hello everyone! the little boy you see in the picture above is my little cousin dorian. he is twelve years old, and this year was his first year of middle school. up until recently, he used to really love to play outside with his brothers and play video games. he has three brothers (one older and two younger) who love him very much.

dorian was also born with a rare heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome, meaning the left side of his heart (the larger side) never fully formed. on thanksgiving day, my little cousin dorian’s heart started failing. he has been almost entirely stuck inside of a hospital room from thanksgiving, and still will be for what seems to be a long time. to survive, dorian needs a heart transplant.

my aunt and dorian’s father really, REALLY need help. dorian has 4 new medications that have been added to his daily regimen and the copays for those medications are in the highest tier. dorian’s diet has been limited to where he can only eat 2000 mg of sodium a day, making finding food he will eat difficult. dorian is only currently covered by private insurance and my aunt and dorian’s dad have no idea how they are going to be able to cover the costs for everything.

my aunt has set up a gofundme and my entire family would be eternally grateful to anyone who is able to donate anything. there is a local news artical here for anyone who would like to know more, and the gofundme has a lot more information than this post as well. 

thank you so much for reading, and i would appreciate it if people could help me spread the word!!!!!

i love how anti self dxers act like getting diagnosed is such an easy thing. like, even if you want to be diagnosed, & you have the means to get diagnosed, it’s still really hard & takes a long time

for example! idk how it works in other countries, but in the uk you first have to get referred to a therapist, which is hard enough as is. luckily, i saw a good gp who was willing to refer me straight away, and also luckily i live in an area where the local camhs is decent. yet it was still over a month until i had my first appointment w my therapist, and it was a further 4 months until i met my psychiatrist

now, ive been seeing my therapist for just over a year. everyone at camhs refers to me as having anxiety & depression, and yet i do not have a diagnoses. i am seeing a professional, receiving treatment, and have been offered antidepressents all without an official diagnoses. a lot of therapists dont like diagnosing minors!

now, even assuming that you show symptoms & your therapist is willing to let u pursue diagnoses. great! …except the waiting lists. in my area, the waiting list to be assessed for autism is years long.

so even assuming that you want a diagnoses & are able to pursue one, it’s really not as simple as just going to your doctor & asking for one

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Talon, I'm having a really bad time lately. I feel useless and weak and like a burden to everyone around me. Sometimes I just want to give up on everything. I'd really like a hug, if that's okay?

“I see… I remember this feeling very well, in fact. In Noxus, we are all strong, but in different ways. Even the strong have our moments of doubt. That you continue through, despite the fact that you struggle, that is strength. Sometimes that is good enough. That is strength. Fight the feeling of weakness, and you will find your feet soon enough. 

Strength is not always vanquishing your foes, but surviving them.

If I can find myself despite all odds, I know you will as well. You sound like you will be powerful some day. But for today, you are allowed to feel weak.

It’s going to be okay.”