Why I love that Stiles killed someone

I’m sorry Stiles I’m so sorry this is just a great storyline ok oh god I’m going to hell

Petals42 told me to post these thoughts publicly so… here we go.

One, this scenario has been a danger for a long time, but it’s never been dealt with till now. Because these kids have been basically living in a war zone for years now, but they’re not soldiers. They don’t have the framework that soldiers have to deal with death. They’ve never had to deal with the reality of having killed someone or feeling like they have (even by accident). In fact the show has gone to great lengths to avoid it, sometimes to my annoyance (Deucalion, anyone? Peter, at the end of last season?). Even while it’s realistic that high school kids like Scott don’t go around suddenly being ok with killing people, even when they have superpowers and are thrust into a dangerous world. But a world in which the monsters are still always people, not things. Buffy dealt with this by making demons and vampires soulless, purely evil. Teen Wolf doesn’t do that. Donovan wasn’t a good guy, but he a person. The fact that Stiles’s instinct is to call the cops and report a crime scene is somehow heartbreaking to me and at the same time totally realistic because while Scott might see a fight like this as a supernatural event, Stiles is human and the reality is someone died. Idk. It was very interesting and heartbreaking and I’m not over it.

Two, Stiles’s reaction to Donovan’s death highlights a bunch of stuff about him. First of all, his unthinking nature, his innocence. I don’t mean innocence as in he’s a little bambi who could never hurt anyone – I think if he needed to he could whatever was called of him to protect his friends – I mean innocence as in lack of self-awareness, a kind of unthinking way he throws himself into living without overthinking or contemplating it. It’s a quality I adore in Stiles. But I think many people hear the things Stiles says…

…and think that because he’s frickin smart, he’s as cold as the things he says. But we forget that Stiles doesn’t think about what he’s saying, he’s a little shit-talking ball of energy that lives in the moment and expresses how he’s feeling with his whole self without thinking through the consequences. And the consequences of killing someone are way more horrible than just saying it.

This was an act of desperation which highlights how powerless Stiles feels (and is). Stiles is not actually a murderer: he had no intent to kill Donovan and it was completely in self defence, and beyond that, it was literally an accident. He was struggling for his life, literally trying to get away from someone who was TRYING TO EAT HIM! He toppled the construction stuff on the guy to try and get away, but not because he thought it would kill him!! And he’s just a human, he doesn’t have the overabundance of power to be able to protect himself with the level of control it takes to at the same time protect the person attacking him! I feel like that’s a luxury Scott has, but Stiles doens’t feel that empowered, if that makes sense? And Scott has never really gotten that! (Petals pointed out that Scott has the ability to basically let someone kill him and he’ll survive. Obviously, Stiles doesn’t).

Guilt. Unwarranted guilt. It’s a big thing for Stiles. Remember this scene?

Ow. Yeah. Stiles feels guilty. Probably because he was there when his Mom died and little kids feel like the world is all about them (literally that’s how little kids survive, by people catering to them) and so he could feel guilt that’s entirely unwarranted. Now compounded by his experiences under the Nogitsune and now by this. Guilt is an underlying feature of existence for Stiles.

I liked how realistic his reaction was, it kind of grounds the show in reality for me, and I like that Scott and the others are (hopefully, presumably) going to have to face that this is something that could happen, and it doesn’t make Stiles bad. But mostly I think I’m hoping that this guilt Stiles obviously feels is going to have to be dealt with in some way that eventually he learns that he’s innocent and doesn’t need to feel that way. I feel like Stiles has dealt with guilt for so long already, so him healing from that is something I really (really) want to see in some way. I hope it goes there. (Maybe that’s my optimism showing, idk.)

What makes me excited is that this accident has highlighted the differences in Scott and Stiles’s outlooks and in their experiences, that have been around since day one, but have never really been allowed to come to the forefront? Which I’ve seen dealt with in many a fanfic, but never outright in the show. I think… life in general has been a lot harsher for Stiles in some ways. Partly because he is the human? I feel like in some ways he’s always had to deal with some of the darker realities of their struggles… Like when he was beat up by Gerard, or when he witnessed the Kanima and felt totally powerless to protect his father. There are some tough realities to Stiles’s world and I want them to come to light so that Scott can understand how Stiles feels and (I HOPE GOD I HOPE) help Stiles realize that he shouldn’t have to feel guilty. Idk. 

I felt really stressed by the premier, especially Lydia being molested by creepy Eichen House staff and the general feeling of weirdness and fracturedness I got from everything (where were her friends? Why was she all alone? How could they leave her there?) But now, I think my faith that Teen Wolf is at its core a really optimistic show is back - generally its messages are really, really positive and strife between the friends never has been allowed to be a major source of ongoing conflict, and I know they’re saying this season is all about “everything falling apart” but I just don’t think it’ll end that way. So all this makes me HOPE that this will be ultimately a way for them to hash things out and in the end get even CLOSER. And even if Scott’s naivite is challenged his core goodness and his outlook will always win through anyway. It’s going to be really painful if they have a huge fight and fall out with each other, but if it airs all those differences, it could be a really good thing. 


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Would you rather: travel into the past or the future?

I think it would ultimately depends on how far into the future or the past I’d be traveling and how long I’d be staying there… I guess maybe the Middle Ages would be cool; but only for a day or two. And I’d have to be living like some sort of royalty. I’m totally not about that peasant life.