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“I don’t know what kind of baseball you’ve been playing, but the best pitches are works of art produced by the pitcher and the catcher working as one. I’ll draw out your full potential. You just need to trust my mitt and throw your best pitches. It’s that simple.”

so i found this pic right (original:

and i saw this right

External image

which looks like a plushie of

which is one of his most famous drawings.

and last night someone said they were watching TV and they saw this (, which talks about transforming YOUR ART INTO FABRIC, AND IT FEATURES KRIS’S ART.


  • I hate so much when I lose a post that I really like on Tumblr 😤😤😤
To die as they were born

Word count: 1 073
Rating: T 
Summary: Jaime is the valonqar, and remembers fond moments of his life with Cersei 

(this is literally the worst summary ever, but does a good summary even exist tbh?)

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DAMNIT I just remembered that when he was driving me home from Thanksgiving at his cousins’ house my dumb (read: adorable) boyfriend made me listen to a cover of The Joker by Steve Miller Band (idfk who even sang it bc his music choices oh dear lord) but it was tolerable even for that song and I played along and sang the parts I knew and at the part where he’s like “You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see” said boy sang louder and looked over at me and blatantly reached across the console and grabbed my hand and squeezed it and what a SICK TWISTED lil flippy haired cupcake how DARE HE I think I’m definitely falling in love with him BYE YA’ALL

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Mashima's recent Jerza art?


i am VERY ecstatic and i haven’t posted it or anything (TBH IDK WHY I HAVEN’T I THINK I MIGHT JUST DO IT NOW) but it caught me off guard while i was scrolling through tumblr yesterday while taking a break from work/studies/the glories of my boring life and i was just. AH. i sat there and i stared at it for about 10 minutes, and then i kept scrolling — all dumbfounded and everything — and i then i saw it again COLORED and i did the same thing. 

AND I KEEP DOING THE SAME THING even now when it pops up onto my dash. I AM just so happy because it depicts jellal enjoying himself and past all that crap that we’ve been seeing him get through. this is at a point where jellal and erza have finally finally become comfortable with the roles that each of them are going to play in their lives (at least up to the point where they are this teasing and ohoohooho)

anyway. that was incoherent, but thANK YOU FOR ASKING because now at least i can start to try to process my elated emotions over this. many thoughts to think and, of course, as a writer, many words to write.