Marinette didnt think that this smile with sharky teeth could be so cute.

its Mermay, right? and kinda Marichat month, soo…. *points on drawing and shrugs* 

(changed old mermaid!Chat`s design just a bit)


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧

Can you guys stop being mad at fans for being… fans?? It’s normal to want the best for your idols, want them to be happy, healthy and save. It’s okay to worry about their well-being. It’s okay to hype up your faves. It’s okay to support your idols and want them to win awards and achieve more. It’s normal to be proud of them. That’s literally what a fan is for. So can some of you stop shitting on people for doing completely normal things??

anonymous asked:

u know jealousy aint a good look when ur a flop nugu nd a flop stans u pretend that bts isnt the biggest group now u flops even paid cnn to say lies about ur group lol cant wait to c ur faces when bts have a comeback same time as ur flops nd we crush u all its time 4 shinee to disband they r old nd they dont have talent 4 to last this long #BTSBBMAs