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name: zeean

nickname(s): zee

birthday: june 14

star sign: Gemini

gender: Girl

height: 4'10

sexual orientation: idk lol

fave color(s): pastel colors tbh
time rn: 8:07

average hours of sleep: 6-7 hours or 9.
lucky numbers: 6,14

last thing i googled: haikyuu episodes
number of blankets i sleep under: 1

fave fictional character: kozume kenma from Haikyu!! He’s so cute .

fave famous person: park shin ye

crushes: dan and phil (obviously)

fave book(s): kira kira and the secret series

fave band(s): bts, exo, & 17

last movie i saw in theaters: jurrasic world ik its been a month

dream trip: south korea (specifically seoul)

dream job: astrophysicist or a doctor

what i’m wearing rn: 9 ¾ harry potter shirt and shorts.

I tag everyone who reads this, but: strawhatnakamas avidhowell philsenpai uhphil philsarms choiswimming imyoong bestinie

10 really cool people who should tell me more about themselves

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birthday: january 22
zodiac: aquarius
height: 162 cm
sexual orientation: asexual probs idk really
favorite color: blue, black, grey, brown
lucky number: dunno bruh
last thing you googled: can’t remember and too lazy to check sry
happy place: in my room alone that’s all i ask for
favorite fictional character: ohmy y go d i have too many. Thranduil, Elrond, Kili, Fili, Thorin, Tauriel, Legolas, Hiccup, Toothless, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Jack Frost, Loki, andso on and d so on i have a lot ok
favorite famous person: Lee Pace, Chris Pratt, Tom Hiddleston [look at my ‘actors’ tag there is more]
celebrity crush: previous answer
dream trip: i kinda wanna stay home and eat ice cream and sleep for an eternity and i also want to travel the whole world do u see my problem
dream job: idk something artsy?
people i’m tagging: anyone who wants to do it idk

Name: erika

Date/ time: 29 july 2015; 9:34

Average hours of sleep: this fluctuates too much for me to answer lol

Last thing I Googled: dragon age mage class specialization

Birthday: april 18

Sexual orientation: girls

Favorite color: seagreen

One place that makes me happy: oregon coast

What I’m wearing right now: red shirt and denim shorts

Last book I read: blue lily, lily blue

Most used phrase: fight me

Last thing I said to a family member: either “okay” or “yeah” idk

Favorite beverage: thai iced tea, or just water

Favorite food: whole fish, literally anything with cilantro lime sauce, sushi, etc

Last movie I watched: mad max

Dream Vacation: wow idk tbh maybe a cabin in the mountains type deal

Dream wedding: flower crowns and dragon cake

Dream pets: a crow or a raven

Dream job: one that pays

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tagged by: lilbrownhoe
Nickname: Shellz Shelley Michelley 
Birthday: Sept 12
Star Sign: Virgo 
Gender: female 
Height: 5′3" 
Sexual Orientation: straight up dick
Favorite Color: red, white, black
Time right now: 7:24AM
Average hours I sleep: 7-8
Lucky numbers: 36, 4, 7 
Last thing I googled: job application
Favorite Fictional Character: Idk
Favorite Famous Person: Idk
Celebrity Crush: drake
Favorite Book: Perfect chemistry 
Favorite Bands (groups/artists): too mny
Last Movie I saw: Don’t remember 
Dream Trip: Anywhere tbh
Dream job: psychologist

Lol I was mad lazy typing some answer my fault it’s too early for this shit sorry.

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Name: Nicole
Time and date: 12:04AM August 1st 2015
Average hours of sleep a night: 10 ?
Last thing I googled: I don’t even remember, and too lazy to look at my history(╹ェ╹)
Nickname: Nika
Birthday: July 30th
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: panromantic asexual
Height: 159 cm
Favorite color: white and pastel blue
One place that makes me happy: The Internet
How many blankets do i sleep under: One
Favorite movie: I don’t have a favorite(╹ェ╹)
What I’m wearing right now: A top and panties. Hella comfy.
Last book you read:(╹ェ╹)
Most used phrase(s): Mew ?(╹ェ╹)
First word that comes to mind: Word
What I last said to a family member: I want to pet Sonia (my cat) too ! 
Favorite beverage: Strong black tea 
Favorite food: Pasta with cheese, sushi, pizza
Last movie I watched in theaters: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
Dream Vacation: I don’t even know (╹ェ╹)
Dream Wedding:(╹ェ╹)
Dream pet: Cat even tho i already have two of them
Dream Job: Actress and a fashion model !

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Nickname: i dont think i have one
Birthday: march 3rd 
Star Sign: pisces
Gender: female
Height: 155cm (im so short..)
Favorite Color: black
Time right now: 22.22
Average hours I sleep: 4hours??
Lucky Numbers: i dont have one
Last thing I googled: some angst fics
Favorite fictional character: makoto from free, LOOK AT HIS BODY
Favorite Famous Person: idk
Celebrity Crush: jimin tbh
Favorite Book: i dont know
Favorite Bands (groups/artists):too many man
Last Movie I saw: minions (i hate every seconds of it) :(
Dream Trip: exploring indonesia and go t japan
Dream Job: ceo, lmao i want to be rich $$$$$
What I’m wearing right now: a t shirt