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OK I JUST WANNA SAY THAT I LOVED YOUR LAST COMIC and that in the one scene where Lance and Keith are yelling at each other, I first thought that Keith was biting Shiro's arm and I know realize that wasn't the case but idk it just made me laugh really hard

He’s still teething…

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I know this obviously wouldn't work because Tyler fits Cyborg the most, but it would be funny if Ethan was Cyborg because he's "CrankGameplays" and he has this whole thing about gears and whatnot. Idk this just made me laugh. Love the Teamiplier story 💛

I actually considered making Ethan Cyborg for like two milliseconds, but I just couldn’t because he’s too perfect for Beast Boy. Kinda scrawny, and eager, and always making jokes! I just had to… Thanks for dropping by, cutie pie!

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random thing: I took a nap and I just got done watching in the heights before and I had a dream where JD and ronnie were doing the salsa all through DGW reprise and when JD said he wish he had more tnt , he dipped Veronica and she kicked her foot up @ him and idk just the thought made me laugh rlly hard.

I love in the heights so much I was in it in November!
Also yea. JD is a nerd and Veronica should kick him in the nose.

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Okay a very underrated macdennis moment (imo) is in the gang goes to hell pt. 2 and they're doing that stupid fucking dinner thing where they imagine their ideal meals, Charlie is like "can I have a dog I always wanted a dog" (or something like that" and mac goes "no, no dogs in our house, right Dennis?" And Dennis is like "OUR house why is it our house" and mac just ignores him and idk it just made me laugh cuz they're imaging their ideal situations,, lmfao mac is in love rip

i LOVE this scene too and i’ve always wanted to shake dennis by the shoulders when he says “our house? why is it OUR house?” like BINCH YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHY


Iain de Caestecker being an awkward cutie patootie as Paul in The Fades