Hello! My name is Ry and yes, I am new to the studyblr world :>

so to start this cringe worthy introduction of mine, I’m going to describe myself! yay! (damn that cringe)

1. I am 14 years old

2. I am a sophomore student here in the Philippines

3. I am a Filipino 

4. I have brown eyes (lol)

5. I like anything that is pink

6. I’m that hyperactive, nerdy-ass stick who reads tons of books and just freaks out because of anime and just fangirl and well you know etc etc

7. I’ve been scrolling through studyblr content since july last year!!

8. here are some of my favorite studyblr accounts :

@nag-aaral @burgundycafe @studywithinspo @studyign @katsdesk @emmastudies @elkstudies @tbhstudying @eintsein @apricot-studies @the-girlygeek @hayley-studies @study-for-the-win

so yessss hopefully I’ll have a nice studyblr journey! and hopefully, I’ll be able to meet new studyblr friends!! 


im watching anime for the first time idk who i am anymore first dan and phil now this…mcr takes up enough of my life i dont need anything else


Winter 2015.

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regrettable high school fashion choices