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Rules: You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your music library and put the first 10 songs; no skipping. Tag 10 people to do the same and pass it on.

  1. Don’t Hurt Yourself - Beyonce
  2. Better Than That - Marina and the Diamonds
  3. Old Money - Lana Del Rey
  4. National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
  5. The Other Woman - Lana Del Rey
  6. Cruel World - Lana Del Rey
  7. Gods & Monsters - Lana Del Rey
  8. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
  9. So What? - Die Antwoord
  10. Video Games - Lana Del Rey

yeah… i had a feeling most of these would be lana del rey lmao 

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Miss Martha: Part One

Now, this is what happens when I fall in love with Chris Pratt as a cowboy, and try to write a Mag7 fic. This is the first fic I’ve ever written to go so in-depth with a character that I’ve created myself, so I’m a little nervous. I did do research when writing this; but if you think I’ve been a little naive in any shape or form regarding culture/time period/character voice etc etc.. Please do let me know. I hope, whoever reads this, enjoys it. Martha and Faraday mean a lot to me. (TW for mild violence).

The stains left by the glasses always bothered Martha Pointsett. She was sat at a bench in the saloon, and had been working on it for hours. The deep, brown stains grimed into the wood she spent so much time polishing. The job seemed fruitless; every time she made progress with one mark, a customer would set his drink down again without a care in the world, none the wiser to the hour she’d spent scrubbing till her hands were raw. A reflection of her life. Every time she made progress; saved a little money, built a little confidence, paved the dimmest path of leaving the prison of the life around her, something came along to tear it down again. Back to square one, over and over again.

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Rules: Tag nine users you want to get to know better

1. How old are you? 18.
2. Current Job? Writer.
3. Dream job? Writer, and possibly something down the mental health road
4 . What are you talented at? Observation, playing guitar, writing, shooting lmao
5. What is a big goal you are working towards/ have already achieved? Avoiding being so self destructive but hey when’s that going to happen, and idk I suck
6. What’s your aesthetic? A mixture of metalhead and funky trousers which cause little kids to think I’m a pirate
7. Do you collect anything? Mainly knives and any forms of a weapon, classic horror stories (early 1900′s) and other books
8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation? Usually something others find a bit too dark.
9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? Immaturity, stupidity
10. Good advice to give? Just be you man, do what you’ve got to do
11. Recommend three songs! Your Love is a Fast Song - Copeland, Walls - Gates, The Murderer - Alesana

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Nickname: ash 
Gender: F
Height: 5′1 and a half ft
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Pokemon team: Valor (is that whats it called?? idk the red one lmao)
Favorite Color: purple 
Average hours of sleep: like 6 or 7 hrs
Lucky number: 5
Last thing I googled: fafsa :////
Favorite character: bucky fucking barnes 
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1! my avengers blanket lmao
Favorite bands/artists: Beyonce of course, Troye Sivan, the emo trinity bands
Dream job: social worker or therapist or lawyer (i dont have my life together okay??)
Current outfit: cute ass shorts with a cute ass top and a denim jacket + black hat!
Following: 212
Posts: 9,617
Do I get asks on a daily basis: nahh lmao

i tag anyone who wants to do this!!!

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1. Name/Nickname:
2. Height:
5′ 1.5" 
3. Hogwarts House:
4. Last Thing I Googled:
Something about a band
5. Fictional Character you’d like as a sibling:
I have no idea.
6. Number Of Blankets I Sleep with:
2, I think.
7. Favorite Band/Artists:
Rammstein, Ghost, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, Marilyn Manson
8. Dream Vacation: Iceland. 
9. When Did I Make This Blog:
Almost a year ago.
10. How Many Blogs Do I Follow:
11. What Do I Post About:
Metal, memes, shitposts, sometimes art stuff
12. Do You Get Asks On A Regular Basis:
13. Aesthetics:
Is metal an aesthetic?

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Handwriting Tag!!

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URL: @peachyooongi

Blog title: 4:05 (DISREGARD THAT OMG)

color? Yellow, black, pink, mint
band? EXO, BTS, Say Anything, Brand New
drink? Tea, coffee, agua de horchata (idk what it would be called in English 😥)

Something in caps: (I messed up here too I’m sorry agsbfjmfkh) THE YOONGI WINGS CONCEPT PICS ARE SO GOOD. WHO ALLOWED THIS!?

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  • Name: Lauren
  • Nickname: idk i dont really have one
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Time right now: 4:45pm.
  • Last thing googled: ulysses ban
  • Favorite music artists: the front bottoms (new album october 14th!!)
  • Song stuck in your head: closing time by semisonic lmao
  • Last TV show watched: …..not……law and order……. (its playing rn actually)
  • What are you wearing right now: black tshirt, grey jeans 
  • When did you create your blog: 2011 ish
  • What kind of stuff do you post: um. comics, aesthetic shit sometimes, a lot of tv, etc… i also have aes/game of thrones blogs 
  • Do you have any other blogs: ^
  • Do you get asks regularly: i guess
  • Why did you choose your URL: i would die for rose wilson
  • Hogwarts House: slytherin
  • Pokémon team: i dont play lol
  • Favorite color: black, blues and greens, i love all colors tbh
  • Average hours of sleep: five to nine. depends
  • Lucky number: 3? multiples of 5?
  • Favorite character(s): rose (duh), jason, tyrion, asha, verity, all female comics ladies. i have so many 
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: 1-4 
  • Dream job: prosecuting attorney
  • Following: 191

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1. How old are you?

25, I’m oldish. 

2. Current job?

Also an unemployed bastard. I’ve got an interview Monday, so hopefully I’ll be working for a paper/packaging company as the in between for the graphic design and production departments~

3. Dream job?

Doing independent comics, inking mainstream comics, or if I magically ended up in Japan for a while, a manga-ka assistant =w=

4. What are you talented at?

I’m pretty okay at art? I have a good memory? Idk. Oh, I guess at making characters and putting them through maximal pain for the sake of character development.

5. What is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?

Currently getting my webcomic off the ground so I can throw OCs in your faces even more 8D 

6. What’s your aesthetic?

Uh, so my aesthetic kinda relates to whatever project I’m working on, so right now it’s darker more VKish shit with a bdsm edge….? Idk. Also 90s. 

7. Do you collect anything?

The only thing I really collect is BT related junk. I think I’m the western queen of BT doujinshi…I’ve got like 30-40 at this point I think. Why yes, I am BT trash, thanks for noticing. i just like the art and old live tour reports

8. What is a topic you always bring up in a conversation?

I have no idea, probably something about myself because I’m a selfish git.

9. What’s a pet peeve of yours?

You scratch and itch, you don’t itch it.

10. Good advice to give?

Forgive yourself for your mistakes, don’t let them define you, move on, be better than you used to be.

11. Recommend three songs!

For some nice, sweet Americana I suggest See it My Way by Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. They’re a local band and I love them, their music feels like home. 

Anything by Arnor Dan+Olafur Arnalds for something lovely, haunting, and melancholy. Old Skin is wonderful.

And I can’t do any music suggestions without BT of course, so one of my all time favorites (which I’m sure my BT fellows already know and love) is Miu. Idk, this song gives me THE FEELS really bad <_<;;; Music video is weird tho.

I tag whoever wants to YEEEY 8D

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1. Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely (Idk this song is just so chill, I love it)

2.  Heize Feat. DEAN - And July (I LOVE IT)

3.  B.A.P - That’s My Jam (what can I say, it’s my jam)

4.  Drug Restaurant - Mistake (the whole album is so good srsly)

5.  EXO - Artificial Love (this song surprised me so much, I like it a lot)

6.  LUNA - Free Somebody (catchy af)


8.  VROMANCE - She (this song is so cute !!!)

9.  BOBBY - HOLUP! (ok I could be dead, if you play this I’m getting out of my grave idgaf this shit is hype)

10.  GOT7 - Fly (I still love it)

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I’m not sure if this will actually post as tumblr is being a shit bag and I’m on mobile to boot, but I’ll try anyway.

So today I realised that I have a mildly problematic kink that I kind of both like and use as a coping mechanism?? Is that bad??

Idk?? Anyway, while looking at some stuff on the tag (fuck tumblr’s spottyness) I slowly realised that I’m in the more problematic side of shipping/tumblr and then fell down a sudden drop? Next thing I know I’m suddenly in the blaring ABORT ABORT zone and–where was I going with this? Ah well ^^

What do you lot think about the problematic stuff? Do you think that as long as it’s kept out of the main tags and tagged correctly that it’s okay? Or do you guys think it needs to be stopped immediately?? Secondary opinions seem to be a needed thing here

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Last movie I saw: Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin (rewatched for like the 5th time)
Last song you listened to: Idk tbh
Last show you watched: ?????
Last book you read: reading the Kara no Kyoukai novels rn lolol
Last thing you ate: dinner
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: I don’t know, maybe get kao or here and I would be even better
Where would you time travel to: idk man
The first thing you would do with lottery money: buy more weeb shit tbh get them waifu figures
What fictional character would you hang out with: who knowssssss
Time right now: 20:47

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