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UM idk ! Ive gotten a few messages saying its all messed up but i havent touched anything and i never go on desktop version of tumblr. ill fix it sooner of later but im dreading it

the reason why i don’t write anymore is that every time i watch a new tv show i instantly create OCs to fit in that universe and the result is that i have tons of different OCs that have nothing to do with each other and too many ideas that no one will find interesting - because let’s be real, fanfics with OCs get absolutely no love - and for a while i tried to remedy that by turning my OCs into reader fics but it’s not as satisfying and idk where this is going but just to say that my mind is a mess and i have way too many obsessions and also does anybody else do that?

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what advice do you have for me and my ask blog?

Hello fellow ask blog. I’d like to answer this right away, because I’ve got a lot of these but they were drowned out from other asks. In the beginning of this blog, which I think was..3 years ago? Idk, but I was a hot mess. I had always wanted an ask blog since I saw others doing it, and I just when ahead and made it. You’ve got that down, great. 

A common problem between ask blogs, and it happened to me is, absolutely no asks or notes coming in. You can anon ask yourself maybe, that could be a big help. I could shoot you an ask to give you a boost, I am willingly to help all ask blogs who need it bc I was in the EXACT same situation.

 Some advice I can give to you is: 1. Don’t give up if the blog doesn’t catch wind as quickly as you want, it takes patience. 2. Give interesting answers to asks to keep people around and keep people coming, which I am bad at lol. 3. Stay active when you can! I am also terrible at this. 4. Stay confident in your art, my blog sometimes has gaps of in-activeness even though I am still here, because I don’t feel good about my art. 5. LOVE YOUR FOLLOWERS! I do, because I would have never gotten anywhere with my art unless I had this blog to keep me drawing. Finally, GOOD FUCKING LUCK!

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S2g I'm accidentally obsessed with junkrat now because of a post about his smile. Rip me

(( He has the best damn smile ever (and eyes too in my opinion). My only question about his smile is how the fuck does he have such perfect teeth? He doesn’t look like a person who would brush them daily. I would also expect some to be crooked or something from idk what. I just got braces put in yesterday to correct my own messed up teeth in real life and it just got me thinking about that. ))

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Scream and I'm basically unable to leave my bed crying. And I just got messages from my friends that most of them can no longer come over for my birthday which took a month of anxiety attacks at the thought of asking them to come over and I'm tempted to just cancel it and idk im a mess and really just need someone to snuggle me while they rub my stomach and tell me what to do.

(2/2)) baby deep breaths for me okay? Breathe in for 6 and out for 7. You’re going to be just fine, but you need to calm down in order to be able to see that. You were so brave asking your friends to go to your birthday and I’m so sorry to hear they now can’t go, don’t cancel it tho. Not having your prescription renewed is not your fault but you just need to take it easy okay? Have a rest for a little bit, take something for your headache and cramps, sit down, listen to some music or even have a nap. You’re going to be okay ily💙


Fan: When I was 19, I had my third book published, okay. And… I kind of used you as an inspiration for one of my main characters in the book. So this is kind of me just saying thank you for like just being you so I could use you as that character.

Tom: Thank you very much. What does he do in the book ?

Fan: He’s an anthropology professor in college.

 And he did it. He fixed the glasses and even looks like an anthropology professor

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What ?? What's happening with tumblr ?

alright, i don’t know much (i literally just read one article about this so don’t take anything i say seriously), but i do know that yahoo has lost significant amounts of money since signing with tumblr in 2013. at this point, yahoo has practically lost half the value of its investment (a whopping $1.1 billion dollar investment) in tumblr, basically making that whole deal worthless.

(probably because it fucked up this entire goddamn sight and threw ads on here and messed up the reblog format and has made this site significantly harder to use for a lot of our mentally ill and disabled communites, but whatever, we’re not going to go there right now.)

because of this, i think yahoo may be thinking of just cancelling tumblr or letting the company just go off by itself again, basically reverting everything to how it used to be in 2013; no ads, pretty blogging format, nice blockquotes for reblogs so you could follow who commented what on posts; all that stuff. 

however, there is some good news: the cut that yahoo has gotten by signing with tumblr hasn’t been incredibly major; they’re still bringing in billions of dollars per year ($1.31 billion this year, up from $1.24 billion from last year), it’s just not what they had hoped it would bring in. because of this deficit, people are freaking out a bit and saying that tumblr might be deleted. in my opinion, this is NOT going to go through. yahoo is still making money with tumblr, and even if it’s not what they hoped, they’re still getting revenue, which makes it unlikely that they’ll drop the company. and also, even if yahoo does drop tumblr, you have to remember that tumblr is actually its own company still; it’s just under the umbrella of a major corporation (in this case, yahoo).

so i don’t think tumblr is going to delete, but since you can’t ever predict what’s going to happen on this whack-ass site, make sure to back up all your fics and edits and everything, and make sure you can contact all your friends you’ve made on here outside of tumblr (kakaotalk and whatsapp are really good for this, as well as groupme, snapchat, instagram and twitter obviously). and of course, you can find me on the following social media as well (just make sure to tell me who you are before i can add you!):

  • twitter: abbeyaholmes
  • instagram: holmesabbey
  • snapchat: hxlmxs
  • kakaotalk: abbeyholmes2013
  • whatsapp: just ask!