mood: *standing in an overflowing bathtub wearing a cloud print scuba suit with cups of chocolate milk and candles scattered around the room, screaming “I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!” repeatedly as I look up through the sky window and dramatically bang my fist against the tiled wall next to me* 

Okay thinking about something,

Do you think there’s a universal drinking age in the Star Wars verse? Like I guess it could be hard to do because of different races in the universe might have different maturity rates so is there some assumed ‘Patrons must be [xy] age or the species specific equivalent?’

I could imagine in the Empire like on DK they might be pretty hot on actually enforcing a legal drinking age and probably if you’re in Courscant

NarShaada and other Hutt worlds they probably don’t really care (no surprises there)

me: *acts very distraught, depressed, and self-destructive around my friends specifically so they’d notice that i’m not okay*
friends: dude are u okay
me: Never been Better thank you i’m perfect
me: *acts very distra

Okay so...

The people at @xx-nekocutieo3o-xx has been very ignorant about this topic.

*Cough cough* mostly mod deathneko

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this post.

Well, I feel I should take it apart, because they won’t listen to anybody. I want to do a full scale post on this, instead of multiple asks or reblogs fighting them, because I don’t want this ignorance to go on. It bothers me on a big scale.

Warning, this is a really REALLY long post. I’m sorry about any inconveniences about your dash scrolling.

Also, please don’t use that “Too long, didn’t read” BS.

Well then again, you might just do that, cause you didn’t exactly agree to not doing that.

ummmm excuse u? -____-

prepared to get dunked on becuz im about to teach u like im alphys XD  u stupid gemheads better listen up to the ALPHA FANDOM!!

Oh God

*sans sempais, get your gaster blasters!

*underswap sans babies, get blueberry muffins! >w<

*papyrus waifus, get your spaghetti!

*undyne fans, get ur spear of justices!!

*mettaton fangirls, get ya legs XDDD!!

*toriel fans, get ur snail pies….

*toby fox baes, get ur annoying dogs….

*asriel fans, get your SOULS and become your godlike form….

*flowey wives, get your “friendliness pellets” and get ready to kill the haters….

*error!sans fandom, kill the steven universe universe….

*we’re going to the fandom war…..

Okay, that part, believe it or not, isn’t the worst part.

But seriously, “Toby Fox Baes”, and “Flowey Wives” were the worst parts of that.

so first, get ya facts right guys -_-. undertale was in production WAAYYYYYYYYYYY before steven and the powerpuff girl knockoffs >_> so dont even start saying how it ish after steven univcerse u stupid dicks.

Yep, okay bucko.

the sans stronger than you song is WAYYYY better than that stupid, dangerous, inappropriate song. the original has better writing, better animation, better singing, better drawings, BETTER EVERYTHING!!!! the fake one from cartoon network just badly twisted the lyrics to make it be about rocks -_- so immature… undertalers are smarter than that. thats why we have better songs XDDD

Okay, but those are opinions. How is the original the “fake one”?

Okay, this is a straight paste from the description of the Sans Stronger Than You animation.

So basically someone made an 8 bit cover of a song from Steven Universe, another person made lyrics for an Undertale version of the same song and a comic based off it, then someone else sung it, and now I animated it. I love the Internet.

This is outright proof. Someone else already pointed this out, but you decided to ignore it.

also, i bet robeeca sugar or whoever KNEW undertail did it first…..she just wanged to steal teh spotlight with her dumb rocks. u know how i kno??? bc in teh ruins, theres a TALKING ROCK!!! stupid idea stealer…. ugh…..

Originally posted by sealedruins

Okay first of all, nice job. You mixed up Undertale with Undertail.

Also, i’m sure there’s a big difference between this,

and this.


lets talk about those stupid rocks ruby and sapphire…haha…theyre girlfriends, right? ALPHYS AND UNDYNE WERE THE ORIGINAL RUBY AND SAPPHIRE!!

just think about it for a second u rock-kissers: ruby is tough (for a rock ewe)and undyne is strong… sapphire is weak and scared all the time, and so is alphys o_-!!!  in the original pilot for steven universe, ruby was supposed to be  sunstone and was YELLOW!! UNDYNE AND ALPHYS ARE YELLOW AND BLUE. RUBY AND SAPPHIRE WERE ORIGINALLY BLUE AND YELLOW! what are u gonna say about THAT huh??

I like how you keep saying “what are u gonna say about THAT huh??”, acting like your reasoning is correct. Also, you’re comparing colors, and personality traits. What kind of reasoning is that? And this still doesn’t make sense since Undertale came after Steven Universe.

ALSO in su they fight monsters like a giant ice monster……hmmmm….O YA! like snowdrake!  toriel is called mom, the gems are called birb mom, square mom, and purple mom .-.

greg and asgore are single parents! theyre wives are dead (if u choose genocide of course, you *dirty brother killers*…but whtever |:3)


First, you can kill Toriel without going genocide. Second, WHAT? What kind of reasoning is that?

Also, i’ll say this again, Undertale came after Steven Universe!

Originally posted by thealmightyspur

how ish u gonna defend that, gem heads and brogems? ya, thats what i thought -_-

next time, before u start to mess with the wrong fandom, remember….

we’re always here.

*and we’re always ready to give you a bad time. so dont. mess. with. us.



Okay, now that was bad.

As you can probably guess, they got a lot of hate and criticism for this. They didn’t handle it well.

It was, though.

Like I showed before, Steven Universe’s first episode was in 2013.

And Undertale’s release date was in 2015.

But you are wrong.

Really? Wrath? What wrath? All you have is ignorance.

Okay, but you just confirmed that you don’t have time for research.

Also, “blabbering”?

I’m pretty sure that describes YOU.

And here’s a little argument between Mod Deathneko and @anon-quartz

I like how Deathneko just insults their name and talks about their “true form”.

What? A “weak mortal”? In what way do they look scared? You sound like every bland kids movie villian ever.

Also, if this wasn’t bad enough.

WHAT?! I swear, I wish, I WISH, This was sarcasm, but it doesn’t seem to be.

You did, actually. By posting something so completely ignorant and stupid.

Okay, now it looks like sarcasm, but I assure you it’s not.

And no, Anon Quartz wasn’t saying that your opinions aren’t valid.

Also, you’re going to cry for 48 hours? Really? REALLY?

Also, what sources? Oh yeah, “Buzzfeed”.


Now, Anon quartz actually felt bad.

But instead of acting like a mature person…

This went on for a few more posts.

Wow. Just wow.

I can explain that.


Also, once again, you look at this persons evidence, and completely ignore it, because you don’t wanna admit you were wrong.

No it’s not. We’re not stupid.

No, that’s your fault for trying to fake an image using MS Paint.


Now, Mod 3MO, decided to leave the blog.

But I guess Mod Deathneko just won’t stop being a prick.

No, no, no. You learn about basic picture editing.

Okay, Deathneko. This isn’t a “holy blog”. Also, what the hell is wrong with you? What the hell did 3MO do to you?

Also yes, the argument between Deathneko and @evenmyboatsaredogs continues.

*Sigh* Okay, this argument took a turn. They’re not even talking about the actual topic anymore. 

They’re literally arguing about coding skills. I wish they could at least stay on topic.

Also, those tags make you sound like one of those obnoxious people who claim that people who hate you are “obsessed” with you. That’s not good.

*Sigh* Showing a picture of code does not make you look like a skilled coder.

In the same way showing a video of a basketball going into a hoop without showing anyone throwing it does not make you look like a skilled basketball player.

I’m sorry for making such a long post, but I just want this whole argument and ignorance to end.

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hey, idk if it's okay to ask it here but. is it a common thing for someone with szpd to... idk, disregard the fact that they are human? a living thing at all? for some time now ive been realizing I have difficulty keeping track of my own age (1)

and I always feel strange when I hear people calling by my name; almost as if I’m a… thing that’s not supposed to be labeled at all. it’s like since most things can’t affect I’m more of a concept than an actual person. (2)

srry if this is a late response my computer was doing updates; I can relate! this sounds like it could be a pretty common feeling among schizoids, @ any of my szpd followers who want to put their own comment feel free!

Nat’s Daycare ~ Back to Work

Word Count:1262

Summary: human! AU where Baz owns/works in a daycare and Simon has a cute daughter. This has probably been done before, but I like it a lot. :)

Part 15 of ?? (The First Time Every Other Time A Late Time Even Later Morning Time A Date? Dinner Time Dining & Bedtime Boyfriend? The Morning After Confusion and Love  Advice Take Me Out Kisses)

Okay idk what this chapter is and i also dont know how to end this fic bc im terrible at endings. I hope y’all like it

tagged: (pm or send me an ask if you wanna be tagged) @killuaislovekilluaislife​  @/giorgiawoolfe (in memoriam) @carry-on-josten @i–am-a-mushroom@bookerellachatnoirisaharrypotterphangirl @pennybunce​( so many people wow im so honoured)



Watching Simon struggle to tie his tie nearly killed me. “Let me.” My voice is coming from behind him, so he jumps slightly.

“Go for it.” Simon turned to face me.

“I have to do it like I’m doing it on myself. Turn around.”

He did.

It was easy once I was standing behind him, just like I was tying my own tie. I hadn’t done that since boarding school.

“There you go. Don’t you wear a tie almost every day?” I kissed his cheek before letting him turn around.

“Yeah. And it always takes me forever to tie it.”

“Did you ever learn?”

“My dad and I haven’t been on speaking terms for some time now, and my mom never had to know, so no.”

Baz froze for a second. “Oh. Well, I’m sorry. I can teach you, if you want.”

“Sure. But not this moment. I have a hungry daughter to contend to.”

“Of course. Should I just..?” go. I should just go.

“No, of course not. Basilton Pitch,”

“Grimm-Pitch.” I interjected.


“It’s Basilton Grimm-Pitch.”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course it is. Okay, Basilton Grimm-Pitch—is there anything else I should include?”

“Well, if you want to get technical, it’s Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me.”

“No joke. It’s a terrible name, isn’t it? That’s why I go by Baz.”

“Duly noted. I have to call you Tyrannus now, you know.”


Baz’s brow furrowed in an expression that showed me he thought I was crazy. “Oh, please no. I hate that name.” His lip curled downward in disgust. It was cute.


He groaned as if in pain. I grinned.

“Tyrannus. Tyr—” His hand cut off the sound.

“Please, no. Go back to Baz.”

I kissed his palm, then licked it. After he pulled it away in disgust, I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Anyway, Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, will you eat breakfast with me?”

“Not after that stunt.” He wiped his wet hand down my chest.

Instead of reacting, with a strange jolt of boldness, I kissed him open-mouthed. “What about after that one?”

He gripped my chin and kissed me again. “I hate you, you know.”

“Is that a yes?”

Baz sighed. “Yes.”

I gave Lucy some cereal, and made eggs for Baz and myself. Once Lucy got over the initial excitement of seeing Baz, we were able to eat. Baz kept brushing his hair over his shoulder in a not-so subtle attempt to cover the hickey, which wasn’t working.

“You know that I can still see it.” I gestured to my own neck in the same spot.

He sighed. “I give up. I’ll just have to take the ridiculing. You know what they’re going to think.”

“I do. They eat it up like there’s nothing else exciting in this whole town.”

“There isn’t, honestly.”

“It gets pretty tiring, really. I’d rather just have you over and not hear about it for a week.”

Baz squeezed my hand. “They’ll get over it soon enough. We just have to wait it out.”

“Then kiss me.”


I did. I had no idea what Lucy was thinking, but it surprised me that she didn’t say anything. Once I’d pulled away, I checked the time and stood.

“Si, I should get going. I need to get to the daycare early.”

“I’ll take care of the dishes, and we’ll see you there.” Simon grabbed my collar and pulled me in for another kiss.

“I could get used to this.” I grinned, then squeezed Lucy’s cheek.

“You’we going?”

“I am. But I’ll see you very soon, okay?”

Simon wiped his daughter’s mouth with a napkin. “We’ll see him in just an hour or so. Now finish your cereal.”

I couldn’t help smiling. “You’re such a parent.”

“I do have a daughter, so yes, I am a parent.”

“Stop being facetious.”

“Stop flirting with me and go to work.” Simon kissed the top of Lucy’s head, reaching over to my vacant seat to collect my dishes.

“I’m gone.”


“Huh.” Where was Baz? Fiona had just left on holiday, something she rarely went on, and Baz wasn’t here to unlock the door. He was never late, maybe something was wrong. “Come on, come on.”

He didn’t pick up his cell phone, but then he pulled into the parking lot.

“Crisis averted.” I mumbled sarcastically. “Hey, Baz.”

“Hey, Ag. Sorry I’m late. Were you waiting long?”

“Just long enough. Nice hickey, by the way.”

His face went pale, and Baz’s hand flew to his neck. “I, oh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure. There’s definitely not a deliciously purple bruise on your neck. And you definitely didn’t try to cover it up.”

“Shush.” Baz unlocked the front door and flicked on the lights. “Okay, we need to clean in here. We should have enough time to mop the floor if we start now.”

“I’ll get the mop,” I sighed.

We set to work. Baz mopped while I wiped down counters, tables, and any exposed flat surface. He clearly wasn’t going to tell me what happened, but it was warranted. I’d been annoying him about his relationship since he met Simon.

“Baz, you know my teasing stems from love. I’m just looking out for you.”

He wiped his brow, leaning on the mop. “I know. It gets tiring, though. Simon feels it, too.”

“I’ll back off on the teasing. Can’t say the same about some of the others, but I’ll back off. I could use some foundation and concealer to try and cover your bruise, if you’d like.”

“Please. I really don’t need more attention.”

“Those are the same pants as yesterday, right?”

Baz rolled his eyes. “Yes. I slept over. I did not sleep with.”

I couldn’t help the smile. Even when he was aggravated with me, Baz loved me and trusted me with his life, and vice versa.

“Good to know. Not that it matters. You’re in love.”

“I’m not. But I’m falling.”


It had been easy to talk to Agatha for years, and I had no interest in changing that. I could talk frankly about anything, and she could tell me anything. She was asexual, but bi/panromantic (she switched between the two, I wasn’t really sure of the difference), so she often complained about the dating pool and others’ libidos.

We finished mopping and wiping down without blocking ourselves in the corners just in time. The floors would be able to dry, and then kids would begin to drift in. I sat behind Fee’s desk, sighing.

“Want me to try to cover it up?” Agatha held up a tin of something. I’d always wanted to wear makeup, but a combination of my father and lack of knowledge had led me to never begin. The last time I’d worn any was at some club.

“Yes please.” I turned my neck for the most opportune angle, and let Agatha get to work. She was far paler than I, but for some reason she had darker foundation on hand that nearly matched.

“My ex’s.” She explained when I inquired. “Long story short, I stole it to piss her off. Didn’t work. But it’s practically your colour.” Agatha focused on covering the hickey, then clicked the compact shut, surveying her work. “Okay. That’s as good as I can get it. Check it out.”

I took her compact mirror and, with a bit of angling, checked out my neck. There was a faint bruise, but nothing noticeable. “Thank you so much, Ag.”

She kissed my cheek. “Better?”


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can i ask what it is you hate about shalladin?

- unnecessary
- shipped out of heteronormativity (she was a boy, he was a girl, can i make it any more obvious)
- really i hope brandons gonna subvert it because its so fucking obvious and he isnt one for obvious
- shallan is classist (racist? idk which) and has taken advantage of kaladin with her privilege (the boots scene) and thats kind of skeevy
- seriously why do ppl use th boots thing as a cute romantic thing idk
- they make really good sass friends
- shallan is married to rysn (okay not canon at all but my point is that theres other options for both if you really need to ship them with someone that bad)

like really i wont hate you if you ship them but like, i cant see it at all and its not without issues and its a boring heterosexual cop out

#ship hate

Okay, idk why I’m being talked about suddenly. I’m not Regina George. I’m not going to drag anyone. And I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to certain people for them to be having my name in their mouth. I’m more focused on my real life than I’ve ever been. I’m working on building myself as a better person through Christ and not let the constant hatred on here destroy what a loving person I strive to be. I hope you guys are enjoying your week so far BC I’m sure as hell enjoying mine and counting my blessings. Maybe you should step back and do the same. -T