• Lelouch:Okay guys, from now on we'll be using code names. You may address me as "Eagle 1"
  • Lelouch:Kallen is "been there done that"
  • Kallen:what the hELL?!
  • Lelouch:C.C is "currently doing that"
  • C.C:*high fives Lelouch & smirks*
  • Lelouch:Shirley, "it happened once in a dream"
  • Shirley:*blushing deeply* w-w-wHAT?
  • Lelouch:Suzaku is "if I had to pick a dude"
  • Suzaku:Lelouch I am going to kiLL YOU I BELONG TO EUPHIE-SAMA
  • Lelouch:And Jeremiah is... "Eagle 2"
  • Jeremiah:Oh thank god.

first day at work w/out my anxiety meds in like, a month; not good. spent all day low-key freaking out. made mistakes i normally don’t make. FUck

one of my bosses (co-workers?? whatevs it’s a weird set up) thought i had carpal tunnel bc i kept flapping my hands bc i just get so figdity and i have to move and i was doing it All Day
the smell of cinnamon buns almost made me cry #awesome

Couple of things

I know I said I won’t be posting any more youtube related stuff on here yet I still do, for now its staying this way until maybe next week? I created a blog for anime which I’m really working hard on and at the same time I’m trying to keep this blog alive but exams happened and I forgot how stressful and time consuming it is to run 2 blogs or more. 

My posts have been quite a mess on here, I’m queuing things randomly and sometimes they’re not even tagged, I’m reblogging the same things ( as in stuff from the same shows/movies) over and over and my theme isn’t even done yet. My biggest problem is that my anime blog is not a side blog, so on my laptop I run my anime blog and on the app I run this blog but we all know how not great the app is, when I use this blog on my laptop I use incognito mode and I don’t have the xkit extension, adding tags without xkit is so time consuming, I could just download xkit but lazy. 

But anyways I’m going to really try and fix all of this this month, I don’t know how much I can do because school is back on the first day of october, I dont really have an empty schedule next month. This summer I was meant to fix all of this and I failed miserably so I’m sorry. We’ll see what I can do before school starts my exams are next week maybe by next weekend I’ll start fixing things because I’m bored of being bored when I go on my blog, I really hate it and everything feels like a job

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You can tell a lot about a person by their taste in music. Hit shuffle on your mp3 player, ipod, etc. and share your first ten songs, then tag 10 people. Only one rule: no skipping!

1. Tensione Evolutiva - Jovanotti (G-project remix)

2. Tsunaida Te Ni Kissu Wo - D.Gray-Man OST (Intrumental version)

3. End Of All Things - Panic! At The Disco

4. Gravity Falls Theme - Lizz (Original Lyrics)

5. Period - Chemistry / Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (TV Size)

6.  Five Nights At Freddy’s - Yohioloid Cover (TheLivingTombstone)

7.  Skyward Sword Main Theme - The Legend Of Zelda

8.  Wish You Were Mine - Philip George (Jason Risk Bootleg)

9.  Regret - Mai Hoshimura (D.Gray-Man Ending 7 - TV size)

10.  Antoinette Blue - Nana Kitade  (D.Gray-Man Ending 4 - TV size)

ok so ima tag peeps, here i go ! ~  elentori-art  - ashes-for-dayz - silentnightless - jasmineteax - bellajessrose - remus-the-fox - sweatyballoondragon - lucile-the-dinosaure - thepotatoeswillrule - shefawn

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1. Write your name in song titles.

K- King Park by La Dispute
I- I Wanna Get Lost With You by Stereophonics
A- Anathema by Twenty One Pilots
Y- Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
A- Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold

2. Why did you choose your URL?

because it’s based of frnkiero andthe cellabration lyrics 

3. What’s your middle name?


4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

either a dragon or a mermaid. 

5. Favorite color?


6. Favorite Songs?

idk. I’m listening to Floorboards by Real Friends rn tho

7. Top 4 Fandoms?

uh, bandom. comic. anime. idk

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

idek anymore. i have no life and reblogging stuff is the most exciting thing i ever do?

9. The 9 people I tag are:

sundaysaresodismal fight-survive rumandtreasure the-tension-is-here inconceivablesilence there-is-a-musical-riot-in-me jordannryan xxatomicbeaglexx cerebrxl-thunder

nerds-hq asked:

Sorry haven't been following long enough for fan mail so just asking questions and making sure they're questions what anime do you watch?

I don’t really consistently watch anime anymore idk I always forget to