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I hope Australia sinks. Not for any reason other than to stop the spread of the most horrible animals anywhere.

well that’s great because none of our dangerous animals can swim




“I-Is this the part you pull my pants down and laugh at me?” He asked, walking around the car he wasn’t sure if they stole or just ‘borrowed’ from a friend of hers. This wasn’t exactly something he was used to. His mom usually had him on a leash but for some reason today she felt the need to be somewhere else so he was, for once in a life, free as a bird and the first thing he thought to do was finally ask the girl he couldn’t stop thinking about out for coffee. He was expecting to be laughed off not to be taken on a joy ride in someone else’s car and find himself overlooking the city from somewhere and watching her look at him like she could actually see him. “Or is this actually a date thing you do with guys?”

“If I wanted to stay in and study I would have. I need a break from staring at my textbooks for a few hours tops. Then we can go straight back to drowning ourselves muggle theory. I promise you.” Andromeda threw her bag to the ground with haste, kicking off her shoes almost seconds later as she slid down to spread across the law with a content smile. “Come on then. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself if you give it a try.”