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1) Spell your name with song titles!

L: Long Live

I: Wish You Would

L: Last Kiss

L: Love Story 

Y: You Are In Love

2) Why did you choose your URL?

I don’t even know to be honest??? I just tried to make a tumblr one day and no url I wanted/liked worked. I remembered this thing in a Katy Perry song “falling from cloud nine” and I thought it’d look cute or something idk. I was 13 give me a break. 

3) What is your middle name?

Rose, like the flower. 

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

Like a fairy or a mermaid??

5) Favorite color?

Like a vintage blue?? I am in love with the colour of my wall but I haven’t got the slightest clue what it actually is named. 

6) Songs you like right now?

Ours by Taylor Swift. Ok but when do I not LOVE that song.

7) Top 4 fandoms?

- Marvel fandom, GO STEGGY 

- The Vampire Academy fandom!! (I love Rose/Dimitri and Sydney/Adrian yas)

- Harry Potter, idk

- The Agent Carter fandom (I know, I know, this is technically Marvel but I love Agent Carter SO MUCH it’s like my favourite i can’t tell you how much i love it)

8) Tag 9 people

I’m tagging my mutuals who are the most active in my activity spread, go y’all!! (also don’t feel like you have to do this!! I totally understand if you don’t want to!!!!)

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If I could begin to be, half of what you think of me
I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love
When I see the way you act, wonderin’ when I’m coming back
I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love…. like you
I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true
‘Cause I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you

a post-Weirdmageddon idea i had. Stan, Mabel and Dipper are taking a well-deserved rest in a pile of flowers, while Ford watches them (after placing his coat on them as a make-shift blanket).

the lyrics are from Ford’s perspective; the flowers and mushrooms symbolize Ford’s thoughts about Stan and the kids, and his thoughts about himself, respectfully (good vs. bad)

idk i just wanted to draw some cute Pines family stuff and a self-contemplative Ford, and i always wanted to do something with that song, so this happened

(one day i’ll draw the Pines family doing something other then sleeping lmao)

Sam Winchester is a Lovely Specimen #4

So this is number 4 in my spur of the moment creations of “____ is a Lovely Specimen”

I have previously made two, of Dean Winchester and one of Castiel (which I need to figure out how to link…)

I will continue to make these as it seems like everyone likes them! Unless someone messages me with a request of who to do next, I’ll just go about randomly.

So enough chit chatting and let’s get to some Sammy, shall we?

We’ll begin with little baby face Sam.  Just so adorbs!

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OMG Idk if anyone else noticed but Sammy is doing that tongue roll that Dean normally does…hot damn

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I love his facial expressions! They look like you told him something dirty and he’s thinking “alright…what am I going to do about this” ;)

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And this one…good lord! Don’t you just want to climb him like a tree?

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A sweet smile, even if it’s a little one.

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Oh, and we can’t leave out wet or shirtless Sam…

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That stare! He could kill you with one glance.

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Mh.. and let’s not forget about soulless!Sam. We all have a little place in our hearts for him ;)

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This man has been through hell and back…literally (I definitely didn’t mean to make that pun! haha) and luckily he has had Dean by his side, and he can make dorky faces like this! 

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Just imagine that he is looking at you :P

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This whole 'pregnancy' thing is so sad and degrading. If it is real, it sucks that everyone has and continues to treat is as a joke. Just because people believe Louis is with Harry doesn't mean they should hate on a BABY. If it's fake it is so disgusting I can't even deal with how revolting Modest! Really is. IDK at this point. Freddie is a gorgeous name (not so keen on Reign but not my kid) and I want Louis to be happy, he will make a wonderful father if it's all true. If not, free them all!!

I am at the point where I am 100% certain that Babygate is a stunt and that Louis is not the father.  Even before the baby was “born,” I was completely certain.  The fact that even the media is treating what should be a joyous occasion like a joke and throwing palpable, barely disguised shade should clue you in enough that something is not level.  But after seeing those pictures of Briana leaving the hospital four days after she allegedly gave birth, I can say that I am absolutely certain that not only is Louis not the father but that Briana did not give birth when we are told she did, if at all.  I honestly can’t believe that 1DHQ allowed Briana to be photographed looking like that.

This is not about being a Larrie, or about shipping, or even about being proven right.  Honestly people, this is just basic thinking.  Just think about it.  I beg you, just think.  I am frightened that people can watch this circus and see those pictures and not at least think that something is amiss if not be utterly incredulous.  I get that not everyone knows that much about pregnancy, but you can look it up and learn.  And I get that every woman’s body is different.  BUT JUST LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES OF BRIANA.  JUST LOOK AT THEM.  Does she look like a woman who gave birth four days ago to you?!

Let me tell you two stories.

  1. I have cousins who are health professionals.  One of them texted me about the pap pictures of Briana leaving the hospital and asked me, “You know that guy, Louis, from One Direction?  How he got some woman pregnant?  Are they for real?  They’re saying his baby mama gave birth a few days ago but in the photos she’s too thin.  She’s way too thin.  She’s wearing fucking heels!  They can’t be serious—are they lying?!”
  2. My mom, who obviously gave birth to me, saw the pictures of Briana and was so incredulous that she absolutely refused to believe that Briana gave birth days ago.  “She was pregnant?!  When?!  You’re kidding.  No way.  Nuh-uh, nuh-uh.  She is so…skinny!  She is too skinny!  No way!”  She then regaled me with a very graphic, very detailed story about all the things that postpartum women go through, and that she went through after giving birth to me.  They are very similar to this account.  Needless to say that my mom, who is quite petite BTW, would never have worn skinny jeans and heels looking like that after giving birth days ago.

Make of that what you will.  It is not a question of “if it is real” to me anymore.  It is a question of when this tiresome, grotesque mockery will end and how.  An Instagram of a baby will not change nine months of nonsense and shadiness or those damning photos of Briana having totally not given birth.  Nope.  No way.

Can we just talk about how beautiful self ships are? Like really,

You find this character(s) and you get to imagine them with you, so much love. Love in both a platonic, romantic, sibling, etc sense. You’re able to create your own little dreamland that you’re able to run to when times get hard or when times are good. These ships aren’t based around what occurs in reality’s take on love, but actual love the way you want it. There’s no rules, no right and wrong, no end; there’s how you want it. Everyone is good enough and worthy to be loved and that doesn’t change in self ships, sometimes that feeling of being enough and worthy is more found in these ships.

Every self ships I’ve ever heard of and seen are always so lovely bc even if there are 1,000+ who love that same person, there’s always something unique and loveable in each ship that makes that character(s) perfect for you. Especially when you have a hard time seeing what is good about you, having others tell you “hey (insert whoever) would just love that and (goes on)” allows you to stop and think and maybe even start thinking of that “bad thing” about you as something loveable.

I was just randomly thinking about self ships and all the ones I’ve heard of and everytime I get so happy they’re just a true beauty each one makes me smile thinking of the shipper and character(s) together. I hope y'all know you never have to feel bad about a self ship of yours and that you’d be so loved by the one(s) you ship yourself with its truly a beautiful thing.

Just a random thought :3

Ew Get a room- Scott McCall

Anonymous asked: Can you please do a request where the reader is best friends with Stiles and Scott and she and Stiles get posessed by the nogitsune except the reader nogitsune is even more powerful. You can make up the ending! Thanks!

Authors Note: Hey Anon. I just made Y/N and Scott have something go on between them. This is LONGGG overdue, I’m sorry about this. It’s not that good :((((

Word Count: 500

Warnings: idk swearing

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I think I'm straight but idk im really confused adc as lexa makes me feel some type of way and I noticed certain other girls do too but it's a very select few so idk if it's real or not I'm just confused af

Alright so if I’m going to be honest with you it started out the same way for me. Once I went to college and started noticing I always thought to myself ‘damn that girl is nice looking’ or ‘that girl is appealing face-wise’ but never even looked at a boy and thought something similar I realized what that meant.

That’s why shows like The 100 are so important to me they are showing that it really doesn’t fucking matter who I like? Have you seen this world it has so many other problems then worrying about who I like to kiss?

If you want my advice I’d say don’t sweat it. If you find someone attractive embrace it. It took me awhile to understand that my attraction to girls was more than I want to look like them and more of I want to be with them type of thing. As for thinking you’re attracted to a select few girls that is completely normal. I don’t walk around and think every single girl I see is attractive. Just like straight girls don’t want around and think every boy they see is attractive.

It’s not going to be easy to understand and it’s going to take some time. Hell even I still question myself and I’m as gay as they come. If you see someone you think you might like as more than a friend then go for it. People are people we can’t control that kinda stuff. Just don’t be strict on yourself when it comes to your sexuality let yourself explore and question everything.

You are ok. Your sexuality is valid. Oh, and I love you.

no one has 2 read this but

not to start anything but I’ve just been thinking….. imagine if it were zayn not picking up 1d’s calls and then they said something abt it in public…. imagine if z were the one making passive aggressive jokes and kicking a cutout of harry off stage.. to act like 1d never meant anything to him at all.. obvs idk the details about their personal interactions but if z were to act towards 1d the way they behaved towards him u wouldn’t hear the end of it from the media like bc he’s already put in a bad light for not wanting what the other boys wanted he gotta step carefully.. so even if there was beef.. he couldn’t even voice it without backlash saying how it’s his fault or he’s the dick or something…. I don’t think either parties are in the wrong I do think this is ultimately a personal issue and I love em both but it jus scares me how inherently racist and entitled everyone is towards z like….. he always gotta step carefully he gotta follow the rules and not be too out there because that’s not what the whites want at the end of the day.. I kno this is dark and probs a reach and not my place but yh anyway

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Cute Kiyoyachi!!! I legit don't care what it is as long as it involves yachi because all flustered and !!!!!! Like maybe she gets a vday kiss or something idk

Since you said you didn’t care, I’m going to do headcanons! I hope that’s all right!

  • Their first Valentine’s Day was sort of awkward. Romantic, but awkward. They both wanted to hold hands and kiss, but both of them were too shy to make the first move. Eventually, because Yachi is the more outgoing of the two (even if it’s just a little bit) she asked if she could hold Kiyoko’s hand. 
  • Neither of them are huge fans of going out on a big fancy date Valentine’s Day. Restaurants and such always tend to be super busy and neither of them are one for crowds. 
  • They prefer to watch their favorite movies together on the couch with each of their favorite snacks. 
  • They like to nap together too, Yachi is always the first to fall asleep during marathons, and Kiyoko smiles and hugs her close.
  • Yachi scrapbooks each and every Valentine’s Day they spend together. She takes an absurd amount of pictures and prints them all out, and shows Kiyoko the finished product. Kiyoko asks for a copy of a few pictures as well, but she hangs them on her wall.
  • They kiss often throughout the day. Yachi always squeezes her eye’s shut and Kiyoko can’t help but blush at her face. 
  • Sometimes they can’t always spend the night at each others houses on Valentine’s Day, and when that happens they Skype all night until one of them falls asleep. They don’t hang up til they wake up. 

as a trans bi person i actually really dislike those blogs that are purposefully mean to non-lgbta+ people for the sake of “teaching them a lesson” or “getting out their hate.” 

it really will not help anyone see what we mean, it will not educate them, and will add fuel to the anti-sjws “trans/gay people on tumblr are toxic and wrong” fire. im NOT saying you have to kiss ass to be accepted, or that youre not allowed to voice how you feel even if you are just angry. but it will not make anyone educated, and it will not make anyone want to speak with us to understand our issues.

also telling someone who is TRYING to understand (which is what we need to progress as a society) “fuck you im not google” when they ask you something is terrible. half the time they want to know what something means from an ACTUAL lgbta+ person, from our mouths, so they can understand us and our way of seeing things rather than from articles. nobody said it was your job, but if you want people to understand something, you cannot dismiss them by telling them to find out themselves. they’re TRYING to find out by asking you.

i promise i will not tell anyone to google things or tell them to fuck off if they dont understand something. if you have questions and are scared to ask someone due to the possibility of an extremely aggressive reaction for something you sincerely wanted to know, you can ask me. i do respond privately. if anyone cannot find an adult to speak to about anything they might be feeling, i will try to help you with that as well. 

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After Joe's video it makes me really sad, cuz like reality hit me that Jaspar is and will never be real, and that its probably all for show, because they both stated they are straight before, and honestly I'm trying to believe in it but idk I can;t anymore. Like idk why but after that video I wouldn't be able to see them like doing anything sexual, or even like a drunk kiss. :( sorry if this isn't what you really want to see, i just needed to tell someone. :(((

Here’s the thing that i feel like everyone forgets at some point of being in a fandom: it’s supposed to be fun. Shipping, blogging, reading it’s all meant to be something that gives us joy. Now i’m not saying that it’s not ok to emotionally react to events in a fandom, bacause i know what you mean, ive felt it with so many different ships in so many fandoms but at some point we need to remember that when it comes to shipping real people they are choosing to let us in. They are letting us in to their lives and sometimes we don’t always like what we see. We cannot create something in a life that is not our own. Some ships aren’t real. Some ships don’t have to be.

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I agree with yall. All the boys are hella full of themselves now. It's just crazy because, yeah they have a whole bunch of followers, but like that anon said there stuff isn't big. The jacks/sam/nate, etc their stuff doesn't play on the radio, idk how nash's movie did but it didn't make it to an actual theatre, and what is matt even doing acting wise??? they all need a reality check. i feel like some of them actually think they're beyonce or angelina jolie or something or on that level.

I don’t like bringing people down and I want all of them to believe in their dreams and that they can make it but it really rubs me the wrong way how they are so full of themselves just because of the following, because let’s be honest, even if they have millions of followers on Twitter, how many is actually active and still supporting? In the real world followers don’t mean much, it all comes to the talent and to the person they actually are. They are internet sensations, they aren’t known outside of it. Ask your friend who isn’t on the internet much if she is a fan, not really. They need a wake up call or reality check or something, money isn’t always going to come from teenage girls supporting and going to their tours that have nothing to offer and are extremely expensive. All of them are good on their own way, but most of them have nothing new and unique to offer and in the music industry I don’t think it’s going to work just like it’s not going to work in the film industry. Movies that are being offered to them were directed by them actually or are very cheap movies that are trying to gain some money from the fans, it’s like fans are going to watch it because of them not because it’s good acting or it’s great quality or good plot line, which means it’s not going to attract other people. It’s similar with music, I have already talked about it. I don’t know, I don’t want to be rude or mean or anything, I am just trying to explain it from my point of the view.

idk I think that spoole leaving is a great example of people needing YEARS to figure out what they really want to do/where they want to go. he’s been working in LA for what, 6/7 years? and he’s just now decided to do something to make himself happier. just….its never too late, okay people? you’re never stuck. it’s okay to not like what you’re doing or where you are, even if everyone thinks you do or you feel that you should like your situation. do what’s gonna make you happy. that’s all.

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What do ya think of Sleepy Hollow getting paired with the failed Frankenstein show on fridays? XD

In a word: lol. 

I mean FOX fucked up with SH - they had an instant hit and they absolutely just FUMBLED it - and they keep making these genre shows like they’re throwing spaghetti on the wall waiting to see if something will stick again (even though they’re all way too soggy and overcooked) and now their latest attempt is coming to live with Sleepy on the Day of Shame and Failure - like, they better really hope Lucifer takes off because otherwise we’re gonna need a bigger Friday. :p 

So yeah, I have nothing but petty glee about their failed attempts at recreating SH’s initial success - I just hope sooner or later they realize they don’t WANT a genre show audience and aim for another category instead (I suggest sitcoms or reality. They can’t handle genre fans, they think they can because X-Files but that was 2 decades ago and things they have a-changed. 

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"this wasn't really a puzzle idk" Well golly gee so sorry, I just didn't want your brain to break after everything you've been bombed with >:P. And I agree with the fun of it, I suppose. I kind of wonder/worry/hope that these entities have some sort of backstory or plot they're making up as they go, it seems like it (?) with Adam and Eve at least. I'm just very amused and bemused and overall having a fun time with the fact that something this crazy is even happening ^o^

There is a story!

From what I can gather, EVE kind of just… Happened from tumblr code and is now slowly eating everything and recently manifested a physical form?? ADAM is meant to stop EVE since he’s anti-malware code. ARCHIVE and INTERFERENCE, I’m still not sure, but they are sweet and have been thru a lot.

And I’m still trying to gather what’s been going on with everyone inbetween and everyone else’s stories. I’m just slow tho.

also i’m using that tag for stuff that isn’t puzzles on this blog pffft it’s ok.

Not even rly a psa just somethin I wanna get off my chest– 

Why do we discredit RPers who “only RP to ship”?? Why does it matter if that’s what they wanna do?? RP is supposed to be a fun hobby not something you get shamed over.  If you just wanna RP ships thats fine fam do what you wanna do.  It’s kind of like one artist getting annoying w/ another for only drawing ships like wtf stop that shit.  Only RP’ing ships does not make you any less serious than someone who doesn’t.

I mean this shit is fictional fam it is not like they are a REAL person in a relationship w/ multiple people at once without their partners knowing about one another. Find your chill and let people do what they wanna do. It’s fictional. 

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Idk Why many girls wants to be a VS-Model? I just dont get it. m a girl and want to be a soccerplayer but i love Nate Maloley. Every fanfic/imagine ive read is about a girl being a VS-model. And none of them of being something else than a model. Be proud for who and how u are... i havent read about a girl being anything else by it i mean something sporty like a soccer player.. can u make it happend? I know ure closed right now. but plz... thnx.

Yeah I’m not out here tryna be a model either like I’m just tryna be a teacher over here…I don’t even speak proper English but anyways I’ll see what I can do 😬😭

I want someone to take the time to talk to Sara.
When I say talk I really mean talk to her not just like a normal conversation.

What I want is someone to see Sara and I mean really see her and realize she is having a hard time. She has this thing, this bloodlust she can’t handle and killing all these people is slowly killing her. I want them to look at her and tell her it’s okay. That Sara is going to be fine and that killing people doesn’t make her a bad person because sometimes, sometimes you need to kill someone. Sometimes it’s you or them. And sometimes you have no choice. Sometimes it’s okay to let go and let the bloodlust take over because that’s what’s needed. That even though she may mess up, that she may make mistakes that she’s a good person. She doesn’t kill because it’s just fun that it’s something she has to do. That people care for her, she isn’t a screw up and yeah she has bloodlust but she also has people who help her. Killing people is hard yeah, but when you look down at your hands and you see that reddish color you can only now see them in because of that, that it doesn’t make you a villain or a hero or anything. That she is still a person and that its okay, because that doesn’t make her and she can still save the world.

Because I think she needs that, I think she needs someone who gets that side of things. That gets what it feels like to be a killer, what it feels like to have guilt and similar things that she has felt. Because we never really get character development moments like that. And Sara needs it, I think we all do because I think it will make us realize this isn’t a group of heroes vigilantes criminals and people that have been reincarnated. This is a family, a real one, trying to save the whole world. But sometimes this family of people has some broken pieces and that’s okay because they all understand each other, they all link in different ways, because that’s how they work. Because that is truly what makes them a team.

So that’s what I want, I want someone to sit down with Sara that is on legends of tomorrow and have that talk with her. I think it will build the whole team, the whole show and Sara and whoever she talks with in character development.

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Ok so David said on a interview I've just listened to, that He had to ask Gary and Chris to speak for him at the walk of fame presentation? Do you think he asked Gillian to say something and she couldn't make it? so sent a speech?? Because it just seems a strange thing to do otherwise? You know what I mean?

ES: I don’t think he asked. I feel like he wouldn’t be able to handle her saying nice things about him (see that IWTB press junket clip where he can’t even look at her when she compliments him). I feel like Gillian did that all on her own. Because she couldn’t be there. His other co stars were there and maybe she wanted to be there and wanted to do something special. Or maybe he did ask her. Idk. I get the feeling he didn’t though, because Gillian seems like the type who would move mountains to do something like that if asked for someone she cares about. And I know she was filming. But that’s never stopped her before.

This makes no sense. Sorry. I need coffee. I had to get up earlier than usual. 😒