagged by this sweetheart @blushystan so thank you very much :-) ive never done these before so i mean here we go i guess????
A) Age: 18 yay for adulthood
B) Biggest Fear: heights
C) Current Time: 11:45 pm
D) Drink You Last Had: H2O
E) Easiest Person To Talk To: my mom tbh and my best friend
F) Favorite Song: bang my head by david guetta and sia, lush life by zara larsson, one of them by g-eazy, dollhouse by melanie martinez, lukas grahams new album is some A+ shit (i listen to too much music rip)
G) Ghosts, are they real: lmao nah. but aliens? fuck yeah
I) In Love With: food, beefcake bucky, dork seb, any sort of AU give it to me i will read/write it in a fucking heartbeat
J) Jealous Of: people who are naturally confident and those people who just ALWAYS look good like literally no matter what they always look good it’s just so ??????
K) Killed Someone: oh my god never
L) Last Time You Cried: probably over some book
M) Middle Name: christine
N) Number Of Siblings: one
O) One Wish: to be happy and content with my life. like live my life to the fullest and just be happy with where i am, ya know? all that fluffy good shit
P) Person You Last Called: my best friend
Q) Question You Are Always Asked: “why are you always hungry?” “you’re watching that show again?” “another nap? you just took one four hours ago.”
R) Reason To Smile: life man. it’s beautiful
S) Song Last Sang: i just fucking jammed the hell out to some fall out boy and then just soulfully belted out battlefield by jordin sparks so that’s how my monday night is going
T) Time You Woke Up: 6:30 am lmao fuck
U) Underwear Color: purple and gold
V) Vacation Destination: europe or bahamas
W) Worst Habit: i talk way too fast and way too much and i tend to over exaggerate every aspect of my life bc why not
X) X-rays You’ve Had: head, arm, hand, knee, foot, shin, shoulder, hip basically every bone in my body :-)
Y) Your Favorite Food: pizza or pasta i live for carbs
Z) Zodiac Sign: aquarius

and i tag @jarnesbrnes
@captnadorable and @sgtbbvrnes bc you guys seem cool so :)