so I accidentally adopted a bat I guess?

This tiny little bat army crawled under my door and into my room. After researching for hours, i came to the conclusion that no bat sanctuaries, or any animal rescue places that will handle bats, are anywhere close enough to where I live. And since he’s not orphaned, and his mom [and siblings] are still very much in my attic, i decided to just deliver him back to his mom for the time being.

That was last night, and he has made his way back to my room two more times since then.

So I laid out a towel with a damp patch of honey and water, so he doesn’t dehydrate while he’s here, and I’m honestly just letting him chill in my room.

He crawled up to my bed to hang off the ledge of it earlier, and now he’s back on the towel drinking some honey-water.

he’s very smol

how he managed to crawl from the attic to my room three times is beyond me.

I always knew Harry had an amazing voice, but this song really showcases his versatility. I’m amazed by how seamlessly he transitions from a soft, raspy head voice, to a falsetto, to full out belting. And let’s talk about the belting!! Because Harry sounds beautiful when he’s quiet and restrained, but Sign of the Times demonstrates that his voice was made to just fucking fly. He has a voice built for rock and hearing him soar over those high notes with full force is just… everything and then some.


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s3e08 - wizard battle

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  • Marcus cries after the first time he and Oliver have sex.
  • He shouldn’t be allowed to feel this way, to have someone staring at him like he’s someone worth loving. 
  • Explaining it to Oliver is near impossible, but Oliver doesn’t push. 
  • Instead, he brings Marcus into his arms, running his fingers along the toned skin. 
  • For a moment, Marcus relaxes, his breathing slowing down until his thoughts creep up on him again.
  • Now that it’s happened, Marcus worries there’ll be nothing to keep Oliver. He’s been used and tossed to the side before, a part of him is sure it’ll happen again.
  • Oliver mumbles something Marcus barely catches, but the three words are unmistakable. His heart drops because, as much as he’s been waiting to hear them, it means Marcus has let himself get too far. 
  • With the impending future and Marcus already caught up in his family affairs, there is no option for love.
  • An argument the next morning causes Marcus to storm out, but he knows it’s for the best. At the very least, there won’t be a chance for Oliver to be used against him.
  • The years of the war trudge on, but Marcus remains strong, the thought of Oliver barely on his mind.
  • It’s not until he runs into Oliver at Hogwarts, wands pointed at each other, that Marcus’ doubts rise again.
  • Oliver’s face is twisted in pain and Marcus can see the questions in tear-filled eyes. All it would take is one word to finish all this, yet both lower their wands. 
  • Apologies spill out of Marcus’ mouth and he hates how Oliver only nods, as if understanding, accepting, forgiving. 
  • Marcus lets Oliver lead him back into the fight, but this time, Marcus’ spells hit those he called comrades for so long. 
  • It’s time for a change for how he sees himself, let alone the world, and Marcus can’t think of a better place to start than here in the battlefield with Oliver at his side.

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