i tried to doodle kara and i realized how easy for me is to draw him now (mostly because i had to draw a lot of karas as thank you doodle) so i thought that maybe now i can draw him with my eyes closed

the result is on the right and well i almost got it tbh

a masterpost of things to cheer you up, calm you down or just offer a distraction bc everyone needs that sometimes

no shame in our sickness - a really long list of helpful coping skills, organised by emotion.

bob ross - 70 full episodes of the joy of painting all in one place

casanova - a game where you’re a baby giraffe determined to kiss every other giraffe you pass (though all of the orisinal games are super cute and fun) - gentle sounds and relaxing backgrounds

do nothing - times you as you do nothing for two minutes, and take time to just be

100,000 stars - a virtual map of nearby stars you can explore

comfort box - a box of things that make you feel better

thisissand - make virtual sand art

huffpost good news - all good news, all the time, every bit of it

the magic button - press it and everything will be okay

1000 awesome things - posts about random awesomeness

the nicest place on the internet - get hugs from as many cute people as you want, whenever you need them

do yoga with me - free online yoga classes for any level of experience

get motivated - tips to help you study

calming manatees - they love you and support you, friend

sing me to sleep - a playlist for when sleep won’t find you

automatic flatterer - enter your name and get compliments just for you

❀ recite this - make pretty art out of your favourite quotes

letting it out - a list of alternatives to self harm

20 questions - you played it as a kid, so why not now?

self esteem journal - printable form for feeling good about yourself

shiny pokemon - literally everything you need to know to catch the shiny pokemon of your dreams

snapbubbles - let out your frustration on some virtual bubble wrap

photoshop tutorials - everything you need to know to make your very own pretty edits

100 words you should know - expand your vocabulary to distract yourself from unhealthy thoughts or just because it’s a good thing to do

bury me with my planner - a bunch of helpful printables for school and forming positive habits

shimeji paradise - get your very own interactive friend for your desktop

feel free to add your own suggestions or check out my happy tag~

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In the old days man tried to catch a glimpse of the future in the strangest of ways. They locked themselves in dark rooms not partaking of food or drink. At the stroke of midnight they ventured out into the night through the woods where strange creatures roamed, to see if they would be happy, to see if they would be healthy, to see if they would live, to see if they would be loved.
-Year Walk

anonymous asked:

holy shit is chris evans smoking in that LA pic?


Yes, anon, that’s very clearly Chris smoking.

I haven’t seen it on my dash (thank you to everyone I’m following for being awesome, I guess <3), but I’ve been told there’s apparently been some kind of freak out over this…

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that, while smoking *is* a bad habit and I absolutely don’t condone it (I’m a doctor, and my aunt died because of this last year), Chris is human.

For one, he might not even be a heavy smoker, might just be a social one or simply crave one cigarette here and there for whatever reason (my mom is like this, she can go months/years without smoking a single cigarette, but then one day suddenly really need one. Chris does have anxiety, and sometimes people find that smoking helps with that).

Secondly, even if he wanted to smoke a pack a day, that’s no one’s business but his? He’s a grown man, and a huge percentage of the population smokes. I get why people would be sad or concerned about his health, but thinking any less of him or reacting like the world is ending because of it is just ridiculous. 

We all have bad habits, we all do stupid shit some times. Celebrities aren’t any different, and we really need to stop holding them to impossible standards of perfection because they are human, and doing/saying something silly here and there doesn’t make them bad people.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, so what if he smokes? It doesn’t make him any different, doesn’t change the considerate, selfless and beautiful person that he is, and it surely doesn’t affect me (or any of us) in any way, so I’m not going to judge him for it. (:

Sorry I got carried away, maybe you didn’t even mean this ask like that, but I just really needed to let this out. <3

Fandom is a wonderful thing. You can meet a lot of lovely people who share the same interests as you, thrive on each other’s creativity, and it can help you get through some really rough times.

The one thing about fandom, though, that no one ever talks about about because it goes against the nature of being a fan, is using escapism as a coping mechanism, which can often be—although not always—a detrimental thing. Everyone participates in healthy levels of escapism, of course…going to see a movie, watching a couple episodes on Netflix, spending a few hours playing video games, etc. But when you’re someone who suffers from depression or other mental illness or if you’re just going through some really sucky things in life, the temptation to take escapism beyond what’s healthy is a great one. Sometimes if the pain gets bad enough, all you want to do is bury it with a false sense of happiness. Escapism can easily become an addiction. And I don’t feel like that’s ever properly been addressed within fandom; naturally, none of us really want to talk about it because it’s the very thing we’re avoiding.

I think that’s what gets me the most about this new support network Jensen and Misha are starting up: it will open up an avenue within fandom that will allow fans to actually talk about their struggles and confront whatever they’re going through in real life instead of continuing to resort to escapism as a coping mechanism (or worse) and burying the pain even deeper. It’s actually something that’s been on my mind for a long time, this whole vicious cycle that escapism can be and how the deeper issues of depression, etc., go unaddressed because of it, and idk, I’m just absolutely floored that 1) they actually care enough to want to do this for the fans, and 2) I’ve never seen anything like this happen before in any fandom and it really needs to happen more often.

Because fandom should be a good thing.