so, this is is the full conversation w my mother. Her weird use of emoji’s paired with her usual ignoring of everything i say is stressing me out. She’s been nothing but manipulative this past year, alternating between texting me “I love u and miss u” and “never come back again u dont know what youve done”

She also frequently misgenders me and calls me “Deez” (a nickname i hate, based off my biological name)

I realize my message “Do you want me to starve” Comes across a bit manipulative, but that’s seriously the case im in. My parents are withholding my ID to try and forces me to go back to my manipulative and abuse “home”.

10 People I Want to Know Better
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Name: Arron O’Brien
Time/date: March 12 1994
Last thing I googled: Indianapolis
Gender: male i guess 
Sexuality: hella gay 
Height: 5,10
Favorite color: Blue
One thing that makes me happy: 
Last book I read: 5th edition d&d dungeon master’s guide
Beverage: Dr Peper
Food: american Chinese food  
Dream wedding: idk one where i’m not stressed out 
Dream job: Artist

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Name: Michelle
Nickname: I don’t really have nicknames but sometimes people call me mitch, michelley, or some other random shit that correlates to an inside joke.
Where do you live?: The  western suburbs of Chicago, IL in the USA
Fave color: I like the colors green and black!!
Hair length: Long
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Very dark brown (looks black)
Siblings: 2 brothers (one older, one younger)
Current profession: Stressed out student on the verge of a meltdown :^)
Area of work/study: idk??
Are you under 18?: Yeah
Do you live at home?: Yeah
Music genre: Ummm anything really but mainly normal mainstream pop, classic rock, pop punk, punk rock, alternative rock, indie pop, indie rock, pop rock, etc. (anything rock or pop!!) And also music in spanish like latin pop, cumbia, bachata, urban/reggaeton, salsa, meregue, etc.
Movie genre: Comedies, action, fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers
Single or taken?: Single lmao
Short or tall: Short
Are you shy, loud, friendly, quiet or avoidable?: I’m all of them at once it just depends what mood/scenario I’m in and who you are tbh
Does your future have to do with medicine, law, children, animals, or entertainment?: Law and children cause right now I wanna be a social worker that helps abused and neglected children//women and troubled families
Do your fears include commitment, heights, death, needles, the dark, or thunder?: Heights!!
Do you laugh or stutter when you’re nervous?: Both but sometimes I just zone out completely and don’t talk
Do you bite your nails, chew on pens, or shake your leg?: I bite my nails but like the whole thing so it looks like I’m chewing finger and I shake my legs a lot (it’s kinda annoying)
Do you want piercings or tattoos?: I’d like some tattoos but nothing major cause y’know work opportunities. And for piercings I’d like to double pierce my lobes since I only have singles rn and also two cartilage on one ear and an industrial in the other. Maybe a nose piercing if I’m feeling it but idk I’m kinda afraid to do anything other than my ears.
Do you wanna get married?: Yes, I’d love to, but it’s not required for me. A lifelong partner is all I need. 
Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with an e, t, l, j, m or d?: Nope
Have you ever smoked a cigarette, a cigar, or done hard drugs?: No
Would you rather live in the city or country?: Either one as long as I feel okay in the area
Ever dyed your hair?: No
Are you in love?:  No
Does someone like you?: Hahahah idk?? Probably not
Last time you really cried: This past Sunday night/Monday morning
Last person you texted: Ariana
Last to call your phone: My dad
Last text message sent to a friend: “I’m just watching musical clips now lmao”
Have you kissed anyone in the past 31 days: I haven’t even left my house more than 10 times in the last 31 days how do you expect me to do this
Who can you go to with your problems: Nobody cause even the people I trust judge me and I can’t be 100% real with them and their advice doesn’t help
Ever cheated: No
Ever been cheated on: No
Do you like your body: If I ignore all my health problems, yeah but I’m still annoyed
Favorite quote: It’s kinda long but I really like a quote by Sylvia Plath and it’s “I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. And I am horribly limited.” :)

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1) spell out your name in song titles:
L- last night on earth by green day
E- everybody talks by the neon trees
W- when the day met the night by panic! At the disco
I- irresistible by fall out boy
S-stressed out by twenty one pilots

2) I chose my URL because I thought it looked aesthetically pleasing

3) middle name- no comment

4) fictional being- idk a dragon

5) favorite color is grey

6) favorite song is Saturday by fall out boy

7) 3 main phandoms- the phandom, fall out boy, panic! At the disco

8) I like tumblr because it helps me make friends I guess idk

9) tag 9 people- im not tagging anyone bc I don’t want to annoy anyone, do it if you want idc

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1.Write your name in song titles!
Y - You Are My Sunshine
U - Uma Thurman
U - Uprising

2. Why did you choose your url?
idk,, i’m a loser and y'know,, .exe is always cool and a bit creepy,, at least to me

3. What’s your middle name?


4. If you could be a fictional fairy tale being what would you be?

a wizard !!

5. Favorite Color?


6. Favorite Song?
O uh I guess Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

7. Top 4 Fandoms?
Kingdom Hearts, Dangan Ronpa, Steven Universe and, Gravity Falls

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

sad? go on tumblr. anxious? go on tumblr. bored? go on tumblr. you see what i’m saying

9. Tag all your mutuals
just do it if you care shrugs